Version 3.9.3: Post Categorization Feature

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 12:07 AM, 16-Mar-10

Category Feature Screenshot


  1. Guestbook on “About Me” page
  2. “Invite for Discussion” feature which sends invitations (via email) to all the followers (who have opted to receive invitations)
  3. Chat Room in user blogs
  4. Picture Stream for blogs
  5. Feedback form for blogs
  6. Post Categorization feature
  7. Option to have a picture as blog logo instead of text

One more thing, NOT all help links (?) for the new features might be working. Please bear with this until I fix them.

As with all revisions, DO REPORT BUGS, PLEASE!

Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly,

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19 responses to "Version 3.9.3: Post Categorization Feature"

XXX on 02:12 AM, 16-Mar-10

Excelnt update once again. Btw sir i m unable to undrstand abt blog categorisation feature. Can u plz explain it in more detail.

Kz200rider on 01:04 AM, 16-Mar-10

Hallo arvind, Like this new features on my and I was Do the categories new feature on this you can see on mywapblog @

husnainlatif on 02:51 AM, 16-Mar-10

Thanks for the updates Arvind Bhai, i was waiting for them.

Mr. Vantu19000 on 03:06 PM, 16-Mar-10


Hendry on 12:12 AM, 16-Mar-10


Arvind on 04:17 PM, 16-Mar-10


Post categeorization is the same as in Wordpress and what label is in Blogger.

Go to "Manage | Categories" and create some categories. For example a blog about games might have categories like "Arcade Games", "action Games" etc.

Now whenever you create a post you'll have the option to categorize that post in one or more of the categories you've created. You can also categorize existing posts by editing them and selecting the required categories (check boxes).

Hope you understood the concept now. Any problems? Do get back to me.


Arvind on 04:21 PM, 16-Mar-10

@ All,

It's really my pleasure!

Cgbalu on 11:20 AM, 16-Mar-10

Thank you for the invitation.I like the features. Yet I have to experiment with the features.

husnainlatif(tm) on 01:55 AM, 17-Mar-10

You've to correct this bug, that drafts are also shown in feeds.

Perdana on 11:04 PM, 18-Mar-10

I like it, but how to use the Guesbook menu?

Arvind on 12:36 PM, 17-Mar-10

Hi Husnain,

Thanks very much for reporting the bug. I'll fix it ASAP.

Arvind on 08:08 PM, 19-Mar-10

Hi Perdana,

The page "Manage | Guestbook" shows the guestbook entries submitted to your blog. The guestbook itself is on the "About Me" page.

Ryan Ash Shashank Edward JR. Davis The IInd on 09:42 PM, 20-Mar-10

Hey arvind ,
may i please know how i can prevent unknown people from reading my blog. I mean that only my followers n others mwb members can read my blog .... Please tell .
Please answer as a comment on my blog . Thank you .

Firmadi Libra on 03:17 AM, 21-Mar-10

ok. Good good

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 04:34 AM, 21-Mar-10

Gettfing better and better with every update

Arvind on 05:54 PM, 22-Mar-10

Hi Ryan Ash,

I've answered the query on your blog.

Arvind on 05:55 PM, 22-Mar-10

@Firmadi Libra, TechGuy-Wasif Abbas

Thanks very much!

Deky Olin on 12:16 PM, 30-May-10

nice blog..
please visit back

-a on 08:02 PM, 06-Jun-10


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