Forbidden Errors

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 02:28 PM, 03-Jul-10

Due to some changes in our server’s configuration (well beyond what we can do something about – the server admins take care of that) “Follow Blogs” page is generating forbidden errors mostly when you try to read updates. I’d like to apologize to all for this inconvenience. Also, thanks to Brett Walker for reporting the problem.

I’m in the process of fixing this problem.

[EDIT: The error has been fixed.]


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10 responses to "Forbidden Errors"

Fitzterun on 08:04 PM, 03-Jul-10

cool... i did not notice It.

Bugalbugil on 05:39 AM, 04-Jul-10

Better n so better... keep rockin' Dude... smile

SUMBODI on 08:44 AM, 05-Jul-10

Still showing"page can not be found"when i look at my own blog and followers updates.

Arvind on 01:56 PM, 05-Jul-10


I've mailed you regarding that.

Juung on 05:36 PM, 09-Jul-10

no problem...

Ranju Ck on 12:28 PM, 10-Jul-10

When i visited my blog, it is showing that,'the blog you're looking is not found. but you can register it'. i get this error many times. pls correct it too.

Arvind on 03:48 PM, 10-Jul-10

@ Ranju Ck,
I'm working on total re-design of the app. I hope that'll fix those errors.

BTW, those types of errors (rarely) happen, due to overloading of server.

Ryan on 10:06 PM, 10-Jul-10

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R B M on 10:35 PM, 10-Jul-10


HPblog on 02:43 AM, 13-Jul-10

ok thnks Arvind

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