Server Move Complete

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 12:38 PM, 12-May-09

We've successfully moved to a new server. The synchronization phase is also complete. Now will start running as usual and users may not face any problems.

For all your interaction to within the past 48 hours we'd like to comment the following:

1. Some users might not see changes made in their "Settings" option. Please make the required changes again.

2. All traffic statistics (for the traffic served by the old server during the past 48 hours) are lost.

We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Anyway, a BIG "Thank You" to all our users, programmers and everyone concerned.

Best Regards,
Arvind Gupta,

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22 responses to "Server Move Complete"

X on 07:16 PM, 17-May-09

Site has some problem, its not opening through mobile browser. I tried other sites like google, they r opened through mobile browser without any problem but when i tried mywapblog, it shows error message _no responce try again_

jadd6jj on 08:07 PM, 12-May-09

i hope we can upload video.

husnainlatif on 05:01 AM, 13-May-09

I hope that mywapblog will run better and faster than it ran over the past server. on 07:41 PM, 13-May-09

Hi jadd6jj and husnainlatif,

We hope that too.

Admin on 01:31 AM, 14-May-09

I hope your service let me to use standard xhtml/html tags. Your special tags makes me difficult to set my own inline css. It also difficult to build form, such as text input, radio button, and anything like that. Whoever want to give response, please send mail to Thanks.

chandra-bp on 10:46 PM, 14-May-09


I know my username but I forget my email address. I have more than 10 email addresses.

I have been tried to recover my password but I forget my email address.

Hilda on 06:30 PM, 15-May-09

Want 2 meet new people on 07:52 PM, 15-May-09

Hi chandra-bp,

Okay, then I can tell you the email address you registered with:

If you want us to delete this comment as it contains your email address, do let me know.

Adi on 11:38 PM, 15-May-09

There shud be option for blog rating as excellent, very good, good, average and poor in each blog and creat a category with name Highest rated blog .
This arrangement wil help to find blogs with good content.
Category with name _Editors favourite_ can be created,this wil also help to find good blogs of ur choice. on 08:18 PM, 17-May-09

Hi X,

Thank you very much for letting us know.

Could you please tell which page you're referring to, is it the homepage (

Please also tell more about:
- Your cell phone model
- Browser you're using on 10:38 AM, 18-May-09

Hi X,

Thank you.

X on 05:52 AM, 18-May-09

Yes, its the home page.
I m using nokia 6030 wit regular nokia browser.
Site opens wit the other web browser like opera mini. Problem is only wit phone browser.

Admin on 04:58 AM, 20-May-09

I use nokia 6030 too with operator TelkomselFlash. The same problem happened on gmail application, flurrymail application, opera mini 4.2, and of curse on default Nokia 6030 browser. But the warning is "NO SERVER ACCESS" and "error 401 on gmail". Perhaps the problem is on the port.

Cari tahu banyak hal tentang kehidupan. Dalami arti kehidupan secara filosofis maupun agamis di on 08:56 PM, 20-May-09

Hi Admin,

If you're getting a "No server Access" error you can be quite sure that your operator isn't allowing you to access that particular page.

It's the mostly case when your GPRS is active but only for their portal access.

401 error means "Unauthorized Access".

Please try to contact your mobile operator.

Raj on 03:45 AM, 26-May-09

Current profile option shows little info. It should be made detail thus giving more info abt blogger.

My Favourite Website on 08:26 AM, 27-Sep-09

I enjoy this site, it is worth me coming back on 03:32 PM, 27-Sep-09

Hi Raj,

There is one field "About Me" in Settings page which can be used to give more information about yourself.

sainismeliref on 02:26 AM, 21-Oct-09

Hi there, my home page is

hello on 03:17 AM, 10-Apr-10


just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

Shalom on 12:19 PM, 20-Apr-10


It is my first post here wanted to say hi

So long

Ipmew on 05:25 PM, 18-Sep-12

I say thank you mr.Arvind ,i will click the ads!

ulil amri on 07:41 PM, 15-Jan-13


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