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Posted by Arvind Gupta on 11:46 AM, 10-Sep-10

We have a new name for “Twitter Updates” – “Connect with Twitter”.

Due to the change in Twitter API, the old way of connecting your MyWapBlog.com account with Twitter (by directly providing Twitter username/password) has been deprecated. So, here I’m outlining the steps required to connect your account with Twitter:

1. Go to “Interact | Connect with Twitter” page.
2. Click on the image with “Connect” written on it, you’ll be redirected to Twitter.com to authorize MyWapBlog.com to access your Twitter account.
3. If you’re not logged in to Twitter already, you’ll be asked to do so.
4. You’ll be presented with a page asking whether you want to give access to your account, click “Allow”.
5. You’ll be redirected back to our page.
6. Done.

I’d implemented the new page yesterday itself (those who are following me on Twitter might know), but didn’t feel like posting about it.

The new system makes our access to Twitter much more secure for the end-users as we do not need to store their username and password.

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6 responses to "UPDATE: Connect with Twitter"

Brett Walker on 01:56 PM, 10-Sep-10

Top Man smile

Arvind on 07:47 AM, 11-Sep-10

Thanks Brett

Hendry on 08:03 AM, 11-Sep-10

Request hits counter for an blog. Pliz..

Arvind on 12:26 PM, 12-Sep-10

We already have a simple hit counter. Go to "Settings | Blog" and set "Visitor Counter Style" to "Default".

Fitzterun on 08:48 AM, 14-Sep-10

ve, done that just now and it work 5 seconds. Thanks

Abraham Blessings on 11:33 AM, 19-Jul-12

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