Ad Manager & Adult Content Warning

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 08:17 PM, 04-Sep-09

I’m very happy to announce the addition of two new features – Ad Manager and Adult Content Warning. The names give a pretty good idea what the features are about still I’m giving some details:

Ad Manager

This will make it easier for anyone to start generating ad revenues from their blog. You just need to enter your AdMob Publisher ID and we’ll give you 50% of the ad impressions on your blog.

You can also set the type of ads (clean ads only or all types) displayed on your blog. By default we’ll display all types of ads. NOTE: This will not be valid for the ads displayed from your Publisher ID (if you’ve provided). You’ll need to apply filters from your AdMob account.

After entering your Publisher ID you’ll also have control over where the ads are to be displayed (Placement Settings).

Adult Content Warning

We now have a new category “Adult (18+)” for all blogs having mature/adult content. Anyone visiting blogs from this category will be first displayed a warning message.

I’d like to ask anyone having a blog with such content to select the required category from “Settings” page. Also, it’d be very nice if you let us know of anyone’s blog having such content yet not in the respective category, should you come across one.

Thank You
Arvind Gupta

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3 responses to "Ad Manager & Adult Content Warning"

Pisu Hatana on 12:37 AM, 06-Sep-09

From out adult shows 9 but inside only 3 blg on 02:52 PM, 06-Sep-09

Hi Pisu,

It's because the listings do not contain blogs having just one post so that the "Blog Catalog" is not flooded with "Hello World" blogs.

However the number in brackets show the actual number of blogs listed in that category.

THINKING OUT LOUD on 12:14 PM, 16-Nov-09

Hi!I've complained before about the"Adult content"(I call it a discrase),but here I am again.First and foremost I'd like to thank you for such a nice free service,but what doese it say about your own intergity and moral values to others that you allow such obscene content on a site that obviously you own and opperate.I know everyone has freedom to choose their own likes and dislikes,but where is the line drawn between right and wrong?The pictures I saw in the adult section in the U.S. are concidered XXX rated.Are you even sure that what you are running here is even legal?You're probably opperating out of India or such and may be lagit there,but here-I don't know.Really wish you'de reconcider your decission to allow this content at all.It's terrible.Aside from that-I love your site.Thank you,and I'm sorry this angers me so.

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