Big Update: 12 New Features Added

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 06:02 PM, 27-May-09

One of the biggest updates in the past few months. Along with the 12 new features, same numbers of improvements have been made and 14 bugs fixed.

Below are screenshots of a few new features:

IMG: Manage Comments

IMG: Follow Blogs

IMG: Blogroll

Some of the highlights are:

New Features:

1. _Follow Blog_ feature, used to follow blogs of ones liking and get notifications when they are updated. (Suggested by _Adi_)
2. _Blogroll_ (Suggested by _Naiyer_)
3. Comments are checked if they are spam and is marked so (due to Akismet).
4. Comment (Post) pages of blogs can now automatically fill details (name, email) required for posting comment.
5. When deleting post/comment a short snippet of it is displayed.
6. Un-Approved and spam comments are highlighted.
7. In _Blog Catalog_, blog listing has pagination links (1, 2, 3 ...)
8. In _Blog Catalog_ a new searching algorithm is now used.
9. Blogs also have a new searching algorithm to search content.


1. Comment count on search pages (blogs) was not getting displayed correctly.
2. Emails to some peoples were not getting sent after registration.


1. In _Blog Catalog_, "Recently Updates Blog" listing now shows time & Date (suggested by _Adi_)
2. in _Blog Catalog_, listing in categories are sorted by update time.
3. Custom Nav-Menu now has a "Cancel" button in editing mode.
4. More messages are shown for actions taken.

Again, thanks very much to all our users for their valuable suggestions.

Best Regards, Team

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51 responses to "Big Update: 12 New Features Added"

Adi on 10:33 PM, 27-May-09

Nice updates smile

Perdana on 09:13 PM, 27-May-09

Very interest. But nowadays some custom tags not work example bold, italic, etc
I hope its not permanent

Chetto Becquer on 05:37 AM, 01-Jul-09

Spanish accents not working (bad display) on 02:05 PM, 01-Jul-09

Hi Chetto,

Yeah, for the time being extended characters are not working.

We'll see to that by changing character set to allow those characters in the forthcoming updates.

Mixmax on 05:51 PM, 30-May-09

smile I like it...
so nice updatez

I have 1 quezt...
if my email am change to other email, my account at change into that email? on 06:03 PM, 30-May-09

Hi Mixmax,

Yeah, sure, just go to your "Settings" page and in the "Personal" heading you can see a box with your current email, just change that and click "Save".

*MULTISERVER* on 12:47 PM, 28-May-09


*MULTISERVER* on 12:49 PM, 28-May-09


Hi Perdana,

Please tell us the post/page the custom tag does not seem to work, as this post also contains many of them and seems to be working just fine. on 07:39 PM, 28-May-09

Hi Adi,

Thank you very much.

Perdana on 03:33 PM, 29-May-09

Im sorry, but its really not work if using Ucweb browser. But its just fine if using Operamini. Please visit
using Ucweb browser.

Adi on 07:57 PM, 29-May-09

Follow this blog option in navigation menu is nt working , it shows error. on 08:18 PM, 29-May-09

Hi Perdana,

Well, now what I think is that Ucweb browser doesn't support font-styles.

It doesn't depend on the browser if a particular tag gets parsed or not. And as everything (validation etc.) seems to be just fine so I don't see a reason other than that. on 08:19 PM, 29-May-09

Hi Adi,

Can you give the exact error which you're getting.

Try to re-login and then visit other blogs to see what happens.

Elle on 08:48 PM, 30-May-09

nice improvements! i've been posting my poems here for 3 weeks. i like the simplicity of your blogging service, keep it up! on 08:50 PM, 30-May-09

nice improvement! i've been posting my poems here and enjoying the simplicity of your blogging service, keep it up*

Adi on 01:51 AM, 31-May-09

1. When i click on the comment it shows whole posting again along with cmt. As such this doesnt cause any problem but when posting is large with more than 10 cmt it causes problem in page loading like page too large unable to load in smaller version of phones eg. S40 phones also it causes increase in data tarrif charges. So comment page shud show only cmt and ther shud nt be repeatation of post on cmt page again.
2. Also FOLLOW THIS BLOG OPTION in navigation menu nt wrking , it shows NO SERVER ACCESS error message. Same error message comes when i click on the post of my friend via FOLLOW BLOG option. When i use opera mini browser then it shows error message, THIS SERVER HAS NO ACCESS TO /follow.php. on 11:36 AM, 31-May-09


The Problem you were referring to, has been fixed. Please check it up and comment.

Perdana on 03:51 PM, 31-May-09

Conglaturation to all programmer mywapblog. Now, my blog support font color code example #ff1443 and etc. To all friend, if you want the other font colour, please go to

Adi on 01:59 AM, 01-Jun-09

Yeah both the options are wrking smoothly. Thanx for ur early responce. on 07:36 PM, 01-Jun-09

Hi Elle,

Thanks very much. on 07:38 PM, 01-Jun-09

Hi Perdana,

Thanks on 07:38 PM, 01-Jun-09

Hi Adi,

It's our pleasure!

Adi on 03:04 AM, 14-Jun-09

1. Is it possible to creat SHOUT BOX and option INVITE USERS TO TOPIC ?
I think it wil allow users to quick find good post, notices and serious topics in case if sm1 miss it in recently updated blogs. on 07:30 PM, 14-Jun-09

Hi Adi,

Could be please explain more:

1. The place of shoutbox.

2. What'd "INVITE USERS TO TOPIC" do? on 11:33 AM, 17-Jun-09

Am confusd, why usualy forward to on 12:37 PM, 17-Jun-09


Please tell us more about the matter:

1. Which address usually redirects?

mixmax on 02:54 PM, 17-Jun-09

usually am want to visit , but that redirected to on 04:42 PM, 18-Jun-09

Hi mixmax,

Maybe some temporary server fault. That might cause such redirection since we're on a shared server.

If this happens too often, please take some time to tell us other details also, like the phone your using, the browser etc. and the exact URL that gets redirected. We'll look into the matter.

Thanks very much for your feedback.

RAJENDRAN on 04:24 AM, 25-Jun-09


Adi on 05:41 PM, 21-Jun-09

Hi, sorry 4 late reply, i was busy in my exams.
Option INVITE USERS TO TOPIC helps to invite frendz for discussion on any particular topic. I saw this option in 's forums. Now i leaved that site as blog facility is not good there.

Adi on 12:35 AM, 27-Jun-09

Please make following default arragement in setting of all blogs as i think most of bloggers are unaware of setting option in their dashboard. 1. Every blog shud show only 4 post per page and not more than that.
2. All post teasers by default for all blogs.
3. No repeatation of post again on cmt page.
4. Cmt page shud show 2 cmt per page with the latest cmt first on the page.( as u can see 35 cmts here on one page made this page long like a train smile
5. Category name shud appear on navigation menu of blog.

My Boss on 03:41 AM, 03-Jul-09

Wow... you look very busy, man! How many people on your team? Just enjoy your work, men. don't take the pressure. Have a nice day...

Elle on 06:26 PM, 03-Jul-09

I wanna make my sm topics private, is there any way to do it ? on 12:45 PM, 03-Jul-09

Hi My Boss,


Now there is just me working alone, no one else. I'm doing it all by myself.

My Boss on 02:03 PM, 03-Jul-09

You should hire some people, or just asking some student of university to join you here, I am sure they will be glad to practise what they have known on university. on 11:06 PM, 03-Jul-09

Hi Elle,

No, currently there is no way to do that.

MyBoss on 02:37 AM, 08-Jul-09

Hi, Mr. Arvind Gupta and other visitors, please visit

and help me about TeaShark. Thanks. on 12:57 PM, 08-Jul-09

Hi MyBoss,

Please contact the developers of TeaShark as I don't think I can help you with that. Sorry.

Eyank Ghaib on 11:22 AM, 24-Jul-09

Give me new template gratis.... on 02:11 PM, 21-Jul-09

Hi Andy,

thanks for your opinion. However, I'd like to tell you that those are not just numbers but are also short-cuts (Access Keys) for the link. On Nokia phones you can press the no. for some secs. to have the link clicked.

Andy on 11:47 AM, 21-Jul-09

I think the number in the Nav-menu not good. I like the old Nav menu on 03:49 PM, 22-Jul-09

Hi Andy,

Thanks again.

We hope to have many more customization options in future so users would be able to change many aspects of their blog to suit their needs and choice.

Andy on 03:16 PM, 22-Jul-09

I know there is acces key, but its work only browser phone. And many blogger or visitor use opera browser and etc. If we create 20 link in nav-menu, its not beutyful. I think nav-menu good for list post without number ( example Wordpress) on 12:01 AM, 23-Jul-09

Hi Asdar,

Yeah you can forward domains to our blogs here but cannot park those domains. Sorry.

Asdar on 11:36 PM, 22-Jul-09

Can we use in here?

Richo XLalu Chayank on 11:06 PM, 19-Feb-13


Mobile Master Games on 09:50 AM, 20-Feb-13

Don't forget to Follback Mr.Arvind smile

hilman fauzi on 11:49 AM, 20-Feb-13

follback nya di tnggu kang arvind

Kunal Kishor hadge on 01:49 PM, 10-Apr-13

Plese kepaid help of mywapblog show example on comment

nagorik mail on 04:39 AM, 03-May-13

Dear sir,i am facing flowing problem.
1. I created my blog without verify email ,because mywapblog did not send any verifying email to my email.besides i want to chage my email that i given while registration.please give me advice what should i do?
2. I connected my facebook page to mywapblog.but mywapblog never send any messege or update notice to my fb page.please solve this problem.if any one share any post from my blog via facebook button it shows only one post tittle in fb that i have deleted few days ago.what should i do?

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