Server Upgraded

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:20 PM, 09-Oct-10

So, the guys here pretty much know what was going on. We'd a good long downtime on 6th. I'd contacted our host and registered for the upgrade a couple of days back, today it's complete. So, now we have double the RAM we had and everything seems to be running smooth. I’ll do some tweaking here and there to have the server running at optimum efficiency.

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11 responses to "Server Upgraded"

Brett Walker on 04:57 PM, 09-Oct-10

Cheer's Arvind...! smile

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 05:00 PM, 09-Oct-10

Thanx. Le'me check how fast it responds on my 3G. Will it match its speed. I will report back later. Thanx once again for your efforts and hardship.

MEL-DILLA on 12:36 AM, 10-Oct-10

Good business

Arvind on 02:51 PM, 10-Oct-10


@TechGuy-Wasif Abbas,
It seems fast enough, even over Wi-Fismile

Chivas143 on 09:19 PM, 11-Oct-10

Nice! Thank you always for the updates!

Fitzterun on 11:24 AM, 15-Oct-10

Gr8t work from u Mr mywapblog. Take some rest now

SUMBODI on 05:58 AM, 16-Oct-10

Like I said,that brett is always one step ahead of me!Good going Arvind!

Arvind on 08:26 AM, 16-Oct-10

@Chivas143, Fitzterun, SUMBODI,
Thanks smile

vantu19000 on 12:19 PM, 18-Oct-10

hello admin !can I fix theme when view by PC

Arvind on 01:17 PM, 19-Oct-10

Do you mean - you want to change the desktop theme?

Well, that can't be done yet.

Firmadi Libra on 03:57 PM, 25-Oct-10


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