Happy New Year 2010

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:55 PM, 31-Dec-09

Above image 'New Tiara' by Photo Denbow (via Flickr). CC BY licence.

We wish you all a happy new year 2010!

My heartiest thanks and regards to all our 6000-plus bloggers for their love, dedication and connection with us in the past year 2009.

Throughout this year I promise to make MyWapBlog.com better than ever and just ask for one thing in return – your love.

May your love take us to new heights! Happy New Year!


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32 responses to "Happy New Year 2010"

THINKING OUT LOUD on 11:41 AM, 01-Jan-10

Happy New Year!I wish you all the best this new beginning has to offer.Love,health,happiness,good fortune,and blessings to your hearts content.Thanks MWB for putting up with me(ha-ha),and offering such a nice service to the public.You have allowed me to meet people from many different countries I normally wouldn't have met,which has inturn allowed me to cross ethnic boundries my own culture predestined for myself.I've learned that there are other good people out there even if they aren't exactly like me.Thank you!!Being from America,I only knew "India" from what I saw on T.V.And to be honest,Americans and people from India that live in America don't really get along well-why-I don't know,but the Indian people I have met here on MWB are very nice which has encouraged me to be more accepting of Indian people in America.And you know-they are good people.Thank you again!

HPblogger on 11:42 PM, 31-Dec-09

Happy New Year 2010! Selamat Tahun Baru 2010 in Bahasa Indonesia

Mrbelia on 12:51 AM, 01-Jan-10

hppy new yr too all blogger friendz smile

Alex on 01:22 AM, 01-Jan-10

I wish very happy and prosperous new year to mywapblog.

Garti on 01:50 AM, 01-Jan-10

Happy new year....

Very on 01:50 AM, 01-Jan-10

Happy...Happy....Happy New Year all...!change u'r life n be the best for 2010.

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 01:59 AM, 01-Jan-10

Wishing mywapblog Happy New Year and many new features to be added in 2010 [img]http://wapspell.wapgem.com/ny1.jpg[/img]

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 02:03 AM, 01-Jan-10

Wishing all my friends a happy and prosperous New Year [img]http://wapspell.wapgem.com/ny2.jpg[/img]

Hidayatullah on 02:14 AM, 01-Jan-10

Happy new year.....all..

Prasetyo on 03:02 AM, 01-Jan-10

Happy new year for all blogger

Tech guy wasif abbas mywapblog.com on 04:12 AM, 01-Jan-10

Naya sal mubarka ho

Hasim Azhari on 04:16 AM, 01-Jan-10

[color=#ff1493]HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010[/color]

Semoga apa yang dicita-citakan tercapai
Apa yang tlah diraih dapat dipertahankan
Apa yang hilang kembali lagi

Don't forget my blog:
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Putunema on 04:41 AM, 01-Jan-10

Met Taun Baru mrgreen

Quinze on 05:49 AM, 01-Jan-10

Happy new year

Firmadi Libra on 06:28 AM, 01-Jan-10

happy new year

Abhishek on 09:21 AM, 01-Jan-10

happy new year mywapblog alwz enjoy ur moment of success

Wicaks on 03:20 PM, 01-Jan-10

Met taon baru ye mwb...moge2 panjeng umur dan murah rejeki...hehehehehe....dan jg tolong iklan nye di hilangin aje ye...razz

BMALANI on 04:40 PM, 01-Jan-10


Prasetyo on 05:08 PM, 01-Jan-10

Awal tahun smoga menjadi awal yg baek,
Mampir di blogq ea http://mywapblog.com

MyWapBlog.com on 05:17 PM, 01-Jan-10

@ All,



It's really my pleasure!

Deni Sondjaja on 06:19 PM, 01-Jan-10

Happy New Year guys... May God bless us.

Rev Johnson on 08:53 PM, 01-Jan-10

Happy New Years to all. Namistad

Linda on 03:06 PM, 03-Jan-10

happy new year smile

Mr. Vantu19000 on 12:02 AM, 02-Jan-10


Clover on 03:55 AM, 02-Jan-10

Happy new year to all fellow bloggers.. biggrin
*akemashite omedeto gozaimasu*

Godbless us!

Eyank Ghaib on 03:59 PM, 02-Jan-10

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Bobet Laboriza on 04:28 PM, 02-Jan-10


Khayyi Muslih on 09:22 PM, 03-Jan-10

Kliwat puo,happy new year

ANGGER on 10:16 PM, 03-Jan-10

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mhasky04 on 11:34 PM, 04-Jan-10

hapi new year to all ya guys!!!!! pls do check me @ Lhonignacio.wap9.mobi .....

Atthullab on 01:46 AM, 05-Jan-10

Met tahun baru 2010, smoga cita2 terwujud di tahun ini

Penjelajah on 07:47 AM, 03-Jan-11

Happy New Year Guyswink

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