MyWapBlog Released (Alpha Version) For Testing

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 06:30 PM, 31-Aug-08

We are very proud and honored to announce the release of MyWapBlog service.

*What is MyWapBlog?*
MyWapBlog is a mobile blogging platform that enables peoples to register mobile blogs (for free) and also enables them to manage everything from their cell phones. No need for a PC!

*How can I register?*
Right now the service is in pre-release Alpha phase hence we are not accepting public registrations, service is restricted to a closed user group (testers). If you also want to volunteer as a tester, send us an email at support[AT]mywapblog[DOT]com.

[UPDATE: We are out of the Alpha phase and public registrations are now active. You can register your mobile blog here ]

Testers are kindly requested to give feedback at least once a day using the Feedback form. Please tell us about each and every bugs/problems you find, suggestions are most welcome. This would enable us to improve the service quickly.

Arvind Gupta,
Head Programmer,

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12 responses to "MyWapBlog Released (Alpha Version) For Testing"

Richard on 06:18 AM, 24-Dec-08

Great job! on 10:54 AM, 07-Jan-08


Thank you

hello on 07:36 PM, 21-Jun-09


uniQUE [It's Like That Name!] on 12:00 PM, 23-Jun-11

great news

Adinzz on 10:55 AM, 08-Apr-12


Gawink26 on 11:55 AM, 17-Jul-12

nyong arep belajar ngeblog kiye...ajarin ya kang.

National Collection on 06:37 PM, 25-Jul-12

Hmm, I'm proud to be a mwbers

pecinta on 11:21 PM, 30-Oct-12

mr arvind, I have not received a verification email from you. What should I do?

pecinta on 10:05 AM, 31-Oct-12

thank you, mr arvind. A verification email I have received, and now I can start to fill the blog with a calm heart.

Azmat Khan on 12:09 AM, 30-Nov-12

Hadir smile

MyWapBlogPedia INDONESIA on 08:51 PM, 08-Dec-12

Love mywapblog

Muhammad Aji on 05:36 PM, 11-May-13

--.succses 4 mwb!..-- WAH ANE ADA DI 1st POST OFFICIAL MWB! MR.ARVIND saya ingin mencoba alpha version. agar saya tau dan ikut merasakan saat mwb versi awal. tks. MR!

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