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Posted by Arvind Gupta on 10:11 AM, 29-May-15

We are very glad to introduce our new logo. - Logo

You can download the high-resolution logo and clip-art below: - Logo - Logo Clip-Art (Icon)

About the New Logo

As you may already know a logo is not just a logo but is something that conveys the values, passions, identity etc. of a company. With the new logo we have tried to do just that. The new color combination looks more flashy and fun but they have a deeper meaning. The Orange color signifies innovation, modern thinking, fun and youthfulness while Blue portrays professionalism, integrity, calmness and success. The clip-art implies the freedom and power that mobile devices provide for communication and how they bring people all over the world closer.

We welcome your opinion and thoughts on the new logo!

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131 responses to "New Logo for"

Dimas Noviansyah on 10:27 AM, 29-May-15

It's look beatiful, but if you add some more color like leaf green, it will look more freindly and calm....

Muhammad Arif on 10:34 AM, 29-May-15

very good

Blog Deri MWB on 10:53 AM, 29-May-15


IRUL ARIEF on 11:07 AM, 29-May-15

The logo looks very special Mr.
A blend of orange and blue is perfect.
Which when united the two colors will be green, which means cool (peace).

adel mwb on 11:10 AM, 29-May-15

After the new logo is no renewal of what else we await

Ryanalfarid on 11:14 AM, 29-May-15

Mungkin jika hijau dan jingga seperti warna css default mwb,
pasti lebih keren...

wulandari on 11:15 AM, 29-May-15

The logo was very nice with a matching color guides, so as to create the symbol of peace!

Inisial A on 11:25 AM, 29-May-15

This is very nice Mr. Arvind

Restu Mywapblog on 11:26 AM, 29-May-15

MyWapBlog new logo is beautiful. You can competition of design logo in anniversary MyWapBlog in the official event MyWapBlog.

ULIENS Dnjepanten on 11:33 AM, 29-May-15

i like your new logo mywapblog

Achmadt Wsuc on 11:34 AM, 29-May-15


Andri Nugraha on 11:36 AM, 29-May-15

very nice.

Jai shekhawat on 11:56 AM, 29-May-15


Admin Xelixpedia on 11:59 AM, 29-May-15

Nice logo , i love orange collor

putuadimarta rachman on 11:59 AM, 29-May-15

Perpaduan warna yang serasi..
Very Amazing..!!

Muhammad Naufal on 12:12 PM, 29-May-15

Very Nice Logo.

Dicky slanker on 12:14 PM, 29-May-15

I like it, nice

Dina on 12:25 PM, 29-May-15


Wandhi on 12:31 PM, 29-May-15

Logo is very good, I am very happy with this logo. Thank you Mr.

Iyud bLogNet on 12:42 PM, 29-May-15

logonya bagus mr. Dan sangat menarik ,, verry good logo

Ghofar on 12:47 PM, 29-May-15

terlihat simple dan elegan

Gus Nur on 01:06 PM, 29-May-15

for this new logo, in my opinion good, although the
color combination looks more like ucweb but I
actually prefer the old mywapblog logo.

rohman96 on 01:15 PM, 29-May-15

very nice

Mas Eko on 02:04 PM, 29-May-15

The Logo is Beatifull but looks very simple and cool. This logo no Java because android

Nurzaman on 02:29 PM, 29-May-15

Logo nya baguswink
makin keren!

Muhammad Fitrah Pandjalu on 02:44 PM, 29-May-15

that very cool,dont forget visit my blog hehehe

Asep awalludin on 02:49 PM, 29-May-15

Keren gan,maju terus dan terus berkarya. Dan jangan lupa kunjungi blog aku yang masih newbie..

Welly Yulianto on 03:01 PM, 29-May-15

The new logo is so nice, I like it

Richard Tobi on 03:05 PM, 29-May-15

Mr arvind, we really appreciate you. It will be nice if you create mywapblog app!

Erik on 03:18 PM, 29-May-15

i like new logo for mwb biggrin

Adit SEO Mwb on 03:33 PM, 29-May-15

nice design, clean & awesome smile

Blog21Mobile on 03:42 PM, 29-May-15

its good

mowenoblog88 on 03:50 PM, 29-May-15

Sangat menarik

Sholeh Fuadzy on 04:06 PM, 29-May-15

Logo yang indah dan kreatif

situs download lagu on 04:11 PM, 29-May-15

semoga mwb semakin maju.....

Angga Budianto on 04:16 PM, 29-May-15


Akshomz MWB on 04:31 PM, 29-May-15

Wow that is nice design.

Adrian Muhammad Ridwan on 05:20 PM, 29-May-15

Nice logo biggrin

Achmad on 06:13 PM, 29-May-15

Nice logo mr.Arvind

Good luck

Agung Sugeng Pangestu on 06:14 PM, 29-May-15

Nice & Colourfully logo biggrin

Download Lagu Terbaru 2015 on 06:32 PM, 29-May-15


Belajar Teknik SEO on 06:55 PM, 29-May-15

saya pengen bikin logo seperti itu, sangat keren

Atik Avianti on 08:16 PM, 29-May-15

Cool wink

Erkhani Herryansah on 08:19 PM, 29-May-15

This is cool..!!

marboy pea on 09:30 PM, 29-May-15

Sukses terus Mr arvind , Jangan lupa blogwalking ke blog saya


Citra Nada Blog on 09:40 PM, 29-May-15

Semoga mwb makin maju kedepannya. Salam Indonesia

мºšţºŦª кªмªĻ on 09:41 PM, 29-May-15

Visit Please

MITSUBISHI BINTARO on 01:08 AM, 30-May-15

nice new logo mywapblog.amazing

Avriie NOAH on 01:11 AM, 30-May-15

so perfect , i like it mywapblog mrgreen new logo a support me

WapCaliphate on 03:32 AM, 30-May-15

nice logo.despite our site posts and friendly,mywapblog still give us 2nd position.visit us and check maybe we worth it

Rhians MWB on 08:15 AM, 30-May-15

Nice logo , welcome to my blog DISCOTHEQUE MWB

Hanif Junior on 08:24 AM, 30-May-15

Nice logo mister.. I like it..

Tanaman Indonesia on 10:31 AM, 30-May-15

i like this..

Rafixzt yk on 10:47 AM, 30-May-15


Rafixzt yk on 10:48 AM, 30-May-15

terus naju nywapblog....

Aan Tamim Maarif on 10:54 AM, 30-May-15

Logonya keren..
Please, Jangan maintenance terus..

Mâñzäðâ Wàzáðâ on 12:03 PM, 30-May-15

I like new logo from Mywapblog

Abdullah Sidiq on 12:36 PM, 30-May-15

logo yang keren.

PEOPLE MWB on 01:07 PM, 30-May-15

Pretty cool! Nice work Mr. Arvind. biggrin

Fadly Killer on 01:07 PM, 30-May-15


Paulinho on 01:20 PM, 30-May-15


Sadaharu kusonoki on 02:00 PM, 30-May-15

lookin good, nice logo mastah...

BULLSHIT ZONE on 03:36 PM, 30-May-15


Ernert Steve on 03:48 PM, 30-May-15

Cool logo and icon
Great improvment smile biggrin wink

Silvi Resti on 09:48 PM, 30-May-15

Combination Red and blue..may be is Very good...Nice logo...

SyarieF 99メ on 12:21 AM, 31-May-15

semakin sip nih blog biggrin

Andi Zulhijar on 12:46 AM, 31-May-15

I Like this new logo,this logo is fresh with yellow and blue combination,not like the oldest logo biggrin,if you have time visit my blog mr.arvind

Flambon on 03:13 AM, 31-May-15

nice logo ...

Namikaze Minato on 07:13 AM, 31-May-15

Very nice logo. cheesy-grin

Muhammad Refy on 09:11 AM, 31-May-15

nice logo

jandri on 09:25 AM, 31-May-15

Mezing oooooooom.

WAMShare on 09:53 AM, 31-May-15

wow, this logo is super fantastic nice!

Aguz Street Team on 09:54 AM, 31-May-15

haha keren, sempet ngagetin juga ni

Andry Flamboys Blogger on 12:28 PM, 31-May-15

Jadi menambah kualitas mwb yahh

Diki Listion on 01:24 PM, 31-May-15

Baru buat blog nih

Menu Musik Download on 02:58 PM, 31-May-15

good, bagus.. smart phone..

Menu Musik Download on 03:02 PM, 31-May-15

Please, add one more ad 100% for the user under the navigation menu MWB, let mutual..

Ahmad Bala on 03:10 PM, 31-May-15

The design and colours of the logo is better now. I think the look of MyWapBlog will be even more attractive if you can apply the orange and the blue colours in the other parts like in the bottom. It is always nice to see something new on MyWapBlog. Keep it up!

Els rastafara on 05:55 PM, 31-May-15

Hai Mr.Arvind.. I will show you about my CSS in My Blog.. Theme in My Blog Is Spiderman.. With Red and Black Colour and Spiderman Pictures In Side.. Can You Add My CSS Into the MyWapBlog To Permanent? You Can See My Blog In if you like That .. Messages Me !! You can find Messages Link In Navigation To be easy..

I Hope Yo Reply My Comment ..
And Please Add My Css Into MyWapBlog.. If You Don't Like Spiderman Pictures In side My Blog.. I Can Delete This..

Thank you Mr. Arvind..


GaaraChan on 07:15 PM, 31-May-15

I Like Mywapblog

Heru Bachtiar17 on 07:27 PM, 31-May-15

nyimak aja sob

Agung Rela on 07:45 PM, 31-May-15

thanks mr.arvind, thanks mwb
i'm proud to be mywapblog blogger

MITSUBISHI BINTARO on 09:28 PM, 31-May-15

i like new logo mywaplog

rizky imanul on 03:12 AM, 01-Jun-15

warnanya bagus, mencolok. Namun saya lebih suka logo icon yang dulu. Dan sudah banyak yang tau jika ipod bersayap adalah Mywapblog

please translate to english

fatur99 aie93 on 05:47 AM, 01-Jun-15


PEOPLE MWB on 06:57 AM, 01-Jun-15

@Rizky Imanul, The color was nice and flashy, but I prefer the earlier logo. Everyone knows that the ipod winged is Mywapblog

Natsu Dragneel on 07:08 AM, 01-Jun-15

The Logo is veri nice, i like it biggrin

MyWapBlog Cooperation on 12:18 PM, 01-Jun-15

Wow... Thanks Admin,

Wali Chanyai ツ on 12:19 PM, 01-Jun-15

Cool.. Nice work boss biggrin

SlametBlogZ on 04:02 PM, 01-Jun-15


Erkham niam on 05:47 PM, 01-Jun-15


Henzruallaits on 01:34 AM, 02-Jun-15

yang coment hampir orang indo semua..

Andi Syahputra Siahaan on 07:26 AM, 02-Jun-15

Mantep mr arvind,,,
I lIke it....

슈퍼스마트짱 on 11:04 AM, 02-Jun-15

Great logo!
I wish mywapblog support any features, and valid HTML5 and I will use iframe tag in my post

Anggra Nur Pratama on 12:30 PM, 02-Jun-15

i like this logo biggrin

Wieldan ツ on 03:01 PM, 02-Jun-15

blog mastah udah ane rating 5. Ditunggu rattback 5 nya smile
Maaf gak bisa bahasa english biggrin

M Khairull on 08:44 PM, 02-Jun-15

Great logo, I like this sir...
Keep Succes mywapblog confused

Rizky Zawix on 07:06 AM, 03-Jun-15

Bagus logonya, keren. smile

Dandi Muhammad Alfarizi on 08:40 AM, 03-Jun-15

sangat menarik

keiko blog on 07:40 PM, 03-Jun-15

top narkotop sir

Bahrian Adhi Prasetyo on 05:02 AM, 04-Jun-15

Lumayan bagus. smile

samuel joshua on 05:17 AM, 04-Jun-15

Mr arvind,I have been nursing this question,is it possible to add more than one ad network?

NetComSys on 09:30 AM, 04-Jun-15

Very nice logo.
Don't forget to visit back cheesy-grin

Laré Oséng on 11:00 AM, 04-Jun-15

i like its... smile

Yogi Vikers on 04:40 PM, 04-Jun-15

Nice Logo smile
Visit Back biggrin

Muhammad noferdy on 06:54 PM, 04-Jun-15

i agree .

Arli on 05:59 AM, 05-Jun-15


Ega4rt Trenggalek on 10:27 AM, 05-Jun-15

Beautiful logo biggrin

Muhammad Rifqi Haikal on 09:26 PM, 05-Jun-15

Seems cool biggrin

Den andjhar hashirama senju on 02:31 PM, 06-Jun-15

very nice biggrin

Aminudin Aszad on 06:38 PM, 06-Jun-15

Look me now sad

full seo sembilan on 09:03 PM, 06-Jun-15


Diaztrada on 07:12 AM, 07-Jun-15

Beatifull Logo Brother Arvind

saiful riza on 03:24 PM, 07-Jun-15

it's perfect logo, don't forget visit my blog => biggrin

Blog Henpon on 05:29 PM, 07-Jun-15

awesome, perfect, and jos gandos ditambah top markotop, sir biggrin

Anang Khoironi on 08:07 AM, 08-Jun-15

luwihh apek seko seng dek biyen..

SULAPSULIP on 09:31 AM, 08-Jun-15

I like it

Aimal on 10:48 AM, 08-Jun-15

Hello Dear sir & all fellow bloggers,
First of all congratulation for the new logo. This logo represents very well, the best part about this logo is the combination of great colors. I was also planning to make a logo for MWB and send it to you as a surprise. By the way, this logo looks cool & is unique.

Regards, Aimal. smile

Fatkhur on 07:13 PM, 08-Jun-15

nice one

Arif Rahman on 10:26 AM, 09-Jun-15

Do You Like FapFap?

Cah Brebes on 03:01 PM, 09-Jun-15

see you

Hadi Wapper on 06:34 PM, 09-Jun-15

Logonya keren nih, mantap

Ezeaka E kosy Onyebuchi on 08:05 PM, 09-Jun-15

Guud work, Nigerians appriciate

MP3 Download Lagu Terbaru on 09:38 PM, 09-Jun-15

kunbal :v


nice smile

malaikat jingga on 10:55 AM, 10-Jun-15


Mudi Adamz on 06:50 PM, 10-Jun-15


Shreeram kanna Peddelli on 01:22 AM, 11-Jun-15


Abdul Aziz on 08:47 AM, 11-Jun-15

New Logo, New Spirit And New Hope. Iam waiting your follow back.

Tips Trick MyWapBlog on 09:40 AM, 11-Jun-15

yes that excellent my logo best 2015 for mywapblog

Daman H on 12:50 PM, 11-Jun-15

nice logo

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