Turns Seven!

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 12:01 AM, 10-Sep-15 7th Anniversray Graphic

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At the corner of my bedroom over a small desk was my brother’s laptop. It must have been 11:30 in the morning when I was registering the domain name “”. For the past twenty or so days I had been working on and this day it was to be officially launched.

That was 10th September 2008 but I remember it like people remember yesterday. Seven years have passed and my journey with has been very amazing and joyful, I feel myself really lucky to be a part of

I feel that you all – the users of – are the best in the world and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you give us. Each one of you is special to us!

As a yearly tradition let me provide you with some interesting statistics and figures:

  • USERS: 1,373,860 active (1,499,150 total)
  • POSTS: 8,490,346
  • COMMENTS: 15,234,742
  • PAGEVIEWS: 350 million-per-month

Thank you all again for making this a reality!

Have a nice day!

Yours truly,
Arvind Gupta
Arvind Gupta,

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172 responses to " Turns Seven!"

IRUL ARIEF on 12:05 AM, 10-Sep-15

Selamat Ulang Tahun MyWapBlog..!!
Semoga Semakin Sukses Dan Berjaya...!!

marboy pea on 12:12 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday MyWapBlog.Tingkatkan Lagi kehebatan MywapBlog,kalahkan Blog/website lain

Ejaz on 12:19 AM, 10-Sep-15

HaPpY BdaY wapBlog

REZ N RESPECT on 12:40 AM, 10-Sep-15

Selamat Ulang Tahun semoga selalu mengudara. smile

FIRMAN TAUFIK on 12:46 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birtday mywapblog, semoga di tahun ini mywapblog akan menjadi yg terbaik

Hanif Junior on 01:26 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday MyWapBlog! smile

AdminJAYSTARWAP on 01:28 AM, 10-Sep-15

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Shakib on 02:58 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday. For mobile blogging you are awesome

Shin Ra In on 03:30 AM, 10-Sep-15

Selamat ulang tahun MyWapBlog ! Semoga semakin canggih dan tetap nyaman menjadi kawan terbaik untuk para blogger.

Loethfi Hackiem on 03:42 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday mywapblog, may be the best

Laskar pedia on 03:52 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birth day mwb, semoga makin sukses buat mr. Arvind Gupta dan mwbnya

fatur99 aie93 on 03:56 AM, 10-Sep-15

ya.... Ya....

Arb4nDj on 04:00 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday Mywapblog Yang Ke-7 ..semoga Tambah sukses dan blog yang no:1..


Blog Henpon on 04:03 AM, 10-Sep-15

awesome, sir

The VIP on 04:18 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday Mywapblog cool

Md Shakibul Alam on 04:44 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday mywapblog. with my site I'm really happy . In these birthday I expect to add some extra features

Isaac admin on 04:49 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday:mywapblogblog

Mugi Fadilah on 05:05 AM, 10-Sep-15


Sakban on 05:11 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday For MWB, keep on doing and allways succes for

ººHeffri Hutapeaºº on 05:15 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday MWB.

The VIP on 05:18 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday mywapblog8-)

ClipsBD on 05:41 AM, 10-Sep-15

nice.thanks on 05:42 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday

вĻυƒƒ αямαηη on 05:55 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy 7th aniversery mywapblog and congrats!
now i think mywapblog will run more because of its new amd lots of features.
at last congrats!
"arvind gupta"

Husen on 06:02 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birth day...
Smoga sukses slalu ke depannya..

AFF Team on 06:15 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday

trickr bu on 06:29 AM, 10-Sep-15

Proud to be an Indian.. Its really awesome to see a indian bro working by heart on the perhaps the biggest blog provider.. Happy anniversary mr. Mywapblog

Rycho Awans on 06:40 AM, 10-Sep-15

HBD MyWapBlog....keep always be the best..forever...

Maaf bahasa inggrisnya tidak lancar hihihi mrgreen

Saurav Suman on 06:41 AM, 10-Sep-15

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md mahabub sorker on 06:48 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy barth day to you! :party:

Raxter on 06:56 AM, 10-Sep-15


Ganpat Rangi on 07:06 AM, 10-Sep-15

thnx sir

кдиб øзjдик on 07:09 AM, 10-Sep-15

Met ultah ya

BonusBD on 07:15 AM, 10-Sep-15


Rhians MWB on 07:16 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday mywapblog.....


Happy birthday

Erkhani Herryansah on 07:33 AM, 10-Sep-15

Selamat ulang tahun, semoga makin eksis dan tambah sukses buat ownernya.
Terima Kasih Arvind Gupta
Terima Kasih

HIndia on 07:41 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy anniversary

Download Lagu Mp3 Kualitas CDQ on 07:52 AM, 10-Sep-15

met ultah coeg

JBX786 on 08:01 AM, 10-Sep-15

JBX786 on 08:01 AM, 10-Sep-15

Vijay on 08:38 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday mywepblog

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Afriqueunique on 08:44 AM, 10-Sep-15

Nuff Respect

Wuddan on 08:55 AM, 10-Sep-15

Best regards Mr. Arvind, happy anniversary! biggrin

GOVIND SMIT on 09:04 AM, 10-Sep-15

Hapy bday sir
Kas aap 6 Sep ko domain register krte to mRa or mywapblog ek sath b'day celbrate krTe hahahaha BTW i am vry famous afte signup on MWB its give me big fame name on my city and among my 50K facebook members i am a starter on MWB and i have post about 250 post in mywapblog and that helps many pepole this is my blog link tysm sir biggrin

Laré Oséng on 09:06 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday mywapblog

Akash on 09:29 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy anniversary... biggrin

putuadimarta rachman on 09:36 AM, 10-Sep-15

Selamat Ulang Tahun buat Mywapblog tercinta, dari sinilah saya bisa belajar segala dan mengetahui semua yang belum saya tahu
terima kasih dan semoga kedepannya makin jaya dan maju...!!

Turjo on 09:39 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday smile

Administrator on 09:39 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Anniversary MyWapBlog.Com

destiny on 09:55 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy anniversary Mywapblog

malaikat jingga on 09:56 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Seventh Anniversary to You

Keep Moving smile

Shehab sarker on 10:02 AM, 10-Sep-15


Shehab sarker on 10:03 AM, 10-Sep-15


Haruna Cyber GuRu on 10:07 AM, 10-Sep-15

Sir i miss my blog site email and fasword sir that is sir help me to forgot my fswrd

Somzy on 10:12 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy bday

swisloaded on 10:16 AM, 10-Sep-15

Www..swisloaded.mywapblog.comWishing mywapblog best of updates..

Shýäm ñäräýäñ tríþäthî on 10:25 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday

Manzada Wazada on 10:44 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy aniv


i happy so much

Rimon miah on 11:04 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy birth day

go to

Brightex on 11:10 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy anniversary to Mywapblog........... the best nigerian mywapblog site ever

oyelola gideon on 11:11 AM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday wllnp and thanks for the free privileges giving to we bloggers to use your hosting for free thanks alot

akiums on 11:28 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday

cybersolution on 11:42 AM, 10-Sep-15

Happy anniversery to,i wish many in advance

Nelson brain on 12:10 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday wish u more users

Humaid Koreshi on 12:27 PM, 10-Sep-15

Bangladeshi Is also Here biggrin

Muhammad Fitrah Pandjalu on 12:40 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday MyWapBlog
Keep Going And Stay Trong MyWapBlog


Happy Birthday MyWapBlog . . Terus maju dan berkarya . .tambah lagi fitur2 yang lebih wah . . .sukses buat mr.arvind gupta . .you are the best

NetComSys on 01:09 PM, 10-Sep-15

Wish we are the best!

Ađмιη on 01:11 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happ birthday

Neox Anon Dz on 01:34 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday Mywapblog

rifky M rizaldy CH on 01:43 PM, 10-Sep-15


Alexander on 02:01 PM, 10-Sep-15

met ultah maywab moga tambah seru and tambah kenal mua orang,,,

AdminJazzyfan on 02:01 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday..lnnp.

kuldeep kasyap on 02:19 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday enjoy .....

Sagor Biswas on 02:21 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday

Renaluye on 02:27 PM, 10-Sep-15

Selamat ulang tahun mywapblog semoga tambah oke biggrin

Puisi 1 on 02:32 PM, 10-Sep-15


Badooski on 03:06 PM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday guy, pls register and log in page to mywapblog features.

Suryadi on 03:08 PM, 10-Sep-15

selamat ulang tahun...

PRINCE CLASSIC ELNOVA on 03:11 PM, 10-Sep-15


BERBAGI DENGAN IKHLAS on 03:12 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birtday mywapblog,

udin on 03:12 PM, 10-Sep-15


Fairoz zia on 03:28 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happpy Birthday. ...♡♡♡♡♡ and thankuuu for providing us with your service s....

Ajoy on 03:30 PM, 10-Sep-15

HBD my wap blog

Pangestu cyber dark on 03:43 PM, 10-Sep-15

Om swastiastu..
Happy anniversary mywapblog.mudah mudahan mywapblog lebih banyak penggunanya..
Lebih banyak fiturnya....
Mudah mudahan mr.arvind tetap semangat untuk memperbaiki mywapblog..
Dan mudahan mr.arvind tambah ganteng hehe cool smile
Pangestu cyber black on 03:44 PM, 10-Sep-15

so how much av u make from ur blog on 03:44 PM, 10-Sep-15

so how much av u make from ur blog on 03:50 PM, 10-Sep-15

i pray for more wealth more wisdom more knowledge to continue ur work. i wish u happy anniversary u will see more and more year

Rajaskid on 04:05 PM, 10-Sep-15


Jahidul islam on 04:28 PM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday mywapblog. with my site I'm really happy . In these birthday I expect to add some extra features

GURU on 04:51 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday

Nur Rayhan on 05:11 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday Mywapblog

Benjexx on 05:11 PM, 10-Sep-15

Keep it up.... Please we need ads....please...

Feri Fernanda on 05:26 PM, 10-Sep-15


Admin Tinstar on 06:10 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday Well Wishing Her More Successful Years Ahead.. Admin Tinstar

skygroup on 07:05 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy 7th anniversary

Admin on 07:05 PM, 10-Sep-15

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Faisal Abbas M on 07:17 PM, 10-Sep-15

Good And Thanks 2you My Boss I am From Nigeria An I am supporting You Too Appy Birthday 2 You

wapcaliphate on 07:54 PM, 10-Sep-15

nice to witness that......hmmmmmmmm official second mywapblog best site in d world is

Dogjog Tz on 07:58 PM, 10-Sep-15

hbd mywapblog

Wapbomb Naija on 08:00 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday

Taiwo on 08:03 PM, 10-Sep-15

Hbd mywapblog

Prashant Gupta on 08:14 PM, 10-Sep-15

Sir,Arvind Gupta
I and a lot of all blogger at want to you that day by dAY ADD more features and Made MyWapBlog best Mobile Blogging site.

Please pay atation on your user

Thanks a lot !!


I Will make my blog best if you help me

Atsuya Shirou on 08:35 PM, 10-Sep-15

selamat mensyukuti nikmat kelahiran untuk MyWapBlog smile

Raka Panth on 08:56 PM, 10-Sep-15

Superb ,excellence , and congrats, aisa hi chalta raho shubh kamna ke saat,,,,,


Elusiyan Samuel on 09:14 PM, 10-Sep-15

happy birthday Ooo

CMUSIC on 09:28 PM, 10-Sep-15 happy

Kiswanto on 09:32 PM, 10-Sep-15

selamat ulangtahun jayalah selalu mwb

BHIMO FNP on 09:41 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday mywapblog......

The HD on 10:22 PM, 10-Sep-15

Selamat Ulang Tahun
semoga selalu mengudara.

administrator on 10:30 PM, 10-Sep-15

happy 7th anniversary,congratulation..visit

MÚŹÁMMĨĹ ČŶßĔŔĶĨĎ on 10:58 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy birthday mywapblog

OTwORLD on 11:23 PM, 10-Sep-15

We, of course, wish
you a long,
successful career.
But that's not all!
We also wish you a
life filled with joy.
It's only fair —
you've made ours
so great! Happy
by OT.... And u can visit back

Imon on 11:44 PM, 10-Sep-15

Happy Birthday to MyWepBlog..

Folajomi on 12:02 AM, 11-Sep-15

Hbd mywapblog

NAWAZ SHARIF on 12:17 AM, 11-Sep-15

Many Many Happy returns of tha day!!

Joseph Seyi Taiwo on 12:47 AM, 11-Sep-15

Happy Birthdae, But remember to enable javascript to show yourself better than, your #1 fan at

sman on 12:57 AM, 11-Sep-15

happy birthday to you my

H4X0R PRINCE on 01:01 AM, 11-Sep-15

Happy Birthday 2 You

Usman best on 01:23 AM, 11-Sep-15

Happy birthday mywapblog

iNTEGRITY on 01:32 AM, 11-Sep-15

Congrats bro. Wishing you the very best

Fatai Ridwan on 02:40 AM, 11-Sep-15

happy birthday

OGBOGBO GODSTIME on 03:25 AM, 11-Sep-15


GOSPELFUNZ on 03:47 AM, 11-Sep-15


AFOSTAR on 04:24 AM, 11-Sep-15

Hapi birtdey

SOURAV on 07:44 AM, 11-Sep-15

Happy 7th Anniversary. smile

Marufur rahman ovi on 08:01 AM, 11-Sep-15

nice boss

MD KAUSAR on 08:07 AM, 11-Sep-15

happy birthday 2 u myblog :*

Tomy Naxz Kreatif on 10:32 AM, 11-Sep-15


Tomy Naxz Kreatif on 10:32 AM, 11-Sep-15


Muhammad Fatkhul Afif on 11:32 AM, 11-Sep-15

happy birthday mwb. . .
semoga support javascript

cah petir on 01:11 PM, 11-Sep-15

Hbd mywapblog semoga lancar jaya

Sakura Hitam on 03:25 PM, 11-Sep-15

Semakin ok

egha ghalieh on 06:09 PM, 11-Sep-15

USERS: 1,373,860 active (1,499,150 total) POSTS: 8,490,346 COMMENTS: 15,234,742 PAGEVIEWS: 350 million-per-month

waw. menakjubkan dan mwb memang bisa diandalkan dalam masalah blogging.

untuk ulang tahun mwb yang ke7, saya minta permintaan agar keyword diaktifkan. saya rasa mwb cuma kekurangan itu.

thank's you Mr. Arvind.

Adel Mwb on 09:41 PM, 11-Sep-15

Sampai saat ini saya masih cinta dengan MyWapBlog

Selamat ulang tahun Mywapblog

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happy birthday smile

Belajar Teknik SEO on 10:24 PM, 11-Sep-15

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AliieTFS7 on 10:41 PM, 11-Sep-15

HBD, To MWB,:O tpi syang blog ane sepi, sad

Purgatory on 10:52 PM, 11-Sep-15




Kenari Paseh on 06:56 AM, 12-Sep-15

Selamat ulang tahun

moga makin jaya

Edhyy on 08:56 AM, 12-Sep-15

Happy birthday

Ryanalfarid on 09:31 AM, 12-Sep-15


WAPMASTER ADONA on 10:44 AM, 12-Sep-15

happy bday

Muhammad Naufal on 05:12 PM, 12-Sep-15

Happy Birthday for MWB. always succes for you

Syed Arman Ali Shabir Shah on 10:49 PM, 12-Sep-15

Happy birthday to MWB, its very easy to use thank u Arvind bro.

MICHAEL  on 09:31 AM, 13-Sep-15

Happy birthday to MWB, semoga kedepan ny semakin sukses dan jaya slalu smile

Muhammad Nur Cahyo on 06:06 PM, 13-Sep-15

Happy Birthday Mywapblog

gilang on 08:15 PM, 13-Sep-15

Happy birth day mywapblog

2 years i life in mywapblog and i'm very happy biggrin

INDERAKULA on 08:39 PM, 13-Sep-15

Komentar nya apa tidak bisa dikasih halaman?
Post nya jadi Terlalu panjang.

Omponk Aje on 01:24 AM, 14-Sep-15

untung kesempatan ini bisa komentar ke blog pihak cheesy-grin cuma menyimpang komentar semoga MyWapBlog tetap di jelajahi para newbie kiss

Afendhiex15 on 12:18 PM, 15-Sep-15

Mr. arvind, kenapa Email saya tidak pernah dibalas?

ULIENS Dnjepanten on 04:50 PM, 15-Sep-15

happy birthday

Mrmizkid on 01:26 AM, 17-Sep-15

Happy anniversary so happy and pleased to be part of...this...

Ibu Vivi on 06:39 AM, 17-Sep-15

Happy birthday. . ?I like

daertham on 06:42 AM, 17-Sep-15

semoga sukses selalu.

Panggil Saja Iyud on 05:01 PM, 17-Sep-15

halo Mr.Arvind gupta ,I Am Newbie , plis Follback blog me.. I Like MWB

Panggil Saja Iyud on 05:01 PM, 17-Sep-15

halo Mr.Arvind gupta ,I Am Newbie , plis Follback blog me.. I Like MWB

Fadhil Ghifari on 06:16 PM, 17-Sep-15

Met milad ya mwb hehew *fly aways*
Mampir di blog ku ada cara dapet kartu kredit gratis dari payoneet

Wandhi on 12:15 PM, 18-Sep-15

thanks Mr. and thanks MyWapBlog

zulfiizzulhaq on 04:57 PM, 18-Sep-15

Selamat ulang tahun MyWapBlog, semoga makim ramai dan sukses selalu


selamat ulang tahun mwb

Erike Battōsai on 06:46 PM, 19-Sep-15

wah mimin pake css karya Dedy JunkieZz, ,, salut dehh

ProxyManiac Khalifa on 03:18 AM, 20-Sep-15

I wiah MWB the best
congrats biggrin

zhu ne on 06:29 AM, 20-Sep-15

Happy Birthday MYWAPBLOG..

jamz blog on 06:04 AM, 21-Sep-15

happy birthday

Darus on 02:32 PM, 21-Sep-15

selamat ulang tahun mywapblog, tambahin aja fiturnya

Victor D Onagaumah on 05:03 PM, 21-Sep-15

Happy Anniversary Mywapblog... Keep up the good work.

Mp3terbaru on 08:39 AM, 22-Sep-15

Happy Anniversary Mywapblog... :*

CIUNZII on 01:35 PM, 22-Sep-15

happy 7th year anniversary...i pray we all reach the top .. ...

Arian Symbian Blog on 03:01 AM, 23-Sep-15

Kunjungan Rutin gan. . .
Mantap tuh postingannya..

Jangan bosen" dengan saya ya.

Di tunggu kumbal dan follback.nya

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