Added Custom Tag Support

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 06:59 PM, 10-Sep-08

Custom tags are special symbols that can be used to style/format text in your posts or comments. More information about the supported custom tags can be found here

Arvind Gupta,
Head Programmer,

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5 responses to "Added Custom Tag Support"

Perdana on 10:33 AM, 15-Mar-09

Can't I make table color or background color text/link?I hope you answer my question because its important to create a beuty blog. Thankyou on 09:05 AM, 17-Mar-09

@ Perdana,

Are you asking about having text with background colors? If yes, then we're sorry as currently that is not supported.

Hope I understood your question correctly.

Admin on 05:31 AM, 23-May-09

Yeah... Perdana, you have the same opinion with me. I am confuse why MyWapBlog prefer to replace standard tags with their own tags. It makes us poor of creativity because we are limited to design our page. We are also confuse of how to create form and use JavaScript. By the way, why google translator can't translate my homepage while another site like is just fine. Please reply to: Thanks

Admin on 02:37 AM, 27-May-09

Thanx... but, what I mean as google translator is
They can't translate from Indonesian Language to another language. You can try it yourself.

Nweze Nelson on 12:23 AM, 21-Aug-09

I like your blog. I am a friend from Nigeria. Visit to refresh yourself.

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