Version 3.1: 10 New Features Added

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 01:51 AM, 09-Nov-09

I’m very satisfied to announce the latest revision (3.1) of with ten new features; many improvements and bug-fixes.

Some of the major highlights include:

  1. Support for BBCode: As a replacement for Custom Tags. BBCode being a very popular custom markup language is easy to use as well as powerful
  2. Draft Post
  3. Followers’ List: Redesigned “Follow Blogs” page now lets you know who is/are following you
  4. Post Scheduling
  5. Emoticon Support: Now your posts, comments etc. can have graphical emoticons sometimes referred to as smilies
  6. Feeds (RSS / Atom) for Blog catalog Listings

Thanks for reading!

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37 responses to "Version 3.1: 10 New Features Added"

Hi everybody controlled by the sun on 08:54 AM, 16-Nov-09

Thank you for your useful post. But I had difficult time navigating past your web site as I kept getting 502 bad gateway error. Just thought to let you know.

Eyank Ghaib on 05:24 AM, 16-Nov-09

BBcode not active here sad .url.

Abc on 03:42 AM, 09-Nov-09

Excellent update. It seems like site gota new look. Every category is now looks new and updated. Nice wrk.

Suba on 02:17 AM, 09-Nov-09

Good, I'll try version 3.1:10

Ngkidz on 03:58 AM, 09-Nov-09

Wew :s good..good..good

Firmadi Libra on 02:34 AM, 09-Nov-09

very very very good. Excelent. on 08:59 PM, 09-Nov-09

Hi Suba, Firmadi Libra, Abc, Ngkidz,

Thank you very much!

Perdana on 04:36 PM, 10-Nov-09

Good work.
How the development of Indonesian version of mywapblog? Hopefully running smoothly.
I propose to add recent post on the nav menu. Thanks on 04:42 PM, 10-Nov-09

Hi Perdana,

I'm afraid Indonesian translation is not going so fine. Some of the peoples had requested to volunteer but they have not sent the required translated files yet.

I wonder if you can help with that.

X on 01:57 AM, 11-Nov-09

I think there is sm problem in recently updated blog cate. Its showing blogs wit date 10 dec 2009, 11 nov 2009 on 04:41 PM, 11-Nov-09

Hi X,

It's because we now have a "Post Scheduling" feature in place. All posts with future dates are scheduled and are published at later date.

We'll fix this bug soon so that no scheduled posts are shown in "Recently Updated Blogs".

Thanks for letting me know!

Jiah on 01:14 AM, 19-Nov-09

I dont like post scheduling, please make its use optional on 11:31 PM, 16-Nov-09

Hi Eyank Ghaib,

Please can you tell me where BBCode seems to be not working. on 11:32 PM, 16-Nov-09

Hi everybody controlled by the sun,

Where are you getting the 502 errors, I mean can you tell me the URL. on 11:23 PM, 20-Nov-09

Hi Jiah,

Of course, the use of post scheduling is optional. You can continue making posts by just filling in the post title and body as you used to previously.

If you don't want to schedule a post you don't have to fill the "Date / Time" settings either.

Eric on 04:41 AM, 21-Nov-09

Unable 2 c recent updates. That categ'ry blocked by future blogs

Izzy Nurezzy on 07:15 AM, 21-Nov-09

Nice updates... on 09:11 PM, 21-Nov-09

Hi Eric,

We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused. It'll be fixed soon. on 09:36 PM, 21-Nov-09

Hi Eric,

The bug has been fixed.

Thank you for reporting.

Amit on 02:44 PM, 04-Dec-09

Hi u said post schedulling is optional, bt it wants entry of time, if time is nt entered then every time it shows message time and date already passed.
And also, draft posts doesnt allow to enter in it, it can only be edited. It wil be good if draft post allows entry in it and allows its preview thanks on 08:33 PM, 04-Dec-09

Hi Amit,

Of course post scheduling is optional. You don't need to enter time as by default it contains the current time as per your UTC offset (timezone). If you're sure that the "Time / Date" option doesn't contain anything by default please let me know.

Draft post DOES allow you to enter more data as many times as you want while still remaining in draft state. To enter more data in a draft post press "[E]" besides the post, enter or change the post title and/or body then press "Save Draft". This will save the changes to the draft post.

Husnainlatif™ on 11:43 PM, 06-Dec-09

I think there should be an option to subscribe to the RSS feeds of each post. And there should be an option to customize the desktop view of our own site.

By []TechnoGUY™[/url]

Axbrblink on 12:47 AM, 09-Dec-09

i like it

Husnainlatif™ on 02:37 AM, 10-Dec-09

Assalam O Alaikum everyone!

Arvind Gupta, i'm really pleased that your concerned about users and your actively supporting them! I think it'll be better if you provide the customization to us. I know it will be a little difficult but just give a look to wordpress's mobile theme plugins they might be helpful for you!


Husnainlatif™ on 02:48 AM, 10-Dec-09

I'll soon post you the translation! on 08:34 PM, 17-Dec-09

Hi Husnainlatif,

Thanks again, and you can take your time there's no hurry. Exams are much more important anyway.

Husnainlatif on 04:59 AM, 17-Dec-09

Parag has said right. But first you pay attention at providing the website essentials.

Husnainlatif on 05:01 AM, 17-Dec-09

These days i'm much busy with my exams. So i'll provide you translation ASAP. Http://

no teme on 01:58 AM, 26-Dec-09

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter? on 08:30 PM, 26-Dec-09

Hi no teme,

You can, sort of, quote a post by visiting the post (or blog) using a desktop computer and clicking on "Blog This" link at the top left corner towards the bottom of the logo. (You need to be logged in).

Twitter: suport on 02:34 AM, 30-Dec-09

Madad ke liye Dhanyawad

Интересно on 03:17 PM, 06-May-10

Скажите, а у вас есть RSS поток в этом блоге?

Просто отлично on 09:55 PM, 29-May-10

Дискутировать по этому поводуможно бесконечно, поэтому просто поблагодарю автора. Спасибо!

Любопытно on 09:23 PM, 31-May-10

На самом деле прикольный блог! Спасибо огромное и… разумеется, пишите еще!

Mharvin on 09:29 PM, 14-Dec-10

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kau temanku | on 12:12 PM, 04-Sep-11

i'm here,sir! biggrin

Chidby on 06:24 AM, 15-Apr-13

hi, where can i find english tutorials for making my own css and adding smilies? smile

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