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Posted by Arvind Gupta on 09:59 PM, 28-Aug-09

Following the desktop-optimized version of hosted blogs I’m very happy to introduce a new desktop-friendly version of homepage.

Almost everything – logo, page structure, colors, graphics etc. have been designed by me (a poor designer, BTW!) taking help from various designing tutorials. So, see for yourself what I’ve come up with:

Live at:

Apart from the homepage, the following pages have also been given a desktop-optimized version:

1. Register
2. Blog Catalog
3. FAQs (New Page)

Please note that previously one could access these (and other) pages from a desktop. However, the page meant for mobile phones served "as-is” to desktop looked somewhat awkward on large screens.

I hope I’d be able to have desktop-optimized versions for all the pages in a short time.


Besides this, many bugs have also been fixed and META Description Tag has been added to all blogs.

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards,
Arvind Gupta

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6 responses to "New Homepage for Desktop Browsers"

X on 03:42 AM, 29-Aug-09

I think top rated blog category should show only english blog i.e. Blogs wit universal language. Whats the use of top rated blog in top rated category if only selected group of ppl is able to read it and rest of wrld cant read it. on 02:36 PM, 29-Aug-09

Hi X,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yeah, that's right. And we'll do something about it, rest assured!

X on 08:08 PM, 31-Aug-09

Happy Birthday MyWapBlog. on 04:19 PM, 01-Sep-09

Hi X,

Thanks but we'll celebrate our anniversary on 9th September (public release of

On 31st August, was made available only to a closed group of testers.

Agussupriono on 11:57 PM, 15-Oct-09


Arek buma on 09:35 AM, 18-Jul-12

. <i>tulisan miring </i>

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