Server Errors

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 10:04 AM, 31-Jan-11

[UPDATE: We've resolved the issue.]

We've been having some issues with the server spitting "500 Internal Server Errors" all over.

I apologize for the inconvenience while I work with the hosting company to solve the issue.

Very sorry. sad

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12 responses to "Server Errors"

Awang Haldis on 11:42 AM, 31-Jan-11


Brett Walker on 03:28 PM, 31-Jan-11

Thanks Arvind', i didn't have any maybe i was lucky, things re; these blogs seem to be good (to me anyway)... 8)
Thanks for the great work and support... smile


Arvind on 03:31 PM, 31-Jan-11

Actually, it happened for a while a few hours ago. I did the best I could to fix it smile

Now, everything is back to normalsmile

Ronaldza on 09:22 PM, 31-Jan-11

No problem fixed mywapblog best advice if you can park on fox like xtgem domain. Thanks

Maesa GT on 11:25 PM, 31-Jan-11

Ok,thanks for information

firdi52 on 02:12 AM, 02-Feb-11

i didn't have any problems too..good job

Opick ngBlog on 06:10 AM, 02-Feb-11

no problem mr.
Thanks for free .

Opick ngBlog on 06:10 AM, 02-Feb-11

no problem mr.
Thanks for free .

Rahasia Membuat Blog on 01:22 PM, 02-Feb-11

Thanks for the greate job, boss

Ridha Anshari on 12:07 PM, 08-Feb-11

Thanks to add facebook share on every post mwb.

Fransiskus on 10:26 PM, 22-Feb-11

To: All MYWAPBLOG Officers... i would like to say "THANK YOU" for all the Services that given to Us [/color]

Billink on 01:50 PM, 01-Apr-11

Server erorsad:'(

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