Problem with Dot.Tk Domains

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 12:32 PM, 28-Jul-11

[UPDATE: Dot.Tk domain parking is available again]

Dot.Tk domains are having some intermittent problems lately. I think the problem is with their Domain Name Sever (DNS). Please note that the problem is NOT with us or our domain parking system.

I don't think much can be done about it except removing the parked domain. If you've parked a domain and want to remove it please send me a clear message using the Feedback form.

One more thing, as I have told before, now we have automated the domain parking system. So, one can use the "Custom Domain" page to enter and park a domain without the need of sending me any parking requests. So please DO NOT send me any such requests. I won't be able to reply.

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53 responses to "Problem with Dot.Tk Domains"

Ykubnay on 12:51 PM, 28-Jul-11

napa g blng dr kmrn bos.. Pdhl sy kn g puny mrgreen thanks for info big brother

Master™ on 12:58 PM, 28-Jul-11

Thanks Mr.Arvind

Teguh_cahjowo on 01:03 PM, 28-Jul-11

wah thank master, fortunately I have not domain which parked to dot.tkmrgreen, thanks bos.

Fahri Ali on 01:14 PM, 28-Jul-11

thanks for your information, fortunetely, I don't use tk domain....

andi_11 on 01:18 PM, 28-Jul-11

thanks Mr. Arvind for this info mrgreen

Tanpa rasa on 01:27 PM, 28-Jul-11

melu2 ae. .bos arvind its the best. !!

™Orang Gila on 01:30 PM, 28-Jul-11

wah i nyimak saja big boz nggak paham hehehe viece

Alonedevils on 01:38 PM, 28-Jul-11

nice info mr arvind..i appreciate that..

Rao on 01:48 PM, 28-Jul-11

thanks for the
pemberitahuaanya, first I think
to use with this notice
but I do not think I need to use

Arif68 on 01:55 PM, 28-Jul-11

ok thank bos..

mamora on 02:04 PM, 28-Jul-11

tidak punya domain dot tk mister.
Oya ijin download mister n ditunggu kunjungan baliknya,, skalian follow2an atw tukaran link. Wkwkwkwkwk

MWB still number 1

Ibn Ahmed on 02:43 PM, 28-Jul-11

Kenapa tidak bilang dari kemarin big brother, padahal saya kan tidak punya domain di, hahaha.. mrgreen

sedenx on 03:13 PM, 28-Jul-11

mr.Arvind forgive me if I often interrupt you frequently send feedback about the problem domain, if indeed problematic just return my blog as before.thanks

Agung Setiyawan on 03:42 PM, 28-Jul-11

Haduh, saya termasuk yang kena musibah ini, saya parkir di, sekarang blog saya jadi sering error. Sial. mrgreen

(►_◄) Riyuz'Axila95 (►_◄) on 03:59 PM, 28-Jul-11

''Abdi henteu ngartos mr.arvind...
Jadi nyimak wae lah...''
( Jangan di terjemahin di google traslate boss..
tidak akan ketemu artinya...hehehe mrgreen )

⣇metaLiar⣇ on 04:58 PM, 28-Jul-11

nyimak aja lah hehehe - biggrin

Erick on 05:53 PM, 28-Jul-11

not understand..sad

♥ AkiryO ♥ on 06:38 PM, 28-Jul-11

makasih pencerahannya master...

EYANKGHAIB® on 06:45 PM, 28-Jul-11

ijin disedot ngger...biggrin

Hadiy Ray on 07:09 PM, 28-Jul-11

thanks 4 info...

█ LUTFIAN on 07:24 PM, 28-Jul-11

my blog is still normal.. biggrin

Anansyah on 07:40 PM, 28-Jul-11

thanks boss infonya smile

cah_cosrex|The Interisti on 07:41 PM, 28-Jul-11

Ok sobsmile

Admin on 08:30 PM, 28-Jul-11

Dear Arvhind : ! Please Kill "Spammer" in MyWapBlog! it's so dangerous for user blog MyWapBlog! Please..

YOKSER.NET > Trik CSS Mywapblog on 09:57 PM, 28-Jul-11

thanks for the info. ^_^

a5ep on 10:11 PM, 28-Jul-11

�info� yang bagus,
terus berinovasi untuk
�mywapblog� :o

Bulluux on 10:49 AM, 29-Jul-11



T-Kaze™ | Naruto Lovers60v2 on 06:10 PM, 29-Jul-11

absen dulu kang,

Kuningan-404-XML Parsing Eror on 01:44 AM, 30-Jul-11

lieur aby mah kang. . .da sok naringkah,pake dipindahkeun kana TK sagala. .

si sunyi on 08:07 PM, 30-Jul-11

terima kasih telah memecahkan masalah saya....
Thanks mr.arvind telah posting yang saya kirim lewat feed back..

Billink on 10:21 PM, 30-Jul-11

thanks mr arvind.....mrgreen on 07:04 PM, 02-Aug-11

nyimak ajbiggrin on 07:05 PM, 02-Aug-11

yg pnya domain trnyta thema,a sdrhna..biggrin

De Ky on 08:30 AM, 03-Aug-11

wah, untung saya masih mengunakan domain bawaan MWB, smilevisit my blog

Jongos on 06:01 AM, 05-Aug-11

Sperti biasa ane brada di paling ekor,tp gak papa kan?

3gp indo + foto bugil collection on 11:09 PM, 05-Aug-11

thanks for info

L E E G U S . T K on 10:21 AM, 07-Aug-11

Thank You so much mr. Arvind

LukyHacked on 06:30 AM, 08-Aug-11

Thanks For info. MR.Arvin

IVAN™ on 05:39 AM, 09-Aug-11


Si Gembel on 11:06 AM, 11-Aug-11

thanks ya udah follow, mw g tkerang link sm aku? Dtnggu jwbny d gustboku...

Kang Sabel on 09:21 PM, 14-Aug-11

terima kasih mr.arvind..

AwiNothing on 05:40 AM, 17-Aug-11

Dear Mr Arvind
Sincerely from me

I want to tell you something
few days ago someone commented in my blog, who calls
himself by the name is
"Backlink service".
But I was surprised,,,
when I look back at others a time, the comments
disappear from my post.
This strange incident
happen again
when I see some of my comments disappeared in one of the blogs that I visit
( The blog name that I visited are: )

So Dear sir,,,
Can you explain
to me
About what these occur?

Previously I thank you
( I'm sorry about my bad english,,, smile )

Arvind on 08:31 AM, 17-Aug-11

It was a spam comment so was deleted by our system.

AwiNothing on 01:58 PM, 17-Aug-11

Thank you for your explanation of the actual

Though I'am
still confused with what is happening. But it's Ok,,,,
Thank you once again Mr Arvind
May you always
succeed and hopefully MyWapBlog the more developed and

Remain spirit>>>

Flambon on 03:14 PM, 24-Aug-11

mantap om..ijin sedot + neduh disini...oh ya jgn lupa folback om biggrin

tyrex on 01:03 PM, 26-Aug-11

mr.Arvind i want custom domain my blog to but box feedback in my dashboard not yet, send back box feedback in my dashboard,please

my blog

thank on 05:05 PM, 26-Aug-11

pantesan ane request ga di anggp

Edwin Oktavianto on 12:52 PM, 07-Oct-11

mantab bro ! kapan-kapan tema nya ditambah banyak ya dan fitur barunya ditambahin.

Sarang semut on 02:52 AM, 14-Oct-11

Dot tk dibaned google dari tgl 13 oktober 2011, ku sudah nggak di index google lagi!

Christiant on 09:29 AM, 07-Dec-11

ikut gila nih mrgreen

axen on 06:10 AM, 17-Feb-12

mr arvind please baned this blog

Jinson Johny on 01:37 AM, 16-Jun-12

Sir how to park my .tk domain pl sum1help me

Sarigon on 02:02 PM, 21-Apr-13

I am newbi ..please tell me about .its my domain . except removing the parked domain or not ? Thanks for your share and I'm sorry about my bad english,,

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