Vote: Which Ad Network?

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:40 AM, 22-Jan-11

The bloggers here have been complaining about the drop in their AdMob earnings lately due to the huge drop in fill-rates (as I see it). To overcome this I plan to introduce support for more ad networks (2, maybe). So which ad networks would you like to have?

Below is the list to choose from, I have included some information like eCPM (earning per thousand requests) and minimum payment amount.

  1. InMobi ($0.07) [$25] – About 50% fill-rate
  2. Buzzcity ($0.09) [$200] – NA
  3. Smaato ($0.15) [$5] – About 90% fill-rate
  4. MobGold ($0.15, UPDATE: $0.20) [$50] – About 90% fill-rate
  5. ZestAdz ($0.07) [$25] – NA
  1. The value in round-bracket is the eCPM and the one in square-bracket is the minimum payout amount
  2. The eCPM and fill-rate values are per my personal experience and may vary
  3. All networks above are reliable (per me) and I’ve already got paid by most of them
To vote, post a comment with something like “+1 for XYZ” (one network per comment, please).

[Update (12:00 PM, 23-Jan-2011): Voting closed]


  1. InMobi: 12 votes
  2. Buzzcity: 9 votes
  3. MobGold: 4 votes
  4. Smaato: 2 votes
  5. ZestAdz: 1 vote

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29 responses to "Vote: Which Ad Network?"

HP on 10:10 AM, 22-Jan-11

inmobi and mobgold

master wanna be on 11:00 AM, 22-Jan-11

I think,mobgold is better wink i dont know why mrgreen

Rahasia Membuat Blog on 11:02 AM, 22-Jan-11

+5 for inmobi

Idris Sardi on 11:13 AM, 22-Jan-11

+10 for zestedz

KripKrip on 11:15 AM, 22-Jan-11

+100 for buzzcity,, lumayan bisa jg dipasang di mwb dll, ga repot soal script, simpel.. Tidak kyk admob, script admob, panjang dan bertele2

Firmadi Libra on 11:17 AM, 22-Jan-11

kagak ngarti.... hohoho.... vote inmobi

Hendry on 02:13 PM, 22-Jan-11

i use inmobi and vote 4 it... btw if smaato min po is 5$ i vote smatoo too..... but its not,,,

Blogwap on 02:17 PM, 22-Jan-11

I choose +1 for mobgold or buzzcity

Lalumpm on 02:20 PM, 22-Jan-11

Buzzcity better, buzz city ads display pc and mobile. INMOBI is best .bcoz inmobi ads not display opera. MOBGOLD ads click opera user not earning.more i dnot know

LpuARmy on 02:55 PM, 22-Jan-11

+1 for buzzcity ... biggrin

Zulistion on 03:20 PM, 22-Jan-11

Buzzcity is the best. Vote +1 biggrin

Arief on 03:20 PM, 22-Jan-11

We looking for the fastest give us money, +10 for smaato..
yg komen blogger indonesia semua, kereen mrgreen

dare2dreams on 03:52 PM, 22-Jan-11

Buzzcity is the best, agreed

ArbesDj on 05:11 PM, 22-Jan-11

i think buzzcity better, so i choose's more simple and easy

BOQ on 05:17 PM, 22-Jan-11

[color=green]+1 buzz city[/color]
[color=blue]+2 smaato[/color]

Khayyi Muslih on 08:31 PM, 22-Jan-11

Inmobi coba aja ah

Bendho on 08:38 PM, 22-Jan-11

+1 mobgold

Animia on 08:45 PM, 22-Jan-11

waduh napa pada milih buzcity? Buzcity c pake bbcode juga dah bisa kan?
I vote for inmobi

Ghozel dara loverz on 09:27 PM, 22-Jan-11

Vote Mobgold

Devine on 12:07 AM, 23-Jan-11

+1 for inmobi

mas loading on 12:29 AM, 23-Jan-11


Ahmed Swailm on 04:07 AM, 23-Jan-11

+6 for Buzzcity

Mirah on 06:43 AM, 23-Jan-11


Wira Goenawan on 09:20 AM, 23-Jan-11

buzzcity is better ..
just feeling okay , i'am not very understand ..

Sallam on 09:20 AM, 23-Jan-11


ISUR electron on 09:27 AM, 23-Jan-11

+1 inmobi smile on 09:35 AM, 23-Jan-11

+1 buzzcity, cookie oke. smile

Penjelajah on 09:56 AM, 23-Jan-11

+1000 for buzzcity wink

Hendry on 08:55 PM, 23-Jan-11

Arvind, i am agree with animia, its not necesarry to add buzzcity ads feature, bcoz there are avaible html code for buzzcity ads, so we can add it at navigation or somewhere...

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