Happy Birthday!

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 07:44 PM, 09-Sep-09

Today (09-09-09, a very memorable date indeed) is the anniversary of MyWapBlog.com.

It has been one year, exactly, since MyWapblog.com was released to the public. MyWapBlog.com started as a small thought-sharing tool with limited features. And now, I don’t think it’d be too much if I say - it has become one of the best mobile site creators in terms of ease-of-use and functionality.

Here are some statistics:

Users/Blogs: 3149
Posts: 7317
Comments: 9670
Pages Indexed in Google: 11,700
Traffic: 1,220,815 Pageviews (Since Wednesday, January 7th 2009, 11:42:11 [GMT]), the day in-house visitor analytics system was added)

(* Figures as of Tuesday, September 8th 2009, 10:11:45 [GMT])

These figures do not seem much bad for a small web service like MyWapBlog.com with absolutely no advertising funds. Yes, we haven’t spent a buck on advertising yet!

On this day I’d like to thank all our testers, users, readers, and everyone connected for all their love I’d also like to separately thank everyone who gave us feedback; they have (maybe unknowingly)helped us a lot!

Again, a big THANK YOU to our users.

I wish MyWapBlog.com a happy birthday and all the very best for the days to come!

Yours Truly,
Arvind Gupta,
Creator, Owner & Programmer,

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35 responses to "Happy Birthday!"

Cutex on 03:10 PM, 10-Sep-09

Hapy birthday mywapblog!!cayo....

TechGuy on 01:53 PM, 10-Sep-09


Lucky on 10:49 PM, 09-Sep-09

Happy b'day to Mywapblog.com
wish all the best.. smile

Lucky on 10:49 PM, 09-Sep-09

Happy b'day to Mywapblog.com
wish all the best.. smile

Ayan on 10:55 PM, 09-Sep-09

Happy birthday MWB.
To all bloggers its party time -rock-

Perdana on 11:18 PM, 09-Sep-09

Happy birthday to
Mywapblog, hopefully more
successful and its features
added gradually.

MyWapBlog.com on 08:12 PM, 10-Sep-09

Hi All,

Thank you for your comments.

Apologies for the inaccessibility of blogs between 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM GMT (9th - 10th Sep). Someone made a nasty attack on our server for the second time, thee affected time was less this time, however. We've fixed the problem and hope everything is fine now.

Thanks for your patience.

rinsedream on 11:43 PM, 09-Sep-09


Gail on 09:20 AM, 11-Sep-09

Happy Birthday MWBlog. Such a simple idea, done pretty well. I'm sure it'll get much bigger by this time next year. With you all the way and spreading the word. Well done! X

Sha'riee on 11:20 AM, 11-Sep-09

Happy Happy Birthday mywapblog, and good luck and best wishes.

Rehan on 12:38 AM, 10-Sep-09

H'py b'day mywapblog

Chandra on 02:52 AM, 10-Sep-09


Almi Sita Novia on 02:53 AM, 10-Sep-09

Hi,MyWapBlog,com,Happy Birthday to You,hopefully more successful added gradually !

Ensiclopedic on 03:47 AM, 10-Sep-09

Happy birthday to mywapblog..
hopefully this year is better than last year for y0u..
Success. . . . .

Taufik on 07:15 AM, 10-Sep-09

Happy brithday,we love you.

Hamim Jauhari on 08:03 AM, 10-Sep-09

Wish you Cool mywapblog.com..

Maeckl on 08:08 AM, 10-Sep-09

Happy brithday,We all love you the best blog on the world we love you saw!!!

Wiwit on 08:11 AM, 10-Sep-09

Happy b'day !
Selamat ulang tahun. Semoga mywapblog.com tambah maju dan ada hal hal baru di mywapblog.com

Joko on 05:54 PM, 10-Sep-09

Wish u happy

Muizz on 12:24 AM, 11-Sep-09

happy birthday mywapblog.. I luv youu.... smile

Christiaan on 06:09 AM, 11-Sep-09

Happy birthday myblog.com.

Omcil on 01:21 PM, 11-Sep-09


Happy Bday

Perdana on 01:22 PM, 11-Sep-09

happy bday

Lhon on 07:54 AM, 12-Sep-09

Wow... Happy birthday! As far as i know, i made my first blog here a few days after your launching... Hey, how coincidential we are?! My mobilesite just celebrated its first anniversary too, last september 5. I'm happy we're on the same month, i feel quite honored.

Sent on a phone using T9space.com

Lhon on 07:59 AM, 12-Sep-09

By the way, can i invite you all on my wapsite? It's at http://Lhonignacio.wap9.mobi ..... Wait you there.... esp pinoys out there batch 2003 ..... :p

Sent on a phone using T9space.com

MyWapBlog.com on 01:36 PM, 12-Sep-09

Hi All,

Thank you very much again!

Danial on 04:41 PM, 14-Sep-09

I do not know what was
happening. But now many
blogs in mywapblog not
accessible by operamini
versions 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2.
hope this problem can be
overcome as soon as

MyWapBlog.com on 07:47 PM, 14-Sep-09

Hi Danial,

Thanks for letting us know. We'll see to that ASAP.

Rehan on 03:35 PM, 16-Sep-09

I like X's idea. Instead of most visited make recent as defalt so that every updated blog will cum on first page of that cat and display of recent post on blogs introduction page will make it more attractive and cat will also get new look everytime we visit blog.

Danial on 02:03 PM, 17-Sep-09

Now it can be displayed properly by operamini

MyWapBlog.com on 11:06 PM, 17-Sep-09

Hi Danial,

Thank you again. Do keep informing us about any other bugs you happen to encounter.

Kitty on 03:37 AM, 12-Oct-09

Dont u think MYWAPBLOG domain is too long, hard to pronounce and cumbrsm to write?
Here i have alternative domain if u like BLOGPEARL or BLOGPAGES or BLOGLIFE or BLOGOCEAN or BLOGSURFER or BLOGDIARY.

Sukan on 07:24 PM, 10-Oct-09

It will b so exciting if mywapblog support video upload.

Rachel on 12:18 PM, 27-Oct-09

well im a noob to this whole thing but i must say i very much enjoy it. its weird that more people havent caught on, really. simplicity is the key, here...and a level of anonymity. maybe ill buy a billboard contract and hook you up. smile

MyWapBlog.com on 07:53 PM, 27-Oct-09

Hi Rachel,

Thanks a ton!

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