Server Move Complete!

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:37 PM, 04-Oct-10

The change should be pretty transparent, still, it's possible that some things have inevitably gotten broke in the process. So, please report any problems you encounter.

We'll try to fix those in the days ahead.

The new DNS continues to propagate as of this hour, so you might still not get routed to the functional server for sometime.

[It took about 1-and-a-half-hour to get everything done. No downtime whatsoever, as far as I knowsmile]

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8 responses to "Server Move Complete!"

Brett Walker on 04:11 PM, 04-Oct-10

Cheer's Arvind! smile

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 07:43 PM, 04-Oct-10

Thanks. Hope everything goes smoothly and your effort pays. I havnt explored yet and my first comment in your blog.

Danial on 01:30 PM, 05-Oct-10

hi, Arvind
operamini 4.2 cannot acces blog in here, and show meseg :

Not Found
The blog you were looking
for ,
cannot be found but you
Register it now.
Terms of Service

pliz chek it

Hendry on 01:57 PM, 05-Oct-10

great! mwb are the best

Arvind on 08:45 AM, 06-Oct-10

I've fixed the bug.

@Brett, Wasif, Hendry,

Awang Haldis on 04:56 PM, 06-Oct-10

Why mywapblog didnt use javascript n html ? (sorry about my english)

Kim Clark on 07:33 AM, 12-Oct-10

think iv done it lol ta

Arvind on 03:02 PM, 13-Oct-10

@Awang Haldis,
Maybe in future we'll support...

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