10 Improvements, 7 Bug Fixes & 1 New Feature

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 04:02 PM, 20-Apr-09

Mostly internal improvements which will not be obvious to end-users. A few serious bug fixes and a new feature added. Major highlights include:

1. Some pages (mostly "About Me"wink were returning HTTP 404 code
2. Comment notification emails were having incorrect information regarding comment moderation status
3. Now "twitter Updates" feature sends text from the posted entry as Tweet
4. Login cookie is far more secure
5. Database structure has been optimized (Internal Improvement)
6. Option for styling the "Visitor Counter", can also be removed now

Thanks to all our members.

MyWapBlog.com Team

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5 responses to "10 Improvements, 7 Bug Fixes & 1 New Feature"

Adi on 07:29 PM, 21-Apr-09

Sir, there shud be option for autologin to avoid repeated login, blog catagorisation shud be topic based and there shud be option for making any topic private or public. Thanks

MyWapBlog.com on 10:20 AM, 22-Apr-09


The auto-login feature has been there for long but needs to have cookies enabled to work.

Could you please elaborate further as to what you mean by topic based blog categorization.

Thanks very much for your valuable response.

Adi on 12:51 PM, 22-Apr-09

Sir, say for example my blogs name is ADI's MOBILE BLOG. I hav written 2 posts , first post is on INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE that is sports related so it shud b published under sports category. My other post is HEART ATTACK AND SMOCKIN that is health related post so it shud b published under health category and its possible only when categorisation is post based.

MyWapBlog.com on 05:19 AM, 23-Apr-09


Okay, but think of blog catalog as a website directory. As with directories you can have your blog listed in only one category.

Could tags or internal categories (specific to a blog) help?

Again, thank you very much.

Best regards,
Arvind Gupta

Adi on 05:57 PM, 24-Apr-09

1. Recently updated blogs MAIN SCREEN shud show time and date of all blogs update.
2. Blog shud get updated in its category also ( as my frends blog position is smthing 24 or 25 in hobbies and life style category, and its so cumbrsm to browse 3 to 4 pages and find his blog smile and search option is not wrking properly.
3. There shud b option for making particular post private or public.
4. There shud b option for adding other blogger in to frend list so that 1 can find his favourite blogger quickly.

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