Posted by Arvind Gupta on 08:33 AM, 07-Oct-16

You will be given ample time and opportunity to move/export your published posts to other platforms (WordPress/Blogger) before MyWapBlog.com closes down.

I understand all the anger, frustration and resentment directed towards me for this action but the current circumstances and situations require that MyWapBlog.com be closed.

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25 responses to "Update"

entertainment city media on 08:47 AM, 07-Oct-16

See my own is that teach me how to transfer my post to other platform

Ihsan juhandra on 08:54 AM, 07-Oct-16

Apa artinya tuh :..

Misbah Rajif Ibrahim on 09:09 AM, 07-Oct-16

Hi Mr. Arvind, mengapa MyWapBlog tidak dijual ke pemerintah indonesia saja, pasti banyak yang setuju. Dengan begitukan Anda tetap mendapat hasil sementara kami tetap mendapatkan keluarga di blog kami

Kamalir Rosyid on 09:10 AM, 07-Oct-16

saya setuju.

Muhamad Abdul Holil on 09:17 AM, 07-Oct-16

jual ke ucweb aja!

Cinemaindo on 09:18 AM, 07-Oct-16

Jual aja jangan di hapus,,

Admin on 09:26 AM, 07-Oct-16

How can I export my post?? My post is 900+ can you tell me??

Jonatan on 09:32 AM, 07-Oct-16

Gak ngerti saya cara export tu bos..
Tolong di jelasin dan pake bahasa indonesia aja karena pengguna mwb kebanyakan dari indonesia

Stafaband9 on 10:04 AM, 07-Oct-16

@admin, nama kw luu .. Gwe hajar

Eny Novi on 10:06 AM, 07-Oct-16

Heyyy what did you say Mr. Arvind Gupta? please give us reason why this mywapblog must be closed??

entertainment city media on 11:06 AM, 07-Oct-16

How can I export my post

Gideon Kachi on 11:29 AM, 07-Oct-16


Sprilla on 11:36 AM, 07-Oct-16

its a terrible or big blow to all mywapblog fans around the world. closing mywapblog down! certainly not.
Tell us you are moving to premium and its OK but telling us that you are closing down its very bad. No matter what the reason is I believe you can solve this amicably. We can all help in anyway we can by donating or something. I love mywapblog. Its a passion been here.
Arvind Gupta pls we can't take this. let us help in anyway we can after all we are one family here. Mywapbloggers join me make our own demonstration against this action.
Mywapblog is our friend and it will forever be ours.

Rhians MWB on 12:06 PM, 07-Oct-16

The Life and Times of MyWapBlog.com, user mwb its family T_T

Zona Hape MWB on 12:32 PM, 07-Oct-16

what the f#ck you are? are you f#ckin' kidding me sir? evil

yudi suhendri on 12:35 PM, 07-Oct-16

i am sad cry . thanks mywapblog you everything

entertainment city media on 12:36 PM, 07-Oct-16

All thanks to mywapblog

Admin Legendary Don on 12:39 PM, 07-Oct-16

Hisses......show will i do dat

How is it possible....will nos start from the scratch

#SaveMyWapBlog on 12:50 PM, 07-Oct-16

- Please Don't Come Back :v -

Kcee on 02:22 PM, 07-Oct-16

Woy... This is serious...

RICHY on 03:00 PM, 07-Oct-16

Dnt worry, arvind gupta is joking., have a visit to Www.Richywap.ga

CyberWinner Master on 03:45 PM, 07-Oct-16

This Is Nonsense, Arvind, You Son Of A *** :ninja:

Talk9ja News on 03:56 PM, 07-Oct-16

The bussiness is yours.... But there is something you still owe us and that is trust... You couldn't even list out the mywapblog for sale.... This abrubt clossure is gonna ruin people's lives ...

ADMIN JIMMYWAT on 04:52 PM, 07-Oct-16

Please how will we export our post plz type in English

JUMA SAIDY on 04:54 PM, 07-Oct-16

Arvind don't do that man.

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