A million pageviews...

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 10:30 PM, 31-Mar-10

Blogs at MyWapBlog.com (combined) have registered more than a million pageviews this month. Quite an achievement!

We're small but it doesn't matter as long as we're expanding.


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17 responses to "A million pageviews..."

Eyank Ghaib on 01:19 AM, 01-Apr-10

Maksudnya apa ganbiggrin

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 01:50 PM, 01-Apr-10


Kz200rider on 05:52 PM, 01-Apr-10

Congratulation for MYWAPBLOG.COM ''small but not small'' you know what I mean hahaha mywapblog so Search Engine friendly

Arvind on 09:25 PM, 01-Apr-10



Hendry on 12:21 AM, 03-Apr-10

Congratz vind... Nice servicez...

Arvind on 07:06 PM, 03-Apr-10

Hi Hendry,


Bangboed on 12:44 PM, 04-Apr-10

Hai all

Danial on 02:23 PM, 05-Apr-10

Its amazing

Ronaldazade on 08:22 PM, 14-Apr-10

Mywapblog is very good... I like your service. Thanks and good luck...

Eyank Ghaib on 08:12 PM, 26-Apr-10

I would like a proposal to BBCode link in the comments space to enable it, because many visitors from outside blogs difficulty when leaving the site address.sad http://eyank.nab.su/eyankblog.png

Eyank Ghaib on 07:56 PM, 10-May-10

BBCode link in my opinion just because it is very useful to enable the visitor to leave the blog in my address and about the sense of existing SPAM protection from mywapblog own so do not be scared.biggrin http://eyank.nab.su/eyank1.gif

Scorpion on 03:32 PM, 17-May-10

Hi arvind, m waiting for video upload feature...

Scorpion on 03:32 PM, 17-May-10

Hi arvind, m waiting for video upload feature...

Perdana on 04:24 PM, 17-May-10

I agree with Eyang gaib. To avoid spam, you can using Chaptcha codes. I hope this in consideration.

husnainlatif on 02:56 AM, 21-May-10

Congratulations Arvind!
I wanted to tell you that my site has got over 70 spam comments sad
but I'll still thank you for your services.
Arvind is MyWapBlog your individual project or you're working with a team?
And please do give a link to my site husnainlatif.info/ur/ in your blogroll. Hope you'll be support my newly growing site.


Arvind on 05:35 PM, 21-May-10

Hi husnainlatif,

So sorry to hear about the spam thing, we have a system in force to periodically delete spam.

But at least most of spam wouldn't get published, so nothing much to worry.

It's really my pleasure that you guys are enjoying here. What'd be better?

And, yeah, MyWapBlog.com is my individual project. I do all the things myself smile

-a on 08:19 PM, 05-Jun-10


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