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Posted by Arvind Gupta on 10:34 AM, 06-Nov-11

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We have upgraded to this new version. Thank you!

The much awaited new version of (dubbed MWB2) is here! We’re very excited and happy to inform all of our users that we’ll be launching MWB2 on 8th November. It’ll be a big day in our lives as this new version adds so much to the already capable platform. There’s a lot of hype and confusion regarding what’s new in this version, in a word – much. Let us highlight the biggest and coolest ones:

Progressively Enhanced Mobile Pages: This new technique makes mobile pages behave and function differently on differently capable devices, see the images for example. If you have a decent cell phone (Nokia S60v3, S60v5, S40v6, Android, Apple iPhone, newer BlackBerry’s or newer Windows Mobile phones) you’re in for a treat!

Progressive Enhancement
A page on a device not capable of progressive enhancement

Progressive Enhancement
Same page on a device capable of progressive enhancement (notice the pink areas)

Progressive Enhancement
A page on a device not capable of progressive enhancement

Progressive Enhancement
Same page on a device capable of progressive enhancement (the reply box opened on the same page without page load)

The All New Mobile & Desktop Design: New design to ease working with your blog.

New Desktop-View Design
New Desktop-View design

New Mobile-View Design
New Mobile-View design (notice the new features colored in pink

WYSIWYG & EasyEditor: If you use a desktop/laptop/netbook the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG in short) will make your posting content much simpler. On the other hand if you use one of the JavaScript-enabled devices (mentioned above) the EasyEditor will make your job easier while you’re on the move.

New WYSIWYG Editor

New EasyEditor for mobile devices
New EasyEditor for mobile devices

Improved Blog Catalog and Traffic Stats page: These pages have been much improved to be as friendly and useful as they can be.

Many other cool & useful features: Besides these MANY other big and small, cool and innovative features have been added.

I thank you – our users for all their love without you we couldn’t have enough motivation to make this true. Thank you!

Love, Arvind

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509 responses to "The All New - MWB2"

JhaY on 10:44 AM, 06-Nov-11

mudah2an keduax...

Aank Wijaya on 10:44 AM, 06-Nov-11


PT.Alfo Citra Abadi on 10:56 AM, 06-Nov-11


PT.Alfo Citra Abadi on 10:57 AM, 06-Nov-11


Marwox on 10:57 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantab biggrin

K | L | I | K on 10:58 AM, 06-Nov-11

maknyus,,, s60v2 kok ga masuk y 8O

Chomei Kanagaki on 10:59 AM, 06-Nov-11

perfect. I like it

X-bray99 on 10:59 AM, 06-Nov-11

Mantapz brother.. mrgreen

Exodius on 11:00 AM, 06-Nov-11

nice info. ^^

Zainal arek jombang on 11:00 AM, 06-Nov-11

smilesmilesmilesmileits okey. . Hehesmilesmilesmilesmile

Ayo on 11:01 AM, 06-Nov-11

Can you please explain what will happen to old users

ribut lidayat12 on 11:01 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap bos. Keren biggrin

Iman Ae "C_Taurus" on 11:01 AM, 06-Nov-11

wah cool8)

Nazan | pengen tahu? on 11:01 AM, 06-Nov-11

Mantap. . . Hahay mantapz

WONK MLARAT on 11:01 AM, 06-Nov-11

muantap biggrin

Agung TangGung on 11:01 AM, 06-Nov-11

Sip........ on 11:02 AM, 06-Nov-11

tanks mr ardvin, semoga dengan perubahan ini semakin meningkatkan dan kenyamanan bloger MWB

ApHeX GRuNgE on 11:03 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap mas arvind infonya. Thx

ApHeX GRuNgE on 11:03 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap mas arvind infonya. Thx

cah_cosrex|The Interisti on 11:03 AM, 06-Nov-11

Wah keren

°°°zetha°°° on 11:03 AM, 06-Nov-11

Very interesting.
Like this!

Wait for it Mr. Arvind.

MLM↔life™》 on 11:04 AM, 06-Nov-11

Mantap.., tapi saya sudah dari tadi dasboar saya sua v 2.., hehhehe

| sangkuriang | on 11:04 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap mr.arvinds sundul dulu lapaknya mrgreen sukses lapak nya boss lol

Hikayat Newby on 11:05 AM, 06-Nov-11

Hade euy.....

MEL-DILLA on 11:05 AM, 06-Nov-11

Looking forward to...

Achund X Meswew on 11:06 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap biggrin

Cabax Cc on 11:06 AM, 06-Nov-11

wah .. Gk ngerti saya ..

Setalar39 on 11:06 AM, 06-Nov-11

super dan luar biasa smile

Goyangkakimu on 11:07 AM, 06-Nov-11

Nice smile

Sager Mx on 11:07 AM, 06-Nov-11

Wih.. Mantap nih tampilan baru nya..

Gaara on 11:08 AM, 06-Nov-11

nubie kaga paham...

Mas Karyo on 11:09 AM, 06-Nov-11

is there any chance now to put our own ads (ppc)?
If so, i would say millions thanks.

-=[NANTO SPIROGYA™]=- on 11:09 AM, 06-Nov-11


Aiqie on 11:09 AM, 06-Nov-11


Tapi ya artinya????haha

Tedie Andres on 11:09 AM, 06-Nov-11

muantab tenan.. biggrin

Uyunks on 11:10 AM, 06-Nov-11

i like it and wooww..funtastic,thanks you is the best,good luckmrgreen

Chonx on 11:10 AM, 06-Nov-11


X-bray99 on 11:11 AM, 06-Nov-11

and don't forget to follow me kawan kawan... :

RyFLA on 11:11 AM, 06-Nov-11

thx to da best ever blog

secangkir coffee on 11:12 AM, 06-Nov-11 aaah biggrin

Risal on 11:12 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantaAp ! ! !

Amanu anak kebon belajar ngeblog on 11:13 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap aj dah boz. . . . . .

pi7oe ragil on 11:14 AM, 06-Nov-11


Han on 11:15 AM, 06-Nov-11

Good job mrgreen

¤Rydho¤[X-X] on 11:17 AM, 06-Nov-11


Vega Bimawan™ on 11:17 AM, 06-Nov-11

I Want to thank you with mr.arvind which has improve this mwb

1001 TIPS TRIK DASAR MYWAPBLOG on 11:18 AM, 06-Nov-11

Absen, thanks master
Selamat hari raya idul adha 1432 H
Ditunggu kunjungan baliknya sob...

Fandy on 11:18 AM, 06-Nov-11

muantap tenan...

Timbul Purnomo Aji on 11:19 AM, 06-Nov-11

Muantrab lanjutkan.

Sheiloman on 11:19 AM, 06-Nov-11

suiiip dueh....

Maxiluckies MWBer on 11:19 AM, 06-Nov-11

Much to my surprise I was
not looking forward to biggrin

Arie on 11:20 AM, 06-Nov-11

Selamat gembira sobat mwb semuaaaa,,,!
Rasanya mau triak bahagia nih untuk menikmati MWB2.
Ayo kita gali semangat baru kita sobaaaaaaat...!
Selamat buat mywapblog yang baru, semoga sukses..!

AgustReyhand on 11:21 AM, 06-Nov-11

Fitur themes baru ya ? :-*

panpan023 on 11:21 AM, 06-Nov-11

thank you very much sir ! hope to see more changes and upgrades .. on 11:21 AM, 06-Nov-11

Kagak ngerti !

BLATUNK BEH on 11:22 AM, 06-Nov-11

Aph ni gan

Wahyu Aurelio on 11:23 AM, 06-Nov-11

bagus tuh,mantab pkokny . smile

shinö ändrä™ on 11:23 AM, 06-Nov-11

nice info mr..biggrin

iphenk Sedtjawan on 11:24 AM, 06-Nov-11

.assoy geboy.

a5ep on 11:24 AM, 06-Nov-11

hadir Mr.

Fitriyawan | Santriwan on 11:24 AM, 06-Nov-11

Mantap. Semoga ngak lemot aja lah...

U3kyz^ on 11:25 AM, 06-Nov-11

Hahagz. .thanks mr. Arvind . .u'r the best. .

Akhon on 11:25 AM, 06-Nov-11

ajieb bnr..! mrgreen

Symbian s60v3 on 11:25 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap,..di tunggu,..
Bila perlu di percepat,.. biggrin

Sarilah on 11:27 AM, 06-Nov-11

Met hari raya idul adha oficial.mywapblog.ditggu mwb2 nyasmile

Dhani 474 on 11:27 AM, 06-Nov-11

wahhh... Dah tlat ne... biggrin

U3kyz^ on 11:29 AM, 06-Nov-11

Kita harus sabar bro. .,

Nuer on 11:30 AM, 06-Nov-11

Thankyou very much to Mr. Arvind biggrin

RhudaySangSymbianerS on 11:30 AM, 06-Nov-11

Wiih,mantebbb boss,, mrgreen

Met Idul adha ya razz

Az-Area on 11:31 AM, 06-Nov-11

Ane telat ternyata, tapi MWB2 maju taruuusss...

D M Z on 11:35 AM, 06-Nov-11

asyyiik gw kga ngrti mksud'a mrgreen
follow n kunjungn arrow

Hanafi on 11:37 AM, 06-Nov-11

makim mantap aja nich.. razz

Ardhie™ on 11:38 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap , , ,ngemeng2 pada mau pindah gubug kagak nich? ? ?
kunjungan bliknya gan,ane tung9u [] ardhie MWB 1[/url]

Chalink Junior on 11:39 AM, 06-Nov-11

i like boz....

Hendry_07 on 11:39 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap mas brow

Arief on 11:39 AM, 06-Nov-11

keren mr mywapblog ,bagaimana dengan css yang lama mr .. Kalau d update nanti..biggrin

Hassan on 11:40 AM, 06-Nov-11

Will us (old user) get that facilities ?

Anansyah | Service TV | Apps S60V2-V3 on 11:40 AM, 06-Nov-11

sip mantap thanks mr arvindsmile

Kakashi M Hermawan on 11:41 AM, 06-Nov-11

I Like it

Arisanthox on 11:41 AM, 06-Nov-11

I like it.. smile

Zhizis on 11:42 AM, 06-Nov-11

hebadd biggrin .. Muantep ..

τΓίέήίδάδ δ'ρΓόνόςάτόΓ βύδίΜάή on 11:42 AM, 06-Nov-11

cik tolong lah translatekeun ka bahasa sunda biggrin

xesink on 11:42 AM, 06-Nov-11

selamat hari idul adha sobat..

Bhery Outsiderz on 11:43 AM, 06-Nov-11

wink trus maju aja dh..

K0k hp jadul s60v2 q gk msuk ktgori ya..?

Кuгηιαωαη đ'κεгαвατ_сιlικ™               on 11:44 AM, 06-Nov-11

keren mr. Arvind
lanjutkan >>

al.awwabin on 11:44 AM, 06-Nov-11

weh mantap kang..

Arifienz on 11:45 AM, 06-Nov-11

trus maju aja dh.. wink

Dippetrocum on 11:45 AM, 06-Nov-11

good good..sipp tenant..

Nicky Setia on 11:45 AM, 06-Nov-11

Kok q ga mudeng ya..

alverry on 11:46 AM, 06-Nov-11

makasih mr. Arvind info nya,,
mwb maju terus mrgreen

Rnb_serdadufals on 11:46 AM, 06-Nov-11


Arti Sebuah Kata on 11:51 AM, 06-Nov-11

absen sob..wink

Cumcum_Mip on 11:52 AM, 06-Nov-11

keren,mwb buanget..kasih jempol 5 biggrin

Habi on 11:52 AM, 06-Nov-11

Thanks atas infonya

Andian Asmawan on 11:53 AM, 06-Nov-11

info apa sih ini...???

ELOHIMLOVER on 11:54 AM, 06-Nov-11

Wow!That's so cool bro!I like that javascript enabled thingy.mrgreen

Peppy|yayashi on 11:57 AM, 06-Nov-11

thank you so much.

rakensu on 11:58 AM, 06-Nov-11

Wah mntap

Pegie on 11:58 AM, 06-Nov-11

Mantab MWB,
tingkatkan terus!!

Ci'buhe Osc on 11:58 AM, 06-Nov-11

nasib v2 gmn nh??

Arif on 11:58 AM, 06-Nov-11

mantap xx

firdi52 on 12:00 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantap nih mwb...
Blog adsense,

Hamdan on 12:01 PM, 06-Nov-11

Manteb mastah .. Lanjutkan ..

wanstarasta on 12:04 PM, 06-Nov-11

wah mantap nih mwb2 ..nuliis posting jadi gsh pake tag <br> segala.. smile

Randryant on 12:08 PM, 06-Nov-11

wow, very amazingbiggrin

My Name is Jemz on 12:12 PM, 06-Nov-11

Udah rame..
Met lebaran ya, mohon maaf lahir batin biggrin

Ajrie on 12:13 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantab bro,.

Ari_arif on 12:15 PM, 06-Nov-11


Rcboy on 12:15 PM, 06-Nov-11

uiH keren bos, . .
saya akan menunggu untuk itu. . .

BALONG GABUS on 12:16 PM, 06-Nov-11

wah para master udah pada absen nich. . . . . .ikutan ah HADIR. . . . . . mrgreen

Jongos on 12:16 PM, 06-Nov-11

maju terus mwb...ttp smangat

Ebook Hp Java Jar on 12:17 PM, 06-Nov-11

Great Mr. Arvind, I am very very like it.
Tingkatkan kreasimu Masbro.

Kumpulan MP3 Barat on 12:17 PM, 06-Nov-11

bingung gue . . . ini info apa sih!!!

RIAN FT.E on 12:18 PM, 06-Nov-11

I am very happy, thank you Mr.
Arvind, I like it, good luck

Ranju CK Wayanad on 12:18 PM, 06-Nov-11

Wow..... Great......!!!!

Iaan on 12:19 PM, 06-Nov-11

info nya mantap.
Sayang ane cuma bisa melihat doank,tanpa tau isi dan arti nya.xexe

Mael's Fhagunz on 12:21 PM, 06-Nov-11

sip dah.

Jimus on 12:22 PM, 06-Nov-11

Terlihat lebih menarik.. smile

Couplies on 12:23 PM, 06-Nov-11

yezz.. Like it

Coaxx's by Syahril Maki on 12:23 PM, 06-Nov-11

Salam coaxx's

Ijolumut'z on 12:25 PM, 06-Nov-11

Fantastic 8)

Dhanjeung | Collection of Applications on 12:26 PM, 06-Nov-11

Waw.... Keren Boss.... Thank you Mr Arvind, sukses selalu buat Anda..

Kami menunggu untuk itu secepatnya

Awankoplak on 12:30 PM, 06-Nov-11

wew telat.. Mkn mag nyuz smile

subaim on 12:30 PM, 06-Nov-11

magsud ya ini gi mana teman,apa mwb ada perubahan atau gmn ni,maglum anak baru myb.

-=Maniac Symbian=- on 12:32 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantab . . . wink

Ronyardy on 12:37 PM, 06-Nov-11

master@ mantap!

jiraya_x on 12:38 PM, 06-Nov-11

Waaaaaaw ini yang saya tunggu . . .

Yayan Mulyana on 12:39 PM, 06-Nov-11

thank untk inf0 nYa

tapi apakah dengan adanya mwb2 ini pengguna java akan tersingkirkan tidak .. ? Seperti saya ,saya masih pengguna jaVa

Lilik Bagus on 12:40 PM, 06-Nov-11

waiting here

IndrachZ on 12:40 PM, 06-Nov-11

Nyimak ah biar di kira paham mrgreen

Ryuzu on 12:41 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantap coz aku tunggu Mr.alvin

gila vs aneh on 12:43 PM, 06-Nov-11

mr.arvind thanks, I wait for her launcing

umbaran on 12:45 PM, 06-Nov-11

wah mantap cobain ah

Gunar on 12:46 PM, 06-Nov-11


| sangkuriang | on 12:46 PM, 06-Nov-11

pertamax boss mrgreen

Zen's on 12:50 PM, 06-Nov-11


Yoas'll Nevèr Walk Alonè on 12:52 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap sob biggrin

Rizky Hermawan on 12:52 PM, 06-Nov-11

Ane ke 144 smile

Fitrie liebherr on 12:52 PM, 06-Nov-11

like it,,trims juragan mwb,,

Wonk Bothe on 12:53 PM, 06-Nov-11

sedikit kecewa karena s60v2 tidak termasuksad

Yoas'll Nevèr Walk Alonè on 12:54 PM, 06-Nov-11


Maliki on 12:55 PM, 06-Nov-11

how nice and very cool brother! We just wanna say very very very thanks for your big contribution for our blog! Thanks Mr.Arvind Goodluck! :mrgreen

sorry for my bad english i am javannese hehehehe!

Elank™ on 12:56 PM, 06-Nov-11

maju maju geser geser..

Sunan on 12:56 PM, 06-Nov-11

Inyong rak mudeng karo bahasane..

Irfan on 12:56 PM, 06-Nov-11

ada yg bAruU ni..

rezkii on 12:59 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap biggrin

KidRock on 01:00 PM, 06-Nov-11

ikut nimbrung ahh mrgreen maaf ane telat kang Arvind. Req more emoticon aja dechlol

Abibtry on 01:01 PM, 06-Nov-11

, wuihh mantap .. Ayo ayo dah g sbr neh

Arif68 on 01:01 PM, 06-Nov-11

apa semua blog mwb otomatis akan ngerasain versi yang baru???

Safitry on 01:02 PM, 06-Nov-11

razz emane aritene opo rek jal seng pinter di translate'ke nang bahasa indonesia po jowo sip malahan wkwk razz

waone on 01:03 PM, 06-Nov-11

wow...mantab mr,keren deh..mrgreen

Bacox'Z on 01:04 PM, 06-Nov-11

absen s0b.

Doubletione Penggerak Rakyat on 01:04 PM, 06-Nov-11

baguslah! Makin mantap aja

Safitry on 01:05 PM, 06-Nov-11

razzVersi baru banyak ditunggu dari (dijulukiMWB2) ada di sini! Kami sangat senang dan
gembira untuk menginformasikan
semua pengguna kami bahwa kami
akan meluncurkan MWB2 pada 8
November. Ini akan menjadi hari
besar dalam hidup kita sebagai versi baru ini menambahkan begitu
banyak ke platform sudah mampu.
Ada banyak hype dan kebingungan
tentang apa yang baru dalam versi
ini, dalam kata - banyak. Mari kita
sorot yang terbesar dan paling keren: Halaman Handphone Semakin
Ditingkatkan: Teknik baru ini membuat halaman ponsel berperilaku
dan fungsi berbeda pada perangkat
yang berbeda yang mampu, melihat
gambar misalnya. Jika Anda memiliki
ponsel yang layak (Nokia S60v3,
S60v5, S40v6, Android, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry baru atau yang lebih
baru Windows Ponsel) Anda berada
dalam untuk mengobati! Sebuah halaman di perangkat tidak mampu peningkatan progresif Sama halaman pada perangkat yang mampu peningkatan progresif (perhatikan daerah merah muda) Sebuah halaman di perangkat tidak mampu peningkatan progresif Sama halaman pada perangkat yang mampu peningkatan progresif (kotak jawaban terbuka pada halaman yang sama tanpa beban halaman) All New Handphone & Desktop
Desain: desain baru untuk memudahkan bekerja dengan blog
Anda. Baru Desktop-Melihat desain Mobile-Lihat desain (perhatikan fitur baru berwarna dalam warna pink WYSIWYG & EasyEditor: Jika Anda menggunakan desktop /
laptop / netbook What-You-See-Is-
What-You-Get (WYSIWYG dalam
pendek) akan membuat konten Anda
posting lebih sederhana. Di sisi lain
jika Anda melihat JavaScript-enabled perangkat (yang disebutkan di atas)
EasyEditor akan membuat pekerjaan
Anda lebih mudah saat Anda
bepergian. Baru WYSIWYG Editor Baru EasyEditor untuk perangkat mobile Blog Catalog Peningkatan dan
Lalu Lintas halaman Statistik: Halaman ini telah jauh lebih baik
untuk menjadi seperti ramah dan
berguna sebagai mereka dapat. Banyak fitur-fitur keren &
berguna lainnya: Selain fitur BANYAK besar dan kecil, keren dan
inovatif lainnya telah ditambahkan. Saya berterima kasih - pengguna
kami untuk semua cinta mereka
tanpa Anda kami tidak bisa memiliki
motivasi yang cukup untuk
membuat ini benar. Terima kasih!biggrin

vi¢ky on 01:10 PM, 06-Nov-11

thanks mr Arvind for your mwb wink

Ardha febri on 01:12 PM, 06-Nov-11

Waah. .

ADE KAI on 01:15 PM, 06-Nov-11

baaguus siieep laahh

Edy Chan on 01:16 PM, 06-Nov-11

Sip lol

Nur Khasanah Gien on 01:21 PM, 06-Nov-11

Ehmm.. Amazing..

Kabir Usman Iyatanchi on 01:27 PM, 06-Nov-11

Ah! Interesting.

Imam Abdul Hamid on 01:27 PM, 06-Nov-11

jalan2 aja.. Hehe

Symbian Themes on 01:31 PM, 06-Nov-11

wauw keren nie jadi g sabar nunggunya

Ibenk Msv on 01:31 PM, 06-Nov-11

hey bang arvinz infone apik tenan yo hehe

Blora Star on 01:40 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap ne......

Gaplek on 01:41 PM, 06-Nov-11


Blora Star on 01:42 PM, 06-Nov-11

gak sabar nunggu neeeecepet donk

Mahameru01 on 01:42 PM, 06-Nov-11

ikutan absen akh....

Blora Star on 01:44 PM, 06-Nov-11

yg absen angkat jempol lo

BadryAndika on 01:46 PM, 06-Nov-11

sangat menarik.....jadi penasaran.good idea...thanks

Koplax on 01:46 PM, 06-Nov-11


Enchus on 01:46 PM, 06-Nov-11

pa tu artinya, halah, absen ja. .biggrin

Blora Star on 01:48 PM, 06-Nov-11


sedenx on 01:48 PM, 06-Nov-11

fitur yang keren semoga saja tidak sering macet seperti yang sudah2

I love Mywapblog

Tomdic on 01:51 PM, 06-Nov-11

di tunggu mr arvid

Afrin on 01:52 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap mastah arvind,

Atank Gnetumgnemon on 01:53 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantep ieu mh harus bli hp bru..

Jupriyanto on 01:53 PM, 06-Nov-11

ok,..saya dukung

Denjava on 01:54 PM, 06-Nov-11

bagus kyieh da peningkatanbiggrin

Gun_dvol on 01:56 PM, 06-Nov-11


Blora Star on 01:56 PM, 06-Nov-11

aa juga dukung.............

Aga Kurniawan on 01:56 PM, 06-Nov-11

mwb 2.
Semoga sukses.

Amotbokrit on 01:56 PM, 06-Nov-11

Gmana cara nampilin kotak komentar di bwah posting??

Fatkhur on 01:58 PM, 06-Nov-11

great,hope this version can apply java script..

orgil™ on 02:00 PM, 06-Nov-11


Wahidin on 02:03 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap kang arvind,

Iwan Restu Putra on 02:05 PM, 06-Nov-11

good change

Herman on 02:06 PM, 06-Nov-11

can I import all contents from firts mywapblog??

DEKYJAWA on 02:07 PM, 06-Nov-11


dlozhor on 02:09 PM, 06-Nov-11

hanya 1 kata bwt q MANTAV biggrin

Ve Zein on 02:10 PM, 06-Nov-11

absen sore, thank you master

Roniez on 02:12 PM, 06-Nov-11

keren abis

violencious™ on 02:13 PM, 06-Nov-11

that's good b0sssmile
i like mrgreen

Sejagad Doe on 02:15 PM, 06-Nov-11



Science on 02:19 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantab nih udah kaya
suwer makin asik dah ngeblog

Barikli on 02:24 PM, 06-Nov-11

waAah.,. Mantab ...!
Di antos ah...

{..:: Latin~noor™ ::..} on 02:25 PM, 06-Nov-11

Maju Terus Mywapblog.comsalam AGP

ISUR electron on 02:26 PM, 06-Nov-11

okeee.... smile

®Mpunya_Go-blog™ on 02:27 PM, 06-Nov-11

Excuse me sir,how to install this??

pot@o on 02:28 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantab biggrin

Rijal on 02:28 PM, 06-Nov-11


Budi on 02:29 PM, 06-Nov-11

makin mantap dan mwb smakin jaya

aries tenan™ on 02:30 PM, 06-Nov-11

ora ngerti , hhehe
but it's ok mrgreen

Endro on 02:32 PM, 06-Nov-11


~"H@ckEr"~ on 02:32 PM, 06-Nov-11

Weh2...maju trus mwb...

Lintas blog mwbers on 02:34 PM, 06-Nov-11

waw mantap bung Arvind, tapi sayang hpku cuma s40 jd gk masuk kategori blog lintas mwbers suka banget dgn versi baru ini. Sukses buat mywapblog, sy harap kedepan mywapblog mendukung kode script html biar tambah mantap.

Mbah Donkz™ on 02:38 PM, 06-Nov-11

a$oooy cuy.. . lol

simbah semrawot on 02:51 PM, 06-Nov-11

Trimakasih bwt Mr.Arvind,...udh g sbr nunggu tgl8 nih Mr.

Phoenix on 02:53 PM, 06-Nov-11

User baru. Ora mudengsmile

Dwiceca on 03:03 PM, 06-Nov-11


Mariadixxx on 03:05 PM, 06-Nov-11

kapan ni.,sukuran na kwkwkwkwkw

rido eseries on 03:10 PM, 06-Nov-11


mantap banar nah,ulun badangi nah tgl 8 kaina,mun nya kawa di tambahi akan kapasitas MB nya sagan ma upload file,nyaman kawa manyimpani file2 nang ganal2 mrgreen

mamora on 03:17 PM, 06-Nov-11


Karom on 03:17 PM, 06-Nov-11

weew.. Mantap coyy.. mrgreen

Wisnu@boy on 03:17 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap maz arvind

Ierfan Rezpector on 03:19 PM, 06-Nov-11

amantap on 03:22 PM, 06-Nov-11

hi am from holand.., i think thats amazing idea.., nice enjoyed in MWB2.., am support evry think..,!!!!

⣇metaLiar⣇ on 03:24 PM, 06-Nov-11

mudah-mudahan bisa pasang javascript juga

Ditdoth on 03:26 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantaf+mantaf n mantaf razz

Wiroxz on 03:27 PM, 06-Nov-11

Wisssw, mantap rek. .! I like it. .

Fristious on 03:32 PM, 06-Nov-11

Wow..tak sabar menunggu B)

Emblog-embloGAN on 03:33 PM, 06-Nov-11

Absen walau pun

nuri ambarata on 03:37 PM, 06-Nov-11

is good friendz go to my comunity in (MWB COMUNITY)
[url=] here>>[/url] or NURIGLOBAL4UM [url=] here >>[/url]

SULOYO WARDOWEH on 03:42 PM, 06-Nov-11


Asepsungkawa on 03:46 PM, 06-Nov-11

nyimak aja

ZUBYTE | kabar IT di hape-mu on 03:47 PM, 06-Nov-11

kita lihat tanggal 8, mudah-mudahan lancar

qinglabil on 03:47 PM, 06-Nov-11

ketinggalan ni info bagus

Zulkarnen on 03:48 PM, 06-Nov-11

numpang absen sob

Wapirate on 03:49 PM, 06-Nov-11

cool.i'm waiting for it to be released

rachman on 03:50 PM, 06-Nov-11

pd ngpulbiggrin

CopaZer on 03:58 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantep tenan... on 03:59 PM, 06-Nov-11

hi am from holand.., i think
thats amazing idea.., nice
enjoyed in MWB2.., am
support any think..,!!!!

T®òLy Šqu@d™ on 04:00 PM, 06-Nov-11

good job mr. Arvind
thanks a lot...
I'm very excited.

ghozel dara loverz on 04:01 PM, 06-Nov-11

ikut ngumpul ah..

Pinjal Nge-Blog on 04:02 PM, 06-Nov-11

waw mantabb... Saya akan bertahan untuk mendukung mywapblog.. Agar bisa menjadi platform terbaik. Good job Mr. Arvind on 04:11 PM, 06-Nov-11

jual bibit ikan mas hub: 085716288448 bisa tahan 4 hari biar ga di kasi mkn mrgreen

Eko_Tonggeng on 04:13 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap mr. arvin, thanks ea mr.arvin.

ιπδяαχh.мψωαρβløĝ.cøм on 04:14 PM, 06-Nov-11

.mantaph, maju terus MWB !,.

Defit s60v2™ on 04:14 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantep kira kira judulnya apa bos ?

diana evl on 04:16 PM, 06-Nov-11

Thank's mr.Arvind.

Ndock on 04:19 PM, 06-Nov-11

Thaks mr. Arvind,.

Wildan on 04:22 PM, 06-Nov-11

so cool, i'll be wait for it...
Good luck ! wink

Ad2ctya on 04:29 PM, 06-Nov-11

Sukses slalu !

Bima Pandawa™ on 04:29 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantaf....! mrgreen

Sky Team on 04:30 PM, 06-Nov-11


Bima Pandawa™ on 04:30 PM, 06-Nov-11

mrgreen q masi newbie mohon bimbingan master" mrgreen

Irham Varid | ravajr on 04:34 PM, 06-Nov-11

Asik asik..,
Tampilan baruu \(^▽^)/

Andri Irawan on 04:38 PM, 06-Nov-11

wiiih, keyen keyen Hªhª

Kochaxs on 04:39 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap sob. .

Wawan93 From Papua on 04:46 PM, 06-Nov-11

cool. My question is only one
day is November 8
mywapblog birthday ..?

bolay™hack on 04:50 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantab. .jd penasaran. .pengen ny0ba

оzнаик_нiик on 04:51 PM, 06-Nov-11

..nice info..
.....i like it..... he biggrin

☆☆Arnold Starscream☆★★ on 04:51 PM, 06-Nov-11

<h1>sukses mr.arvind</h1>

Nur Khasanah Gien on 04:53 PM, 06-Nov-11

Ehmm.. Amazing..

Purwanto on 04:54 PM, 06-Nov-11

tak ada yg bsa ku katakan selain..MANTAB BOSS.

Rivaldy Eka Putra on 04:57 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantep banget nih !

Tara on 04:58 PM, 06-Nov-11

bagus coy

Van Vaart™ on 04:58 PM, 06-Nov-11

I Like it

ZONA INTERNET GRATIS on 05:03 PM, 06-Nov-11

kunjungan malam hari sob..

Ditunggu kunjungan baliknya, dan saya mohon untuk pasang link saya di blogroll, nanti kalau udah tolong comment di MWB ku supaya bisa link balik..

dayz on 05:04 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantabz, tp kok s60v2 nya di terlantarkanquestion


Sulis Kuncung Wahono on 05:08 PM, 06-Nov-11

wah ane gak mudenng ini apa magsude

PАYКEЯ ☺™ on 05:17 PM, 06-Nov-11

Wow mantap jadi gasabar
nih pengen bikin blog yg baru thanks mywapblog biggrin

♥ AkiryO ♥ on 05:18 PM, 06-Nov-11

it's cool...
Hope fast to launch
thx sir biggrin

'Gábor Sárközii' on 05:21 PM, 06-Nov-11

Cool! biggrin
Kivi vok mien lessz az új változata smile

auroraborealis on 05:33 PM, 06-Nov-11

Ryans Unbreakable on 05:45 PM, 06-Nov-11

Mantap kawan,lanjutkan mrgreen

Saepul Amin on 05:47 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap gan

John z ter n Rose Lopolhepel on 05:50 PM, 06-Nov-11

Nyimak, mantap

rido eseries on 05:57 PM, 06-Nov-11

boss please add the file upload capacity in
order to be able to upload files more than

Arbil on 06:08 PM, 06-Nov-11

thx boss Wow jadi gasabar
nih Asik asik..,
Tampilan baruu, Amazing..

Shaf Fiya on 06:09 PM, 06-Nov-11

tak sabar menanti smile

ARMYmanchunian™ on 06:16 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap buat mr.Arvind

Triharyono on 06:18 PM, 06-Nov-11

wah Aku Telat ki.... Lagi ngerti yowes manteplah yen nguno.

Q-DalLzs on 06:19 PM, 06-Nov-11

weeeehhh.... upgrade versi baru... yuuuhuuuu......

Indrazitt™ on 06:24 PM, 06-Nov-11


Putra'cmg on 06:36 PM, 06-Nov-11

Makasih mas boss.!
End sukses selalu.

Fazyzwan on 06:36 PM, 06-Nov-11

apa kita bisa memakai kedua duanya own

Yusronie on 06:39 PM, 06-Nov-11

Wah asik nich mwb tambah cakep ternyata emang bener2 perhatian ma membernya thanks mr.arvind

Puguh si pecinta reggae on 06:39 PM, 06-Nov-11

wahh telat
absen bradder

Yusronie on 06:39 PM, 06-Nov-11

Wah asik nich mwb tambah cakep ternyata emang bener2 perhatian ma membernya thanks mr.arvindmrgreen

Alfand on 06:40 PM, 06-Nov-11

Amazing..Good job Mr..
i'll be waiting it and always succes. We love MWB.. ^_^)

Putra'cmg on 06:43 PM, 06-Nov-11

Muantab Mas Boss End Sukses Selalu...!!!

Reno Hxm on 06:44 PM, 06-Nov-11

Dukung..walau tak ngerti tulisannya..

S Gage Neo on 06:52 PM, 06-Nov-11

Good news

tongbajiel on 07:03 PM, 06-Nov-11

Wah ane telat koment neh...
Manstap ya MWB2

Ekiv'catafunk™ on 07:08 PM, 06-Nov-11

nimbrung ah..biar rame..

princesslia on 07:09 PM, 06-Nov-11

nice mr.arvindsmile i always support you...
indonesian mwb is number one in the worldmrgreen

@Kill_Bull | Follow Me On Twitter! on 07:11 PM, 06-Nov-11

how about the s60v2 user???

And our old blogs?? are we gonna deleted???

Anapratz on 07:33 PM, 06-Nov-11

Masih belum ngerti,tpi makasih aja bang arvind tnx ya..

Mr.ibO on 07:43 PM, 06-Nov-11

Keren bos, Mantap..

Azymaula on 07:43 PM, 06-Nov-11

jadi untuk menginstalnya gmn bos..???

purwo sera mania on 08:02 PM, 06-Nov-11


Agust Khalwatie on 08:03 PM, 06-Nov-11


Acher on 08:05 PM, 06-Nov-11

yes... Boss biggrin MWB I LIKE IT

A>R>G>H>O on 08:10 PM, 06-Nov-11

wow Amazing

Ainudin on 08:11 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap, di tunggu tampilan brunya gan. .

haFzuL on 08:13 PM, 06-Nov-11

ora muden biggrin

Gasti Mobile Blog on 08:13 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap brother

Ghani Senjaya on 08:13 PM, 06-Nov-11

biasa paling buawah..

equilibrium3 on 08:15 PM, 06-Nov-11

Absolutely great.
MWB has gone beta

Aji on 08:18 PM, 06-Nov-11

it's good. I love mywapblog and I always Suport to mywapblog

メメ™ on 08:34 PM, 06-Nov-11

nice info

uje uye² on 08:34 PM, 06-Nov-11

semoga bisa yg terakhir.

Eko on 08:37 PM, 06-Nov-11

asem aku telat....wah keren...maju mwb...maju

restoe on 08:38 PM, 06-Nov-11

Piye tho iki.......?
Ura udeng auu.....?
Dijelasin lagi dunk......?

Satria Novan on 08:38 PM, 06-Nov-11

i like it !

Cupi cupanx on 08:38 PM, 06-Nov-11


ogah sadar on 08:39 PM, 06-Nov-11

teu ngarti naun boa

romeorifall [trik facebook & trik symbian] on 08:57 PM, 06-Nov-11

smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile KEEE..POKOKNYA.

Fakhrur on 09:00 PM, 06-Nov-11


Mikwan on 09:01 PM, 06-Nov-11


Barley on 09:05 PM, 06-Nov-11


rachmancyber on 09:33 PM, 06-Nov-11

, nyimak kang

Putra Pak RT on 09:51 PM, 06-Nov-11

sae pisan euy

Hendrik Silitonga on 09:59 PM, 06-Nov-11

mantap boz...jd gak sabar...mmm apkah pngguna mwb lama akan berubah juga tmpilannya,atw cuma pngguna baru?

with_me41 on 10:08 PM, 06-Nov-11

KEREN !!!  

Kevin Crispy on 10:19 PM, 06-Nov-11

wow, cool lol
tak tunggu

Ibenk Phreaker on 10:29 PM, 06-Nov-11

verry nice

cintaku on 10:33 PM, 06-Nov-11


Es_bel on 10:42 PM, 06-Nov-11


Bagus on 10:42 PM, 06-Nov-11


ncuex on 10:44 PM, 06-Nov-11

oke bos,mantap saya di tunggu kemunculanya...

Achmad on 10:46 PM, 06-Nov-11

bene pokok melu oret2 masi keri dewe biggrin

Muhadi Rohman on 11:07 PM, 06-Nov-11

x tengok lg camawne nak commment

Muhadi Rohman on 11:10 PM, 06-Nov-11


pejabadman on 11:11 PM, 06-Nov-11

pasti tambah menarik..

Furkon on 11:27 PM, 06-Nov-11

lam knal mas mas . . .

Asit Ranjan Paul on 11:46 PM, 06-Nov-11

This platform is feature-rich as well as easy for mobile blog creators. Thanks a million!

francel200 on 12:04 AM, 07-Nov-11

nice cool

Gammy Bukan Maestro ® on 12:58 AM, 07-Nov-11

mwb mwb mwb mwb mwb mwb
My wap blog
My wap blog
My wap blog
Semakin Yesss ajalah!smile

SINDREL CAH DUKUH JATI on 01:02 AM, 07-Nov-11

Siiiiiiip banget sob info nya...
Aku tnggu kunjng balik nya sob...

- g e g e r s o u n d s - on 01:02 AM, 07-Nov-11

..w0w.. makin okLe aja nih MWB, mrgreen manstab mrgreen

Avif Kholily on 01:28 AM, 07-Nov-11

Thank's Great To Your Smart ideas mr.Arvind... 8)

Rina on 02:06 AM, 07-Nov-11


'Gábor Sárközii' on 02:17 AM, 07-Nov-11

Whether it is in Hungarian
language! *-* biggrin || aL on 03:23 AM, 07-Nov-11

so cool master, good job..!!

m from Indonesia, n thank for ur care... smile

rama on 04:14 AM, 07-Nov-11

biggrin yang terakhir..ckckck

roeyzee on 04:22 AM, 07-Nov-11


rachmancyber on 04:34 AM, 07-Nov-11

, sate-sate ,.

sony torture on 04:45 AM, 07-Nov-11

yang komen semuanya orang indo biggrin

Iman Hijrah dan Jihad on 05:11 AM, 07-Nov-11

Yoi Bro Teruskan Great..
Jangan Menyerah..
KReatfi lagi Yaaa..
Iman Hijrah dan Jihad Mobile Blog..

Arie t.y. on 05:18 AM, 07-Nov-11

terus untuk user yang sudah lama, bisa ga upgrade ke versi baru???

tolong di jawab arvind!

Ham169 on 05:33 AM, 07-Nov-11

simak ajalh

Berangaz.Mwb on 05:44 AM, 07-Nov-11

kapan diluncurkan?

Ughyx_egerz on 05:45 AM, 07-Nov-11


sangdewy on 05:53 AM, 07-Nov-11

Hmm info yg sangat" bgt.. keren abiz ..gak sabar jadi nya ingin mencoba mwb2 ..
slmt pagi

Ewan Kurniady on 06:06 AM, 07-Nov-11

I like .. Smga lancar

NIE619 on 06:13 AM, 07-Nov-11

i like,, smile

Danielle on 06:17 AM, 07-Nov-11

Looks very nice. I really like the new option to quickly drop the posts into categories. It will make my life easier. smile

Edayz_BMTH on 06:26 AM, 07-Nov-11

RATA" WONG INDO MUA mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8) mrgreen 8)

Dhanalova on 06:31 AM, 07-Nov-11

cari pacar ... hikz hikz puyeng aku rek... yuk pacaran yuk...

Amur Dz on 06:44 AM, 07-Nov-11

conratulation,we waiting for launching MWB2
thanks to mr Arvind

Amur dz I Nuansa Cinta

Jan666 on 07:02 AM, 07-Nov-11

mantap ,ane tunggu

Cbonx on 07:27 AM, 07-Nov-11

mantab \m/mrgreen\m/

Anto Cjdw on 07:49 AM, 07-Nov-11

lha...trus versi yp lama gmn nasibx ??

ArdieZONA on 08:01 AM, 07-Nov-11

mantap cuy... Jdi gak sbr.. biggrin

Uyunks on 08:24 AM, 07-Nov-11

Met pagi sob,dan trimakasih untuk info nya semoga sukses..

Eantay Ed on 08:31 AM, 07-Nov-11


ryan's on 08:46 AM, 07-Nov-11

s60v2 bisa gak?

Ariss on 08:58 AM, 07-Nov-11

mantap brow.. Salam mwb

Kyanizka on 09:17 AM, 07-Nov-11

mantap nie..

Syahrul on 09:17 AM, 07-Nov-11

keren.. biggrin
Maju terus MWB.!!

Ahmad on 09:18 AM, 07-Nov-11

:lol maaf telat . Hidup MWB

Arek Jabon on 09:50 AM, 07-Nov-11

trz maju untuk mwb

Cgbalu on 10:09 AM, 07-Nov-11

looking forward to the new version. How well it will work in my basic phone? LG 300x....this page did not open in my mobile smile

Catur on 10:22 AM, 07-Nov-11


BLOG 512 / Ninja SUROBOYO on 11:01 AM, 07-Nov-11


Q-DalLzs on 11:25 AM, 07-Nov-11

woeeeeew..... 85% user indonesia... mangstaaaaap....


Yusmardani on 11:39 AM, 07-Nov-11

cah sragen
Apie pol

cyber phone on 12:02 PM, 07-Nov-11


demakx ngeblog on 12:29 PM, 07-Nov-11


Riansyah on 01:36 PM, 07-Nov-11

mantab. .

Imul on 02:34 PM, 07-Nov-11

mantap jar mrgreen

Nechi87™s60v2 on 02:34 PM, 07-Nov-11


AgustReyhand on 02:35 PM, 07-Nov-11

Mantap :mr green

ODENX on 03:11 PM, 07-Nov-11

lebh mantap, sipp

Mahaly on 03:11 PM, 07-Nov-11

i like it mr arvind

®yoshikal tfanrA on 03:20 PM, 07-Nov-11

Jiah, .. lol No coment ..

Azil on 03:21 PM, 07-Nov-11

haha... :mrgreen

Bluepiiz™|rock 'n' roll on 03:28 PM, 07-Nov-11


Ricko on 03:35 PM, 07-Nov-11

mantap yo...
Mudah2 an mwb dpt memberikan tampilan web dgn gratis....

ᐇ re5toe ⢄ on 03:53 PM, 07-Nov-11


Raphael Tochukwu Okeke Jetoraphy on 04:02 PM, 07-Nov-11

I love that....

Wish&Fate on 04:11 PM, 07-Nov-11

wow.. Can't wait for tomorrow. Hope it will be better

MS.SANGE® on 05:01 PM, 07-Nov-11


ukie_sibocah on 05:14 PM, 07-Nov-11

Ga apa lah... mrgreen

ksatria sastrajingga on 05:23 PM, 07-Nov-11

Be better hopefully

wadi on 05:48 PM, 07-Nov-11

MantabsZ tenan bradh... biggrin

nyobie on 06:34 PM, 07-Nov-11

bagus mr. Arvind, , chaiya-chaiya

Axaputra on 07:22 PM, 07-Nov-11

xip laah. . ,<br/>Thanks Mr.

GhaCoet™MoBile on 07:38 PM, 07-Nov-11

Hem, a new
version with
features? What I
hope it do not
often mywapblog
error and this
makes me
here. And one
thing I ask how
the user whether
the first version of
the MWB will
automatically be
mwb2 version or
change or register
again in mwb2

salamun on 09:40 PM, 07-Nov-11

wah w telat nih,
mantapb, thankz

Ade Koswara on 09:45 PM, 07-Nov-11

ngiring bingah biggrin

Esvan on 10:03 PM, 07-Nov-11

atur aza boz...biggrin

Hεrrγ-Δlρεήs™ on 10:17 PM, 07-Nov-11

its amazing sir...

dreamcatcher on 10:29 PM, 07-Nov-11


Abe Rozak on 10:42 PM, 07-Nov-11


Lilik Bagus on 11:06 PM, 07-Nov-11

jam berapa ya?

MAHAYA _C★S on 12:25 AM, 08-Nov-11

Waduh gak punya Hp nokiem s60

Maswill on 12:32 AM, 08-Nov-11

dunia blog dunia persahabatan tanpa batas

Galih Prasetya on 01:01 AM, 08-Nov-11

weh nambah bgz nih ,keren 8)

Dika Afandi on 01:28 AM, 08-Nov-11

apa artix ya?

Mamang on 01:39 AM, 08-Nov-11

waw tambah mantap MWB

Dilal rezpecto'r on 02:47 AM, 08-Nov-11

nunggu nich mwb2!!! Semangat

Vivi on 03:00 AM, 08-Nov-11

matap bngt. .
Jdi cepet2 pengen tau jew


Nunggu nih

Tomdic on 03:51 AM, 08-Nov-11

blum yah 8O 80

Mystryuser on 04:01 AM, 08-Nov-11

very good , and I like it

s03pR!@ÐzH!'s on 04:03 AM, 08-Nov-11

kok lom ada perubahan

Angasev on 04:12 AM, 08-Nov-11

sip mwb

Fermet Fc's on 04:12 AM, 08-Nov-11

good job, thanks

Adhy Zuck Gandhy on 04:12 AM, 08-Nov-11

ga sabar saya....

Faisal Crow on 04:13 AM, 08-Nov-11

ikut rame aja coy !

Ajik Al-Jawi on 04:16 AM, 08-Nov-11

Hail Arvind, big thank to you for this all services. May God blessing you. And I think it will be nice if someday MyWapBlog allows us to put a favicon in our blogs.

Best regards, Indonesian MWBer!

PantherSoft on 04:48 AM, 08-Nov-11

sip good

Poncil cyberteam pagarnusa on 05:41 AM, 08-Nov-11

waduuh...lama gk ngblog jd ktnggalan berita.
Kek'a mantebh jg neh mwb2. Kpan yak mwb d lengkapi javascript2 sperti pada domain laen?

jiraya_x on 05:55 AM, 08-Nov-11


Music on 07:09 AM, 08-Nov-11

kayak berbau blogger

K | L | I | K on 08:22 AM, 08-Nov-11


mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen

Symbian s60v3 on 09:18 AM, 08-Nov-11

gud job mr


Ajik Al-Jawi on 09:20 AM, 08-Nov-11

Finally MWB2 release as well. And hope to put a favicon on my blog finally be realized.

Thanks Arvind, has granted my request.

♥ AkiryO ♥ on 09:47 AM, 08-Nov-11

Akhirnya tampilan baru sudah diterapkan, keren tapi masih canggung karena belum terbiasa mungkin redface

Wahidin on 10:48 AM, 08-Nov-11

mantap boz.. Maju terus.

Arvind on 01:15 PM, 08-Nov-11

@Ajik Al-Jawi,
This new version allows you to add your own favicon.

Fikri on 01:18 PM, 08-Nov-11

@Mr Arvind

how nice smile

Update Blog's on 03:57 PM, 08-Nov-11

Waiting MWB3 version .. With more features .. Like freely change
the favicon .. And gravatar for comment .. Hwaiting.. ^^

Shaf Fiya on 04:10 PM, 08-Nov-11


Teguh_cahjowo on 02:49 AM, 09-Nov-11

long times i am not log in to mwb because my busy. In last nigh i open dasboard i shocked with new display dasboard. It very briliant , gud job sir. I wait next surprise from mwb.

"-Richy d'FG Sengkey-" on 06:47 AM, 09-Nov-11

There's some error document @dashboard...

I can't browse my dashboard...

It just say that the document are being moved...

I hope it would be fix soon...

Btw, thx 4 the new project... biggrin

andro777 on 07:53 AM, 09-Nov-11

@"-Richy d'FG Sengkey-"
if you go to dashboard with "" address it would be an error ..
You can access
the dasboard page with "" -__-

ODENX on 09:16 AM, 09-Nov-11


♥ AkiryO ♥ on 09:34 AM, 09-Nov-11

Thanx Mr. Arvind,
now MWB2 work so well on my java mobile phone..
MWB2 is the best

Arvind on 09:57 AM, 09-Nov-11

@"-Richy d'FG Sengkey-",
I've fixed thatsmile

rohmad s60v2 on 11:40 AM, 09-Nov-11

mr.arvind terimakasih atas infonya, mr. Arvind kalau batas maksimal upload di tambah menjadi 100 mb apa bisa, kalau bisa tolong tingkatkan ya dari 5 mb menjadi 100 mb, mrgreen

Kadek Rudy on 02:35 PM, 09-Nov-11

saya bikin blog baru kok gag bisa blank theme yaaaaaaaaaa on 11:35 PM, 09-Nov-11


nifa on 12:06 AM, 11-Nov-11

Aslamualaikum met pagi mas makasih infonya ijin nyimak & kunjungin balik ya

Silvy on 05:09 PM, 11-Nov-11

good night mr arvind, I Like about a new blog mrgreen good job

NOKIA_6630 on 05:39 PM, 11-Nov-11


Anapratz on 12:15 AM, 12-Nov-11

Ijin nyimak sob mantabzz nice post

Mbah Donkz™ on 01:32 PM, 12-Nov-11

manztabz boz voko.e on 09:53 AM, 13-Nov-11

hadir lagi pak bos

Rudi on 05:34 AM, 15-Nov-11

Mayoritas pengguna INDONESIA..

Meo on 02:38 PM, 26-Nov-11

paling bontot biggrin

Mas bsa g nama domain pnya ane d ganti... Atw karakter'y dihilangkan...?
Coz kepanjangn jd ribet...

Anansyah on 05:26 PM, 29-Nov-11

thank's mr arvind smile

Chomei Kanagaki on 10:44 AM, 01-Dec-11

walau telat
coming again

TakTiK on 10:19 AM, 02-Dec-11

i love u mywapblog.. tingkatkan kejayaanmu... lebih cool lagi kalo ada add page di mywapblog pasty seru biggrin

Jimus on 09:04 PM, 03-Dec-11

belum ada info baru Boss?

Bugalbugil on 02:21 PM, 04-Dec-11

very cool.... I like it...!
Thx Arvind, U rock... smile

Arvind on 03:45 PM, 04-Dec-11


PaWeLaH™ on 03:04 PM, 05-Dec-11

is the best..wae lah

Jongos on 02:06 AM, 07-Dec-11

absen dulu bos,hbs mujahadah nech

Maesa GT on 10:58 PM, 08-Dec-11

Great innovation boss...

Waiting for newest...


Penulisgoblok on 11:43 AM, 09-Dec-11

mantap sangat.
Muga mwb bisa lintas mancanegara.

Good, hope mwb go international. So we can speak with other mwber in chatroom. I see, in chatroom indonesian mayority. What else???

Zulkarnen on 01:13 PM, 10-Dec-11

461. . .sing coment kog wong jowo kabeh. . .hayo,londone ra mudeng opo2. . .

NICKANN on 01:57 PM, 12-Dec-11

good...... biggrin

Chomei Kanagaki on 10:30 AM, 15-Dec-11

thank you for your visit to my blog

Semangat Baru on 12:35 AM, 16-Dec-11

I can only say many thanks to you
Keep Spirit

Arieyz on 05:33 PM, 16-Dec-11

kunjungan malam + ijin nimak sobmrgreeninfonya sangat bermanfaat..
ditungguh kunjungan baliknya

zawix on 04:44 AM, 19-Dec-11

mantab telattttmrgreen

Andivandekurndarklight on 04:46 AM, 19-Dec-11


TakTiK on 04:59 AM, 19-Dec-11

what? all css mwb off and all blog default..
knapa smua css mwb pada mata dan semua blog jadi berubah default

Andivandekurndarklight on 02:50 PM, 20-Dec-11

skrg smua kmentar dah bisa langsung muncul mister,
thank u

Full Trik on 02:56 PM, 20-Dec-11

Mr Css untuk pc nya biarkan user membuat sendiri..

⠷Vadiel24 on 09:24 PM, 20-Dec-11

Wah, wah, wah....
rame amat yah disini...
that was great .... mrgreen

BLACK LIONESS on 11:31 AM, 21-Dec-11

absen bos

Senopati Iriel on 07:05 PM, 22-Dec-11


Budi Santosa on 07:01 AM, 23-Dec-11


Arwah floder on 10:14 PM, 24-Dec-11


Gebleg on 06:47 PM, 25-Dec-11


zawix on 12:04 AM, 27-Dec-11

kunjungan malam

sekarat⣇terjagal on 08:44 AM, 27-Dec-11

mantep mantep mantep mantep mrgreen

Dwiceca on 06:20 PM, 27-Dec-11


Semangat Baru on 10:48 PM, 27-Dec-11

Good Job

Keep Spirit Y ^_^

Lilin Putih Blog on 08:51 AM, 28-Dec-11

Thank, it's very heppy.

ιπδяαχh.мψωαρβløĝ.cøм on 04:31 AM, 29-Dec-11

Mr. Arvind, please upgrade the MWB Server. Because i just can visit mwb in the morning., in other time i can't visit mwb.. Thanks

Semangat Baru on 01:44 PM, 29-Dec-11

Thanks Yach

Keep Spirit Semuanya ^_^

MP3 DANGDUT KOPLO on 05:30 PM, 31-Dec-11

Sip ... Mantap ...

Bhece_jore on 06:08 AM, 01-Jan-12

mantaf master..
happy new year sobat2 mwb..

Kz200rider on 08:32 AM, 01-Jan-12

@Arvind : mywapblog time to time coolest making blog.....nice mobiile blog.... biggrin

Dindin Suryadi on 10:04 AM, 01-Jan-12

tanks infonya......

Miftahudin on 10:09 AM, 02-Jan-12

hadEeh h0reng riet nyah blajar ng'damel blog oge

Kurnia Hd on 06:22 AM, 06-Jan-12

Salam sejahtera!, terimakasih atas peluncuran MWB2, moga aksesnya semakin cepat dan tetap suport hp jadulku.

CHIRENK™ on 02:08 PM, 09-Jan-12

Mantap master,. Terima kasih bt infonya..

gufron on 06:05 AM, 10-Jan-12

gue kok malah jd bingung ya??

Belajar Bisnis on 05:24 PM, 15-Jan-12

MWB is the best biggrin

Ayo Ngeblog on 09:16 AM, 17-Jan-12

thanx mr. Arvind, sangat muantap. Fiturnya tambahin lagi ya untuk menampilkan 10 komentar terakir aja dipostingan. Soalnya halamanya terlalu panjang

Jokojatmiko on 01:51 AM, 23-Jan-12

help me why my comment does not approve on the blog if not approve? How to display the comments on my blog without being approved ? And comment moderation settings on my blog I've turned into off ! Please in help !

zawix on 05:41 AM, 02-Feb-12

*ayo ngeblog biar gak goblok*

Dhanalova on 06:05 AM, 16-Feb-12

doooor biggrin ayo ayo aku dodol perjokoku ,, sing gelem telpon,, nggo cewe2 ki..

Ehzan on 10:26 AM, 16-Feb-12

Mantap mas arvind info nya,

sasy on 11:01 PM, 27-Feb-12

mantab banget maz broooww

MohaSurya.finishing on 06:30 PM, 29-Feb-12

Maaf absen terlambat Mr...., trima kasih atas semuanya. Sukses selalu.
Di dukung oleh:

Javanic HSC on 08:39 AM, 04-Mar-12

bingung mesti komen apa ya???
like this bae lah.. biggrin

Miauw's × bassiest on 10:29 AM, 13-Mar-12

good job mr. arvind, but mwb2 have been release?, because i'm still can't find New EasyEditor for mobile devices in my java mobile phone's cry

dhoephink on 02:55 PM, 23-Mar-12

Haturnuhun info na. Salam kenal Mr.

Anto Alpachino on 09:00 PM, 12-Apr-12

thanks 4 info,lam kenal mr,ditunggu kunbalny biggrin

rempong on 04:21 PM, 26-Apr-12

kok pnggunany dri indo smua y..ap yg pnya org indo jg atw emg khsus bwt org indonesia

Alvin Sucita on 10:20 PM, 13-Jun-12

bagus sih....
Numpang copas blog yaa..

Alvin Sucita on 10:20 PM, 13-Jun-12

bagus sih....
Numpang copas blog yaa..

ivansubara on 08:27 PM, 02-Jul-12


Usulivan Jr on 11:17 AM, 07-Jul-12

mantap gan...ditunggu kunbalx ya... newbie, oya jgan lupa follback

Usulivan Jr on 11:17 AM, 07-Jul-12

mantap gan...ditunggu kunbalx ya... newbie, oya jgan lupa follback

Dika on 04:53 PM, 07-Jul-12

ok brow,
please visit my blog

Cyber draGon Indo CGI on 07:11 PM, 08-Aug-12

very nice mr.arvind... i hope mywapblog always be the no.1...

Trianto on 08:32 AM, 30-Aug-12

Nice post...
Please visit my blog...!

itaa on 03:51 PM, 01-Sep-12

Hello Mr. Arvindbiggrinmrgreen

kintux on 03:16 PM, 12-Nov-12

kunjungan sore sob

Meri Imut on 08:12 AM, 01-Dec-12

wow go to
Good Mr.Arvind I Like ..

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