Version: 4.0.5: New Domains for User Blogs

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 11:49 PM, 30-May-10

SUMMARY: Some bug-fixes, improvements and two new features.

First, we now support blog registrations under four domains:


A couple of them, as you can see, are registered for mainly one purpose – to have the URL short.

Here, I’d like to request one thing – please don’t go on blindly registering users, as I’m seeing the trend these days. Have only as many blogs as you can properly manage.

The other new feature is “Color Scheme” that lets you easily change the color scheme of our blog. [NOTE: We found a few bugs but those are fixed now]

As even to add these few features I’d change a lot of code so there may be some bugs here and there – please report if you encounter one!


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17 responses to "Version: 4.0.5: New Domains for User Blogs"

HPblog on 04:37 AM, 31-May-10

nice... [img][/img]

Ngkidz on 11:06 AM, 31-May-10

why not domain parking?

Kz200rider on 11:47 AM, 31-May-10

Wow nice new feature thanks arvind, and will be better if can connect with facebook like can connect with twitter before always thanks for new feature

Arvind on 03:10 PM, 31-May-10

@ All,


@ Ngkidz
We'll try to have the feature soon!

@ Kz200rider,
It's due to technical limitations of Facebook API (not allowing persistent signed-in sessions) that we don't have the update feature sad

But, we'll try to have that feature if possible.

Deky Olin on 08:46 PM, 31-May-10 is the best
Visit back

XXX on 05:13 AM, 01-Jun-10

Nice update

Hendry on 11:29 PM, 01-Jun-10

Hmmm... Still waiting an0ther diffrent... Hehe.. But good job, keep it vind.. XD

Awang (banjarharum) on 01:42 AM, 02-Jun-10

peace man!!!

Arvind on 03:51 PM, 02-Jun-10

Thanks, Hendry!

Deky Olin on 04:34 PM, 02-Jun-10


Heri Irawan on 02:19 PM, 15-Jul-10

suhu on 05:43 AM, 21-Dec-11

gunjungan prdanabiggrin
dtnggu kunbal n follback nya:mrgreen

Jajang Nurjaman on 03:50 PM, 28-Mar-12

smile ckckck juragan!

aldy on 08:31 PM, 04-May-12

Wahyu Hidayat on 11:32 AM, 03-Jul-12

Thnx All

Йσ σηɐ on 08:26 PM, 22-Jul-12

Oke omcheesy-grin

SZ3 LTD on 01:38 AM, 10-Aug-12

Hi, mr.arvind thank you for allowing me join
I was blogging follow you.
Please follow also mr.arvind, my blog so that i can advance this blog
Thank you, cheesy-grin, if there is any word i apologize.

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