Why No New Versions

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 05:32 PM, 16-Jul-10

May 30th 2010: Version: 4.0.5: New Domains for User Blogs

45 days or so have passed and still no new versions, peoples here may be wondering. Good news for you! In the upcoming days (2-3) I’ll be releasing the new version. smile

Before the release, however, I’ll be glad to let you know about the new features that’ll be added. Here is the list:

  1. Support for uploading multiple file types with sizes up to 5 megabytes. Unlimited storage for now
  2. Private posts
  3. CSS Creator. No need to upload CSS files elsewhere

A few screen shots:

Create Theme Feature
Create Theme Feature

Upload Files
Upload Files Page

Private Posts
Private Posts

Also included will be many new enhancements and unlike before, one or two small (and not much useful) features will be removed.

You may skip reading the following and jump straight to comments section.

What took this long to add those few new features…

Whenever I keep working on some code for longer I find the code becoming harder to maintain and manage. The last major refactoring I did to the MyWapBlog.com code was last year; everything was fine long after that. But of late I’m again finding it harder to work with the existing code. So, in short - I decided to again refactor the code, more specifically the Data Access part, for those of you techies.

Actually this release was not for adding new features but for making the code more manageable but in the course I decided I could have a few new features.

For the techies…

I was previously using my own Data Access Objects (DAO) but when I came across the amazing object relational mapper – Doctrine. I just couldn’t say no to using it. So, a big thanks to Sensio Labs for their superb library. Now, my next challenge is to write the whole application using symfony – another gem from Sensio Labs. Sadly, even the next version won’t add many new features. But I certainly will achieve two things – better code and satisfaction.

I think I learned way more during the last few months than I ever had in any one month. I read so many books and gained so much knowledge. I just loved working (roughly 5 hours every day, even on Sunday!) on MyWapBlog.com as I always do. This experience made me a better programmer.

Wordpress folks have a saying:

“Code is poetry.”

Indeed, and just like good poetry, writing good code takes time!


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7 responses to "Why No New Versions"

Brett Walker on 07:58 PM, 16-Jul-10

Awesome Arvind.....! smile

Bugalbugil on 09:42 PM, 16-Jul-10

Thank you Dear Arvind... can't wait to be able to upload videos n try to create costum theme on MWPB... smile

XXX on 11:09 PM, 16-Jul-10

Wow, thats gr8 update. Thanks

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 02:45 AM, 17-Jul-10

Your hardship bears fruit. Waiting anxiously for the new version and all the best.

SUMBODI on 05:13 AM, 17-Jul-10

Cool,cann't wait!You are awsome Arvind,a wonderful host.Thanks for all your hard work.When you make it big,rember who stuck with you(I'm kidding).But really,I've never got such quick personal,caring responses from facebook or myspace.You keep it real and personal,thanks for that.Like family,ya know?

Arvind on 08:04 PM, 17-Jul-10


Of course, I'll never forget you all (no kidding!). And, thanks for your kind words!

Widhi on 10:09 AM, 29-Sep-10

Waiting new versions smile

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