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Posted by Arvind Gupta on 02:13 AM, 09-May-09 is moving to a new server. This means users might experience some problems during the next 48 or so hours until the new name servers resolve. There will most probably be no downtime as one or he other server will be serving requests. However, there can (and certainly will) be synchronization problems, viz. new contents (blogs, posts, comments files etc. created in the meantime) will not be accessible from all parts of the world We'll try to synchronize both the servers within the next 48 hours after which everything will start running as usual.

We ask all our users for their patience and support and to keep updating us in case of any problems.

[UPDATE (05-May-2009 06:06 AM GMT): New registrations are closed for requests served by the old server.]

Thank You,
Arvind Gupta
Head Programmer,

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14 responses to "Important Notice"

abusayyaf on 01:07 PM, 10-May-09

i hope it still easy to use, upload image and have a great new tool,why mywapblog can't upload 3gp clip? on 01:41 PM, 10-May-09

Hi abusayyaf,

We don't support uploading of 3gp clips as they take up a lot of resources and may be abused.

We hope we'll be able to support uploading of other file type soon.

Bibija on 10:16 PM, 10-May-09

I am an indonesian. I usu this blog becouse it is simple and easy to write and organize myblog. Thank you Gupta. on 12:37 PM, 11-May-09

Hi Bibija,

It's our pleasure!

We're always trying to make our service better.

wiccangoddess on 04:13 PM, 11-May-09

Will I still be able to write my posts here or will you have another web-site

Ronald on 05:09 PM, 11-May-09

I hope feature marquee text in added my blog pulsa-murah, ronaldgitulo, uanggratis. Thx

Ronald on 05:13 PM, 11-May-09

Iam indonesian I hope feature marquee text in added my blog pulsa-murah, ronaldgitulo, uanggratis. Thx

Hamim Jauhari on 03:59 AM, 09-May-09

Cool, it should be a cool achievement, dear!
Smile Yess!

Dwi on 09:28 AM, 09-May-09

Hoam. on 09:54 PM, 11-May-09

Hi wiccangoddess,

Yeah, you can write post and do whatever here, as usual.

It's just the internal thing that we're talking about.

Baco on 04:39 AM, 13-May-09

How to add visitor counter php? Cant you show me a good blog in here? on 07:40 PM, 13-May-09

Hi Baco,

Got to "Settings" menu, for 'Visitor Counter style' select 'Default'.

Try our Blog Catalog to find some good blogs.

ali on 01:56 AM, 25-Feb-11

you are great

partha on 02:00 AM, 25-Feb-11

you are a claver man

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