UPDATE: New Features Added

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 08:39 AM, 21-Mar-11

Good news! The following new features have been added:

  1. “Recent Posts” list in single post pages by default (go to “Settings | Blog” to change)
  2. Option to have pagination links (e.g. “[1] [2] [3] …”) instead of “Older posts”, “Newer posts”; see “Settings | Blog”
  3. Feature to ignore users, read more about it here

Besides, I’ve also made some small changes and bug-fixes.


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18 responses to "UPDATE: New Features Added"

Ramdan (RamdaN2478) on 08:50 AM, 21-Mar-11

nice! mrgreen

master wanna be on 10:10 AM, 21-Mar-11

C00l sir...2 tumbsup f0r u mrgreen

EYANKGHAIB® on 10:37 AM, 21-Mar-11

that's good boss, but that can be equipped
also with feature recent visitors and recent


Jongos on 12:18 PM, 21-Mar-11

Best of the best mwb

Jongos on 12:19 PM, 21-Mar-11

Best of the best is MWB

Awang Haldis on 05:07 PM, 21-Mar-11

You're the bos

Brett Walker on 05:21 PM, 21-Mar-11

Thanks for all your hard work Arvind.. 8)

Perdana on 04:04 PM, 22-Mar-11

Features that have me
looking forward. Good
development mrgreen

LpuARmy on 03:12 PM, 23-Mar-11

awesome ..

Ridha Anshari | Rahasia Membuat Blog on 01:59 PM, 25-Mar-11


TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 12:48 PM, 26-Mar-11

Nice Features

Blogwap on 10:35 PM, 28-Mar-11

Thanks boss.. I am waiting for next developments smile

Arvind on 08:13 AM, 29-Mar-11


Andihicks on 03:16 PM, 07-Apr-11

Good job bosss tengkyu.

YOKSER on 03:54 AM, 10-Apr-11

please remove Numeric @ navigation & blogroll.

Arvind on 09:51 AM, 13-Apr-11

With the new updates, it's possible to style the navigation menu with some CSS (see forum) to remove numberings.

Samsudin on 10:13 AM, 13-Apr-11


uniQUE [It's Like That Name!] on 07:42 AM, 19-Jun-11

please add javascript to MyWapBlog

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