2 New Features Added

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 11:03 AM, 13-Mar-09

1. The highly anticipated-Blog Categorization and search feature in Blog Catalog.
2. Custom Nav-Menu feature which lets the blogger customize their blog's navigation menu.

Besides these, a few minor bugs were also fixed.

NOTE: We'd like to ask our bloggers to set the category their blog falls under, from DASHBOARD-> Settings. This will be used to categorize the blogs in our Blog Catalog. As by default all the existing blogs are given the "Uncategorized" category, the Blog Catalog may not function well for some time until, at least, some bloggers do this.

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20 responses to "2 New Features Added"

Adi on 08:36 PM, 13-Mar-09

Excellent work

MyWapBlog.com on 02:54 AM, 14-Mar-09

@ Adi,

Thank you.

MyWapBlog.com on 09:01 AM, 17-Mar-09

@ Rakoon,

Please select "Revert back to Default" option from Custom Nav-Menu.

It's not a system-wide problem as _*About Me*_ link is working fine on other blogs.

Rakoon on 06:53 AM, 17-Mar-09

_About me_ option in navigation is nt wrking. It shows error messege page not found.

brallama on 05:08 AM, 19-Mar-09

geo awar jeemai d0

Danial on 10:09 AM, 22-Mar-09

How to add Rss in mywapblog? And how color text support in here? Thanks man.

Perdana on 10:21 AM, 22-Mar-09

I'm sorry. My English no good.
How to modify css file themes? Change or add data.

MyWapBlog.com on 09:28 AM, 24-Mar-09


To have your own CSS style for your blog you'll have to follow the following steps:

1. Download the skeleton css from here http://www.mywapblog.com/specimen.css

2. Change it as you wish.

3. Upload it. We do not currently host third-party CSS files on our servers.

4. Go to "Blog Theme" from Dashboard and provide the URL of the uploaded CSS file in the text box at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps.

Adi on 03:36 AM, 23-Mar-09

Blog categorisation shud b topic based and nt blog based . For exampl my blogs one topic related to sport and other related to education, bt i m nt able to post these topics in their respective categories ,as categorisation is blog based.

MyWapBlog.com on 09:23 AM, 24-Mar-09


Do you mean the RSS link? If yes, let me tell you it's already there in your Navigation Menu. In case you've accidentally deleted it, just go to "Custom Nav-Mneu" and revert back to default.

For coloring text please go to "Help" from your dashboard and search for "Custom Tag". BTW, you can have red color text like:
[DOT]red[DOT]TEXT[/DOT]red[DOT]. Replace [DOT] with real ".".

Danial on 11:07 AM, 03-Apr-09

Can't a link work in comment?

MyWapBlog.com on 02:37 AM, 04-Apr-09

@ Danial,

To restrict comment spamming URLs in comments are not converted into hyperlinks.

MyWapBlog.com on 09:42 AM, 06-Apr-09

Of course, following are the few I could find right now:


Baco on 02:24 AM, 06-Apr-09

Can you show me a blog (mywapblog.com)use css theme modification?

Rohit on 11:51 AM, 09-Apr-09

As said earlier by adi, blog categorisation should be topic based, without this blog catalog is stil useless

Adi on 08:43 AM, 15-Apr-09

Long time, no big update.....waiting

Eyank Ghaib on 08:52 PM, 23-Jul-09

http://eyank.nab.su/eyank2.gif Spada....anybody home? http://eyank.mywapblog.com

Dolli Lolli Adisurya on 06:27 AM, 16-Feb-12


piveid on 08:44 PM, 22-Jul-12

wow .. Sippp

REPORTers on 09:38 AM, 24-Apr-13



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