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Posted by Arvind Gupta on 02:45 PM, 17-Jul-10

We had a semi-downtime between 05:30-06:30 hrs GMT. After which everything was back to normal. I was busy fixing minor bugs and therefore couldn’t give update earlier.

Thanks very much to all for the patience. It’s so nice that many peoples started reporting bugs as soon as they saw them.

Please read about the new features in this version. There’s also one more important enhancement that I missed mentioning in that post – slug based search engine friendly URLs for post pages. So, now post URLs will no longer have the “post/1.xhtml” format rather the title of the post will be used to generate a nice looking URL.

NOTE: This is a BETA version and may (read will) be having bugs. Please report all that you find.


P.S.: My back’s aching and I wanna take a few days off! If I don’t reply to your mails, at least know what happened.

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19 responses to " updated to a New Version"

Brett Walker on 08:14 PM, 17-Jul-10

Thanks Arvind'...for you very professional time.... smile it's just to good to be true having video feature's...!!
Get well soon yeh'...!!

XXX on 08:58 PM, 17-Jul-10

happy smile

Perdana on 09:17 PM, 17-Jul-10

Very nice.

Shane on 10:35 PM, 17-Jul-10

Get some rest man, you kicked major butt on this update and you deserve some time away from work lol. Take care man!

SUMBODI on 11:36 AM, 18-Jul-10

Rest will help.Sitting at a computer too long will do it every time.Hope you feel better soon.

Firmadi Libra on 02:41 PM, 18-Jul-10

Mywapblog is the best

Ranju CK on 04:18 PM, 18-Jul-10

Thank you very much. Super!! शुक riya boss!

Arvind on 07:55 PM, 18-Jul-10

Thank you all very much!

TechGuy-Wasif Abbas on 03:55 PM, 19-Jul-10


MoNaLi on 09:42 PM, 27-Jul-10

Ur back aching lol. . Consult a doc . Dnt iGN0RE. . .

Arvind on 10:53 AM, 28-Jul-10

Thanks for your concern!
Now my back is okay smile

MoNaLi on 02:15 PM, 29-Jul-10

Ur welcome! Pls join my happy club

Abdul Muiz on 11:03 AM, 07-Aug-10

I love MWB...

Bugalbugil on 10:25 AM, 08-Aug-10

Looks like u've got a great vacation.. smile
Again, thanks for great n new features, I really like your professional job Arvind, asspecially nice looking urls for new posts, not like "post/numb.xhtml" any more.. thx Dude !

Arvind on 10:44 AM, 08-Aug-10

@Abdul Muiz,

Sort of... smile
And, thanks for your kind words. It's such a pleasure for me to hear this!smile on 09:32 AM, 23-Aug-10

let's talk about love @

Fael on 11:10 PM, 06-Sep-10

very nice...
good job.... smile

Widhi on 10:13 AM, 29-Sep-10

Realy super

aparadekto on 05:09 AM, 27-Oct-10

Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

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