UTF-8 Support Added

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:55 PM, 03-Aug-09

In other words, the following is now possible:

Good Morning (English)
सुप्रभात (Hindi)
صباح الخير (Arabic)
早上好 (Chinese)
Доброе утро (Russian)
おはようございます (Japanese)

Many of our non-English users have been complaining of the lack of support of non-English characters in MyWapBlog.com. Good news for them, now MyWapBlog.com has been re-designed to support UTF-8 Character Set.

This means support for characters from virtually any script on the planet.

We’ve taken care to implement this everywhere so you can have other language characters pretty much anywhere. E.g. posts, comments, settings etc. As usual some bugs might have escaped unnoticed. Please do report any you come across.

NOTE: I’m sure not all cell phone browsers (especially older ones) support full range of UTF-8 characters, so use them wisely.

Best Regards,
Arvind Gupta,

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13 responses to "UTF-8 Support Added"

Dan42 on 12:02 AM, 04-Aug-09

Good news,
Mywapblog go to profesional blog, I hope javascript work in here for next time

MyWapBlog.com on 02:47 PM, 04-Aug-09

Hi Dan42,


Muizz on 07:53 PM, 07-Aug-09

okey... nice news, n nice fixet,

but, i'm so disappointed with porn ads

Muizz on 07:56 PM, 07-Aug-09

okey... nice news, n nice fixed

but, i'm so disappointed with porn ads

MyWapBlog.com on 10:50 PM, 07-Aug-09

Hi Muizz,

We're very sorry for the porn ads.

Could you please tell me if the porn ads are getting displayed in the Header area (just below the blog title)?

As far as I know AdMob (which is used except in the place I'm asking for) does not accept porn ads.

Muizz on 09:10 PM, 08-Aug-09


now never in header area..., but last seen


first assemblies all of ads porn,, but now just sometimes...


MyWapBlog.com on 05:02 PM, 09-Aug-09

Hi Muizz,

The ads network supposed to be delivering porn ads has been removed.

Thank you.

Jane on 02:13 AM, 10-Aug-09

I am not able to open QUICK FIND BLOGS OPTIONS through proxy websites ( https://webxcope.com), whenever i click on them it redirects me to login page. In previous blog catalog version i dnt have such problem bt this new version is nt allowing me to enter in quick find. Catagory option r wrking smoothly.

MyWapBlog.com on 02:54 PM, 10-Aug-09

Hi Jane,

Okay, we'll see to that soon.

Thanks for reporting.

dailytrip on 12:47 PM, 04-Sep-09

utf8! that's goos news. Lets try some spanish with accents then!

MyWapBlog.com on 07:02 PM, 04-Sep-09

Hi dailytrip,

Yes, sure!

No teme on 10:02 AM, 22-Oct-09

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

MyWapBlog.com on 03:50 PM, 22-Oct-09

Hi No teme,

You can quote but there is no integrated way to do that right now. you'll have to copy & paste text (and link) for that.

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