Update: HTML Support + 1 New Feature Added

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 11:33 AM, 24-Apr-11

Today, I’m very happy to announce that finally MyWapBlog.com supports HTML besides BBCode. Read more on HTML Support in MyWapBlog.com. Please note that this must be enabled as is written in the help page.

The other new feature is “Settings | Blog Verification”, which gives you a way to have your blog verified in Google Webmaster Tools / Yahoo Site Explorer.

Hope this makes MyWapBlog.com a bit better.

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41 responses to "Update: HTML Support + 1 New Feature Added"

aden on 11:37 AM, 24-Apr-11

Nice feature sir,i love it coz am waiting for this biggrin

aden on 11:56 AM, 24-Apr-11

I have try to authentication my blog to yahoo but when i try to authenticated it its failed?

Riyan Hidayat on 12:22 PM, 24-Apr-11


Ykubnay on 12:54 PM, 24-Apr-11

I like it thanks master

Ykubnay on 01:05 PM, 24-Apr-11

Why is not turned on is not that very interesting comment boss?
( benar tidak bahasa english ku ya mrgreen )

RamdaN2478 on 01:10 PM, 24-Apr-11

This is very very COOL!!

Satriavi on 01:37 PM, 24-Apr-11

matur suwon kang arvind.I love U full

Faozan MWBer's on 01:44 PM, 24-Apr-11

i like it

Awang Haldis on 01:59 PM, 24-Apr-11

Youre the best biggrin

Filmax Reader on 02:11 PM, 24-Apr-11

Hahaha.... very very happy... Thank you master...

Jongos on 03:05 PM, 24-Apr-11


aden on 04:22 PM, 24-Apr-11

Teu bisaeun malesan coment lah nu gaduh blog tehbiggrin

Vantu19000 on 06:41 PM, 24-Apr-11

Woah ! Like like! !

Andihicks on 10:49 PM, 24-Apr-11

Waaa apik tenan..... MWB soyo suwe tambah komplit wae....

Penjelajah on 07:31 AM, 25-Apr-11

god bless u mr.arvindwink

thank u so muchsmile

Agung Setyawan on 10:39 AM, 25-Apr-11

How to get the meta tags or webmaster code?

Shaneel Maharaj on 05:35 PM, 25-Apr-11

I am very happy too. very very very very very happy. !!! Mywapblog is one of a kind. it caters for everyone. smile

Shaneel Maharaj on 05:37 PM, 25-Apr-11

Agung. visit google.com/webmasters add your site and then they will ask you to verify it. choose verify by meta tag and you'll get the code.

Brexsedenx on 09:10 PM, 25-Apr-11

But why not support
mywapblog textarea, please
consider sir.thanks

Huzein The-Blog on 10:40 PM, 25-Apr-11


Arvind on 08:25 AM, 26-Apr-11


Ykubnay on 06:44 PM, 29-Apr-11

Arvind why with my blog? please help me

Andihicks on 10:53 PM, 29-Apr-11

Sir Arvind please help me my blog erorr.... page not found why??????

Teguh_cahjowo on 08:02 AM, 30-Apr-11

bos why some mwb'r blog having error? Please give me info.

sinyobain ® on 09:19 AM, 30-Apr-11

yoha,Goodwork boss and Always succes for more your creation.

Benzolian on 02:40 PM, 30-Apr-11

sir,why can't i find my blog thru google search?

Rina ns on 05:31 PM, 30-Apr-11

aku enggak bisa english sir arvind.

Guyman on 06:03 AM, 02-May-11

Wow.. Thats great.. Good for me as newbie.. Keep in update sir !

ArbesDj on 07:34 PM, 02-May-11

Thank you for everything that you gave ti us,but i have aproblem with blog verified that you make in mywapblog.when i got a verified code from google,an i put it on google verified form on mywapblog,i've got an error,why? Can you give me some help for that? Thanks before....

Arvind on 08:25 AM, 03-May-11


Please use the forum or feedback form to ask for assistance.

Gentho on 04:26 AM, 24-May-11

How to use .html to permalink? Can i?

Jagadkawunk on 09:33 PM, 04-Jun-11

kadit itreng, sing penting gratiss

Johanoeman Ketek Putih on 05:20 PM, 30-Jun-11

Hahahai,,, nice mrgreen keren man,,, hihihihi,, yen wis menika, kula amung saget wangsul yen sampean Kerenz,,, mantabs Boss... mrgreen

Indonesia Terbaik on 12:46 AM, 08-Jul-11

Thank you Mr.Arvind, mywapblog.com is my favorite blog service. It is very seo friendly and amazing

Abdillah on 10:10 AM, 24-Jul-11

I've tried in Google and we made it. Thanks.

Backlink Dofollow on 02:59 AM, 26-Jul-11

Okay, I have submitted myblog to google and yahoo, it is very easy to use google webmaster and yahoo. So... my blog has been verified. thank you sir
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Prashanth on 04:01 PM, 27-Jul-11

Nice. All xx downloads, jobs,software,songs and many more

Pinjal on 09:08 AM, 30-Sep-11

nice infoo... iam new join in mywapblog.com

Kingsley on 03:44 AM, 21-Feb-12

it did not work on mine cool

mohammed on 10:32 PM, 08-Jul-12

Pleace help me how activate blog verification of google pleace sent by @ mohammedshaibu447@gmail.com

Amint on 05:28 PM, 29-Jul-12

absen sob,skalian ijin polo..englishku amburadul jd terpaksa nyari kamus biar ngerti postnya biggrin

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