Quick Update: Frequent Errors

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 08:01 PM, 21-Oct-11

[UPDATE: We've fixed the issue!smile]

[UPDATE: We've found the main cause of the issue, we'll be fixing it tonight when the traffic is the lowest. I appreciate your patience. Thank you!]

[UPDATE: The issue seems not fixed yet. We're working hard to fix it. In the mean time I've stopped ads from displaying on blogs as an apology...sad]

As some of you might be aware of we upgraded our servers today, which somehow resulted in the database corruption that was causing the site to stop functioning every now and then.

I'd been working with our hosts to diagnose the problem (the hosting guys told me an hour ago that one of the tables had corrupted - very good work by them smile) I'm positive that the errors should stop now that we have fixed the issue.

Thank you very much for your understanding and I deeply apologize for the inconvenience all our users had to face.cry

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110 responses to "Quick Update: Frequent Errors"

Chiem Flooders on 08:17 PM, 21-Oct-11

Thanks for sharing the information... I love mwb biggrin

Chomei Kanagaki on 08:18 PM, 21-Oct-11

Thankyou Mr.Arvind

portable jpunk | kapanz.pun.bz on 08:18 PM, 21-Oct-11

thnks for the information ...


semangat bos, mr arvind/MWB pasti bisasmile

Abdul's | on 08:22 PM, 21-Oct-11

Hopefully it will finish, thanks

Eko Prasetyan on 08:23 PM, 21-Oct-11

Tankyu ferimach mr. Arvind I like

BLACK ANGEL on 08:25 PM, 21-Oct-11

.we hope mwb n0t er0r again. .thank mr.arvind. .

vi¢ky on 08:25 PM, 21-Oct-11

Thanks Mr. Arvind biggrin

Waonevinds "THE FLYING DUTCHMAN" on 08:30 PM, 21-Oct-11

ok thanks mr.arvinds

♥ AkiryO ♥ on 08:32 PM, 21-Oct-11

tingkatkan kwalitas mwb Gan..
Thx mr. ARVIND biggrin

τєªм↑вoкєг on 08:33 PM, 21-Oct-11

pantesan dr tadi eror mulu....thanxs bigbos wink

amrull_Amri | sang newbie on 08:34 PM, 21-Oct-11

good evening mr Arvind
thank you for the update. I
want to ask why the error
only if the user is taking sim
card hp axis and Telkomsel
and why others do not?


@Kill_Bull | Follow Me On Twitter! on 08:36 PM, 21-Oct-11

So now the error is already over???

Ardian TibiaMe'rz on 08:37 PM, 21-Oct-11

tq bozz biggrin cai yoo mwb mrgreen

Official on 08:43 PM, 21-Oct-11

Is Good..

kombuto on 08:57 PM, 21-Oct-11

Thank Mr. Arvind... Kami sangat berharap semua permasalahan dapat di atasi dengan baik, dan kedepannya mwb dapat menjadi yang terbaik ... Saya sangat menghargai atas waktu dan jerih payah anda dalam mengatasi segala permasalahan di mwb ... Salam sukses untuk anda Mr. Arvind

moels@mwb on 08:59 PM, 21-Oct-11

saya pikir msh wajar brother arvind

AKgunz The Destroyer on 09:07 PM, 21-Oct-11

thank you mr.arvind.
Kini kita bisa bloging lagi tanpa lelet tanpa error. biggrin

violencious™ on 09:07 PM, 21-Oct-11

thanx for info boss smile

Arest Putra on 09:11 PM, 21-Oct-11

hmmmm... just want say thankz........ i want be like u .... but i think it's posible........ thankz bozz........mrgreen

Rully Aditya on 09:11 PM, 21-Oct-11

success is always the boss Arvind

☆☆Arnold Starscream☆★★ on 09:12 PM, 21-Oct-11

arvind yeah

☆☆Arnold Starscream☆★★ on 09:14 PM, 21-Oct-11

success is always the boss

Romanticito on 09:21 PM, 21-Oct-11

nglomboni msti!

Achmad on 09:24 PM, 21-Oct-11

layakne ora kenek2 babar pisan mulai mau , smile

Kang Asep MWBer on 09:28 PM, 21-Oct-11

thanks mr arvind...


cumi Feat. ichyenkx on 09:32 PM, 21-Oct-11

numpang nongkrong ama mr arvind...


Nuer on 09:35 PM, 21-Oct-11

succes to you mr big bos, i like MWB

Arsandi on 09:45 PM, 21-Oct-11

Nice wink

sedenx on 09:46 PM, 21-Oct-11

mudah-mudahan tidak error lagi

Arsandi on 09:46 PM, 21-Oct-11

Nice wink

Abbay on 11:28 PM, 21-Oct-11

Good luck Mr.Arvind n bravo MWBsmile

MADIUN BLOG™ | BELAJAR & BERBAGI on 11:31 PM, 21-Oct-11

sukurlah sudah normal lagi...

ImpotenSIA Kuningan [server not found] on 11:35 PM, 21-Oct-11


Ijolumut'z on 11:36 PM, 21-Oct-11

Ok, mantep biggrin

Wahidin on 11:45 PM, 21-Oct-11

nggak masalah kak arvind, yang penting siang hari server harus hidup.

cintaku on 12:31 AM, 22-Oct-11

my blog 'cintaku.mwb.com' get ± 50 spam 21 oct from visitors who? i dont know

Habib Anashir on 12:48 AM, 22-Oct-11

Punten ah abi mah teutiasa bahasa asing...


I want MWB speed go in the sick ya...

Heheh pnten ah ngelantur...

Patroli malam ni kang..
Kapan-kapan mampir yaa...
smile.. biggrin.. mrgreen

Anansyah | Service TV | Apps S60V1-V2 on 12:50 AM, 22-Oct-11

we hope MWB not error
again thanks MR arvindsmile

http://al-islam.faa.im || aL on 02:59 AM, 22-Oct-11

numpang lewat kang arvind...

sukses selalu ya kang... biggrin


Chalink Junior on 03:44 AM, 22-Oct-11

thanks infonya bos..


MYLIFE MUSIC℠【tips & tutorial ngeblog】 on 04:59 AM, 22-Oct-11

Thank you mr Arvind, hopefully all of its problems quickly done, we longed for MWB back to normal as before, us on behalf of all citizens of MWB, thank you for his hard work,

MYLIFE MUSIC℠【tips & tutorial ngeblog】 on 05:02 AM, 22-Oct-11

Wahh.., ternyata usul saya kemaren untuk memasang translate bahasa indonesia telah di pasang, sekarang semua sobat, bisa mentranslate nya, agar dapat di mengerti...., thanks you mr arvind....

Ve Zein on 07:40 AM, 22-Oct-11

Thank You

Flambon on 08:54 AM, 22-Oct-11

sad eror

⣇metaLiar⣇ on 08:57 AM, 22-Oct-11

nice info gan

Exodius on 11:50 AM, 22-Oct-11

thx 4 the info

Afrin on 01:36 PM, 22-Oct-11

makanya kemarin eror melulu bos.untuk ke depan moga MWB jauh lebih baik

>>> Hendyck <<< on 03:05 PM, 22-Oct-11

Ok... Lets go blogging again!!!

WANTO | ARIONJEREZ on 03:33 PM, 22-Oct-11

Absen wae lah boz. . . Rak mudeng inggris, terimakasih.. smilesmilesmile

Awang Haldis on 04:06 PM, 22-Oct-11

कल मैंने पीसी कभी कभी त्रुटि के माध्यम से खुला mywapblog.com लायक हो. लेकिन शुक्र है अब फिक्स किया गया
खेद मेरी अभद्र भाषा भारत अगर, मैं का उपयोग Google अनुवाद

Wish&Fate on 04:35 PM, 22-Oct-11

oh.. i remember 2 days ago, it was error.. Yeah, good luck Mr. Arvind, hope you can make this MWB better

Arie t.y. on 05:17 PM, 22-Oct-11

hi arvind, i have question for you!!
where can I find out the user data MWB, like most high pagerank, most followers, etc.?

Fahri Ali on 05:18 PM, 22-Oct-11

Good luck Mr. Advind razz


Symbian s60v3 on 05:25 PM, 22-Oct-11

thankz admin


( . )( . ) Raja Bokep 2011 \|/ on 01:29 AM, 23-Oct-11

Where is Mobgold Ads ? I've been rejected from adiquity but their ads always on myblog ....sad

kombuto | ku pinang engkau dengan naudzubillah on 09:48 AM, 23-Oct-11

selamat siang mr. Arvind.. Ketika saya melakukan pencarian mwb melalui m.google.com dan hasilnya site sedang error.. Saya kurang ingat tulisan lengkapnya tapi saya ingat ada tulisan 'post table 145 atau 154' maaf saya tidak dapat mengingatnya secara lengkap karena saya kurang memahaminya.. Saya melakukan pencarian karena saya tidak dapat membuka mwb dan blog saya...

Rahmatzz on 10:03 AM, 23-Oct-11

thank you brother,the best for you.

sinyobain ® on 10:04 AM, 23-Oct-11

helow bos,ora upu2 cah bagus,we are understaind for your hard work,as long as You Fine,its okey bro8)

Vega Bimawan on 10:04 AM, 23-Oct-11

i am waiting for you mwb

mamora on 10:04 AM, 23-Oct-11

ok mr! No problem!!! Wish the mwb be better biggrin

-o( "Kuningan Hip Hop Never Stop" )o- on 10:15 AM, 23-Oct-11

ok boss...
I'am waiting...
MWBers Forever

Sallam on 10:18 AM, 23-Oct-11

Semoga lekas teratasi errornya MWB.

Terang Bermakna on 10:49 AM, 23-Oct-11

Thanks for information smile

Kencana Wungu on 11:03 AM, 23-Oct-11

terimakasih mr.arvind atas informasinya.
Semoga tidak ada gangguan lagi.
Dan Mwb tetap lancar dan semakin sukses.
MWBer 4ever.

Request CSS on 11:11 AM, 23-Oct-11


didon45.heck.in on 11:13 AM, 23-Oct-11

tank mr arvind, semoga mwb tidak eror lagirazz
selamat siang allevil

amrull_Amri | sang newbie on 11:23 AM, 23-Oct-11

Mr Arvind keep the spirit we
will patiently wait for repairs

MONYET.pun.bz on 11:33 AM, 23-Oct-11


Aank Wijaya on 11:35 AM, 23-Oct-11

keep the spirit of Mr. Arvind, don't give up. ..Hopefully quickly resolved

Zinchester™ on 11:46 AM, 23-Oct-11

MWB...... Go... Go... Go..... !!!

Fazyzwan on 12:06 PM, 23-Oct-11

Tolong kalau di perbaharui jangan yg rumit kaya' blog sebelah mau post harus klik semua code

Yanz on 12:09 PM, 23-Oct-11

we're always support you...mrgreen

ZUBYTE | kabar IT di hape-mu on 12:17 PM, 23-Oct-11

i hope it will fix soon

BALONG GABUS on 01:00 PM, 23-Oct-11

ngikut aja kang

PlaywithDikdik.pun.bz on 01:13 PM, 23-Oct-11

Wah Indonesia mantap banget, sampai disediakan translate nya he...he...mrgreen

Be the best Sir...
Don't give up!

bang-alul. on 01:18 PM, 23-Oct-11

don't worry mr. Arvin... Kita smua bersabar da ttp mendukung anda...

Wiroxz on 01:33 PM, 23-Oct-11

wah ane gag ngrti bhsane. . tpi thanks, smga bisa cpet teratasi! good luck. .

Iman Ae "Nu_gelo" on 01:39 PM, 23-Oct-11

wkwkwkwk,coba tak translite.arrow

Beritaunik on 02:35 PM, 23-Oct-11

Mt sore all biggrin

JhaY on 03:39 PM, 23-Oct-11

Thank u....

SYSTEM on 04:15 PM, 23-Oct-11

Thankyou Mr.Arvind

UfuJifi©™ on 04:55 PM, 23-Oct-11

It's ok Master mrgreen

Gotix on 05:35 PM, 23-Oct-11

i like your answer,n i hope its gonna be ok..
Love MWB..

Dadang Kustiawan on 05:51 PM, 23-Oct-11

a reasonable if not ever.

Dadang Kustiawan on 05:52 PM, 23-Oct-11

a reasonable if not ever.

Jimus on 06:46 PM, 23-Oct-11


FeedMaster on 08:17 PM, 23-Oct-11


TOP 1 Oli Sintetik Mobil-Motor Indonesia on 08:17 PM, 23-Oct-11

Thank you mr. arvind, I am happy use mywapblog. Because it is very amazing in seo contest

Ean on 09:06 PM, 23-Oct-11

Happy blogging smile

ghozel dara loverz on 09:20 PM, 23-Oct-11

mau nulis apa ea??biggrin

Achir on 10:33 PM, 23-Oct-11

nyimak mbil ngopi kang..

Mas Karyo on 11:38 PM, 23-Oct-11

beri jatah iklannya donk bos.
ngeblog kan juga butuh biaya.
gak kasian apa ama kita-kita yang udah kerja keras cari visitor.
gak usah banyak-banyak 50-50 aja udah cukup.
ane janji akan lebih serius lagi kalau dikasih jatah iklan.

↘zєтнα๏°°° on 09:34 AM, 24-Oct-11

Ruar biarsa. Sangat mencerahkan...
Thanks kawan.

Ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yoo...

Arvind on 08:29 AM, 25-Oct-11

Thank you allsmile

waphacker.mujab.net on 04:54 PM, 25-Oct-11

@arvind. Please follow me http://waphacker.mujab.net

yu komeng ai borgol mrgreen

waphacker.mujab.net on 04:56 PM, 25-Oct-11

salam buat Prety Zinta ya mas arvind? Aku suka ma film ko mil gaia

[pak_Kim/Bangilan on 06:23 PM, 25-Oct-11

folowbeck misterbiggrin

prince_yankee on 10:06 PM, 26-Oct-11

I Hope Mywapblog Will Be Better As Soon As Posible smile

I Apologize Cause I Cant Help Mywapblog sad
I Really Wanna Help Mywapblog So Look Better But There's Nothing I Can About It And I Dont Know What Can I Do For That..

prince_yankee on 10:07 PM, 26-Oct-11

I Hope Mywapblog Will Be Better As Soon As Posible smile

I Apologize Cause I Cant Help Mywapblog sad
I Really Wanna Help Mywapblog So Look Better But There's Nothing I Can About It And I Dont Know What Can I Do For That..

Teguh_cahjowo on 03:41 AM, 27-Oct-11

dont worry kang arvind, keep spirit.

shinö ändrä on 04:41 AM, 27-Oct-11

teu ngararti uy bahasana pk bahasa planet

Shino on 05:05 PM, 27-Oct-11

Pamali lurddd...
Nke di blok akun urang kehh

Zinchester™ on 05:27 PM, 29-Oct-11

Ikutan Nimbrung nich!!! razz

a5ep on 02:01 PM, 30-Oct-11

Jalan² sore² boss mrgreen
maaf telat absen

Cara googling, katakunci/keyword dalam Google search.

ardi on 05:08 PM, 01-Nov-11

ko loba na orang indo doang,,, ti luar negri mana nya????

Mamang on 09:47 AM, 03-Nov-11

absen aja kang arvind moga kedepan MWB semakin terdepan.

Uyunks on 12:03 PM, 04-Nov-11

WAduh ane ga ngerti ne bahasa..wkwk


Mpunya_Go-blog on 05:27 PM, 04-Nov-11

Mr.no problem..upgrade the mwb..mwb is the best

Chudels on 01:21 PM, 21-Nov-11

wah,mr.bigboz ikut ngrumpinya mrgreen heeh bner loba urang indo nyah ?
Succesfully for mwb health for mr.bigbozz kdituna teu nyaho dai,hehehe

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