Major Internal improvement

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 11:00 AM, 11-Feb-09

This was the reason why no new feature could be added in quite a long time.

The internal working system has been totally rewritten o achieve efficiency.

Though the changes made will not be obvious to end-users but definitely it is a big achievement. This will make future upgrades to the platform and the code much easier to manage.

Among other minor bug fixes and improvements, these are noteworthy:

1. Addition of visitor counter to user blogs.
2. Custom 404 Error page for user blogs.
3. Improved comment system.

Congratulations to our programmers for achieving this in time!

Thank You Team

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5 responses to "Major Internal improvement"

Aditya on 06:17 AM, 12-Feb-09

Good work,
but site needs more improvements to make blogs of al users easy to browse.

dmcefc on 03:37 AM, 20-Feb-09

keep up the good work

hamim jauhari on 05:16 AM, 23-Feb-09

cool.. Team on 09:17 AM, 24-Feb-09

@ Dmcefc, Hamim Jauhari;

Thank you very much.

Perdana on 10:22 AM, 15-Mar-09

How to make a background color text in

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