Update: 2 New Features + Several Improvements

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:45 AM, 13-Apr-11


  1. AdSense impression sharing
  2. Selectable Desktop-ready templates (2 New templates)


  1. “Navigation Menu” (mobile version) now using “list” tags rather than hard formatting (this means CSS may be used to stop showing numbering, see forum as I’ll be posting some tips there later today [UPDATE: MyWapBlog CSS Design Tip]
  2. Updated “specimen.css”. For those of you who didn’t know, it’s an easy-to-change CSS template to create new designs for our blogs
  3. Separate and better “Blog Not Found” pages
  4. Various other internal changes

New Desktop Themes


P.S.: I now have a blog here: Arvind Gupta (no mobile version yet).

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18 responses to "Update: 2 New Features + Several Improvements"

Ranju CK Wayanad on 10:02 AM, 13-Apr-11

smile Thank you very much... smile

aden on 10:10 AM, 13-Apr-11

Nice sir,so our blog not just in blue but we can change another themesbiggrin

Shiva Bhalerao on 10:18 AM, 13-Apr-11

hey arvin thats very nice man.. Thanxxxxxxx

Riyan Hidayat on 10:26 AM, 13-Apr-11

Great job! smile

Andihicks on 10:37 AM, 13-Apr-11

Thank you bosss mrgreen

EYANKGHAIB® on 11:33 AM, 13-Apr-11

Ok deh boss....eyank mah manut aja....biggrin

Edi Siswanto | Belajar Jadi Master on 12:31 PM, 13-Apr-11

ok deh boz

brett walker on 03:01 PM, 13-Apr-11

Awesome, as always Arvind.

RamdaN2478 on 06:14 PM, 13-Apr-11


Faozan MWBer's on 12:17 PM, 14-Apr-11

very nice sir,

Jongos on 11:27 AM, 15-Apr-11


Arizqi on 02:47 PM, 15-Apr-11

I love u aja lah,,kagak ngerti akumrgreen

unique on 07:10 AM, 16-May-11


Danial on 05:04 PM, 30-May-11

Aneh, kami menggunakan mywapblog anda tetapi anda menggunakan wordpress untuk ngeblog di arvindgupta.co.in

Iceman_joe on 05:14 PM, 09-Jun-11

Thanks bro

.::ArisBoy::. on 12:31 PM, 12-Jun-11

thanks mr

Boyke on 09:45 AM, 26-Nov-11

thanks Mr. Arvind Gupta

Frans on 09:49 AM, 26-Nov-11

anyway, thanks a lot Mr. Arvind Gupta.
from: http://fransiskus.mywapblog.com

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