Official Forum Launched + A New Feature

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 12:06 PM, 08-Feb-11

I’m very pleased to announce the - Official Forum for the users of our service. The forum uses the awesome Simple Machines Forum software and has a mobile version. [Note: Please read the forum rules there (in News & Announcements) before posting anything]

I’ve also added a little feature to have “Share on Facebook” icon on post pages. You can change its display settings from “Settings | Blog >> Display >> Facebook Share Button”.

P.S.: Let me know if anyone is having any issues with the forum.


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32 responses to "Official Forum Launched + A New Feature"

Awang Haldis on 12:55 PM, 08-Feb-11

Great great mrgreen
i love mwb

Penjelajah on 02:11 PM, 08-Feb-11

Great news,thank you sir mrgreen

XXX on 03:22 PM, 08-Feb-11

Excellent update, no doubt Mwb is goin to rule blog community world in near future

Brett Walker on 03:40 PM, 08-Feb-11

Your talents are endless Arvind, thanks bud! 8)

Blogwap on 06:01 PM, 08-Feb-11

Woww.. Thanks.

Ramdan on 07:02 PM, 08-Feb-11

Thank's for add small feature with big function "facebook share"
how do i edit align fb share button?
Left,center,right? question
sorry for bad english sad

Wapmaster Top Google on 11:19 PM, 08-Feb-11

Wow mywapblog your really wonderfull, thank you for admin.
Next time if you can, add like fb, same on my blog

Arvind on 10:21 AM, 09-Feb-11

Thank you!smile

Ridha Anshari on 11:57 AM, 09-Feb-11

Thanks for great job.

Ranju CK Wayanad on 06:30 PM, 09-Feb-11

That's great!!!

Wahyu Rizant on 01:03 PM, 12-Feb-11

Follow all... smile

Warax on 08:46 PM, 12-Feb-11

Great , im problem Help me how to display the archives in mywapblog and eliminate the serial number on the navigation thanks

Satriavi on 10:48 PM, 17-Feb-11

this is my home sweet home.thanks

fransiskus on 10:34 PM, 22-Feb-11

Thanks to all MyWapBlog's Offiicers..

Bebas on 03:45 PM, 15-Mar-11

Asu twisted

Sent on a phone using kommer att ge teknisk hjälp i internet-anslutning! on 01:42 AM, 22-Sep-11

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Please Ban Me on 07:37 PM, 29-Sep-11

Please Ban Me! Please Ban Me!

Please Ban Me

Please Ban Me Please Ban Me Please Ban Me Please Ban Me

bhai-bahin ki chudai story on 03:07 PM, 08-Jul-12

langsung gambar ngentot dan cerita sexs

AGEN 025 Comunity on 08:47 PM, 27-Nov-12

nice,,,,, lol

thank you mr. Arvind

ZAHIDNOHRI on 07:00 PM, 05-Dec-12


Blank on 07:57 PM, 11-Dec-12

hi admin .. I am a user of mywapblog, thanks to admin who have made this site, I proudly declare "one user mywapblog" I come also to complain to the admin, that there is one user who claimed a supervisor told admin mywapblog, ie the user from malaysia, damd apparently also harass the content of user blogs Indonesia, so admin, thank you for allowing us to share in mywapblog... Tanks & spirit

agiel on 06:06 PM, 15-Dec-12

maaff saya nubie...
mohon bimbinganya ya gan buat ngelola blog saya..
oh ya tolong kunjungi blog saya yah..

albarput3 on 10:03 AM, 20-Dec-12

follow all
gw pndtang baru

MM 2628 on 02:39 AM, 23-Dec-12

visit my blog hehee

NONE ACC on 11:59 AM, 30-Dec-12

follow bum ranger

Rafly BWM on 11:56 PM, 30-Dec-12

Follow back

HAIT on 08:18 PM, 31-Jan-13

kunjungan perdana, mantav sob postx, kalo berkenan kulbal N' follbek eah smile

aricipta on 10:17 AM, 10-Feb-13

i don't know how long i'm here,,but i can feel this is a great blog in mobile,it's simple and a great , i like this,,i'll stay here,,thanks verry much,

Bangben87 on 02:24 PM, 24-Mar-13

nice info mr

wandi cutlaz on 01:02 PM, 01-Apr-13


wandi cutlaz on 01:02 PM, 01-Apr-13

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мαsτα мzи on 01:04 PM, 01-Apr-13

Good Job Bos

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