Server Upgraded Again

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 02:53 PM, 26-Oct-10

Same problem. Same solution.

Doubled the memory today. This MUST solve the overloading issue we were experiencing recently.

Thanks for being with us...

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8 responses to "Server Upgraded Again"

Brett Walker on 03:18 PM, 26-Oct-10

and thanks for letting us all use are blogs for free as well Arvind! smile

HP on 05:10 PM, 26-Oct-10


Widhi on 05:05 AM, 27-Oct-10

Thank u so mch bos biggrin

Arvind on 07:44 AM, 27-Oct-10

@ Brett Walker, HP, Widhi,

Widhi on 07:13 PM, 02-Nov-10

Bos . . . .When we can share post to facebook. . sad

Gaurav Tiwari on 10:51 AM, 04-Nov-10

Its amazing to blog via mobile. Started smile

Arvind on 01:04 PM, 04-Nov-10

Soon, perhaps!

@Gaurav Tiwari,

ILMU GOOGLE INDONESIA on 02:23 PM, 11-Nov-10

thanks aidon bos.. lol

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