Server Down

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:02 AM, 07-Oct-10

We’d a downtime for I don’t know long due to server overloading (I guess I was wrong in estimating how much resources we could eat up).

I’m working on fixing it.

Sorry guyssad

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5 responses to "Server Down"

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 10:50 AM, 07-Oct-10

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Brett Walker on 01:06 PM, 07-Oct-10

you're still the topman were these things are concerned Arvind...! smile

Vantu19000 on 05:15 PM, 07-Oct-10


SUMBODI on 08:04 AM, 08-Oct-10

Hey,there's Brett up there!Knew I'd find his mark here lol.Anyways it's all good Arvind,I'm sure you're right on top, you always are.

Arvind on 03:57 PM, 08-Oct-10

@Brett, SUMBODI,

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