4 Bugs Fixed

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 07:20 PM, 30-Sep-08

A new feature "Tell Your Friends" Added.

This new feature lets users of MyWapBlog.com publicize their blog by letting MyWapBlog send personalized email messages to their friends.

There are two ways, first one automatically fetches "Friend List" from GMail contacts; the other one lets the user manually enter email addresses of thier friends. Each of them is sent a personalized email telling them about the user's mobile blog.

MyWapBlog Team,

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3 responses to "4 Bugs Fixed"

Zacky NuMetalizer on 10:16 AM, 21-May-12

kunjungan perdana sob!
Ijin follow sob!
d tunggu Follback + kunbalnya sob! biggrin


Gawink26 on 11:59 AM, 17-Jul-12

nyong komentar nang kene bae lah sing masih sepi...

Zacky NuMetalizer on 05:40 PM, 10-Sep-12

Ini cara gunain ya gmana sih ?

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