Updated with 6 New Features

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 11:27 AM, 16-Dec-08

Not a big update this time, three improvements made, one bug-fix and six new features added. Some of the important highlights from the update are:

*1.* Number of comments for each post is shown after each post in the blog homepage.
*2.* Search feature added to user blog. This will help visitors to your blog easily find the content they're looking for.
*3.* Custom theme option available for users (See DASHBOARD -> BLOG THEME).

Special thanks to Naiyer Asif for his suggestions.

*Best Regards,*
Arvind Gupta,
Head Programmer,

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2 responses to " Updated with 6 New Features"

Rohit on 10:03 AM, 22-Jan-09

Make this site as mauj blogs. So it wil b intresting. And also make categoies to publish blogs, like arts and architecture, hobbies and lifestyle, computer n technology, food and health and so on. .

brallama on 05:36 PM, 25-Feb-09

Allah o Akbar;

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