A Bug Fixed and 2 New Features Added

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 02:50 PM, 07-Jan-09

A minor update this time, 1 bug fixed, 2 new features added. Along with these a few internal improvements have been done.

One of the new feature is:

1. Comment Moderation System: With the increase in popularity of MyWapBlog.com, spammers were targeting many blogs. Although we were internally filtering comments for suspicious spamming activity, a few of them got past causing some trouble to the bloggers. We saw this and have created a comment moderation system which when turned on (form Dashboard->Settings->Comment Moderation) will let the blog owner manually Approve comments before the comments become visible on their blog.

The other feature lets you explicitly define whether you want comments without the commenter mentioning their email address (Dashboard->Settings).

Best Regards,
Arvind Gupta
Head Programmer,

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10 responses to "A Bug Fixed and 2 New Features Added"

lucy on 10:25 AM, 07-Jan-09

great work

Alex on 01:31 PM, 07-Jan-09

Hey i m nt able to differentiate between older and newly formed blogs.
Blog catalogue is useless as it shows most of autoformed blogs (Hello world).
Please do something so that it becomes easier to find newly formed and good blogs , nt the blogs like 'hello world'.
Thank you.

MyWapBlog.com on 03:41 AM, 08-Jan-09


Yeah you're right, we are working on it. You see there are many peoples who have just created their blog and never posted anything. The Blog Catalog, as is, shows them too, which is rather useless as you mentioned

Naiyer on 05:08 AM, 15-Jan-09

I hate that big banner in the header.Are simple text ads not enough? Can there be an option to disable banners?

Alex on 03:25 PM, 17-Jan-09

There shud b option of frendlist so that one can add a particular blogger in his frendlist.
Finding a user through seach is quiet difficult. So plz creat ADD TO FRENDLIST option. Thank u.


Daya serap pasar dijakarta cukup bagus untuk jkarta barat,tapi perluditingkatkan lagi dalamhal pelayanan dan akses ke kelompok2 yang brkompeten

Perdana on 03:44 PM, 17-Mar-10

How to make a background color for link or text in mywapblog?

MyWapBlog.com on 01:36 AM, 08-May-10

@ Perdana,
Background colors for link or text is not yet supported.

@ Ronald,
Marquee text is not supported as of now as even many mobile devices don't support them either.

Ronald on 12:41 AM, 08-May-10

How make a marquee text

Awang Haldis on 09:09 PM, 27-May-12

Wow postingan pertama

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