New Feature: Custom Domains

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 10:50 AM, 02-Jan-11

With the New Year comes a new feature – Custom Domains

This feature lets you have just that – Custom Domains instead of the sub-domain ( Click on “Custom Domains” on the Dashboard under “Misc.” heading to know more.

Should you come across any bugs just let me know!

I hope you all are having a great timebiggrin

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9 responses to "New Feature: Custom Domains"

Rahasia Membuat Blog on 11:27 AM, 02-Jan-11

Thanks bos

Rahasia Membuat Blog on 11:33 AM, 02-Jan-11

Nice info boss, thank you

Hendry on 11:55 AM, 02-Jan-11

Great, and happy new year vind! smile

Widhi on 08:01 PM, 02-Jan-11

Thanks Bos. . Your are the best. . .Happy new year biggrin

Ranju CK Wayanad on 08:44 PM, 05-Jan-11

new custom domain is very helpfull. It decrease our url length and increase the traffic.... Thank you very much......

Ronald blogger on 12:19 PM, 09-Jan-11

Hi, accepted the love of his blog service, his advice, if domain parking can be made as easy and free, thx

Arvind on 09:32 AM, 10-Jan-11


@Ronald blogger,
It's indeed ver easy to set-up custom domain. You just have to create two DNS zone records.

Maesa GT on 12:54 AM, 24-Jan-11

Great boss.. I want follow you smile

Wapmaster Top Google on 05:40 AM, 10-Feb-11

What dns record for mywapblog

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