to be Po*n-free

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 12:50 PM, 04-Dec-15 will remove all adult blogs starting 6th December. With the growing number of kids and teens using for blogging, socializing and fun we believe that our service should be po*n-free.

We have decided to remove all adult content from our service. In February 2013 we had taken a similar step to reduce the number of adult blogs and now we have finally decided to make TOALLY po*n-free.

Please note that we will be removing all adult blogs including premium accounts. Premium members will get a partial refund of the amount they paid considering the number of months left in their premium membership.

We urge all adult bloggers with premium membership to contact us with your blog URL and PayPal email to get your refund. You can also backup your content before 6th December by downloading them to your mobile/PC.

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195 responses to " to be Po*n-free"

KAGE NARUSIDER on 01:19 PM, 04-Dec-15


Kiblat CSS on 01:25 PM, 04-Dec-15


Wuddan on 01:30 PM, 04-Dec-15

do the best mr. arvind...

moga cepet beres n mwb bisa pulih kembali biggrin

Kholiq Fadhilah on 01:30 PM, 04-Dec-15

I'm so happy to hear that.

RIPKids on 01:35 PM, 04-Dec-15

Narik duit dulu nih, sama backup

Heru Bachtiar17 on 01:40 PM, 04-Dec-15

I totally agree mr arvind smile

rizky imanul on 01:41 PM, 04-Dec-15

thanks mr. I dont know this problem. rolleyes

VIKI RAHMAT on 01:41 PM, 04-Dec-15

so great

Belajar Teknik SEO on 01:43 PM, 04-Dec-15

Mantap bos, lanjutkan

Hadi Wapper on 01:49 PM, 04-Dec-15

Just p*rn-blog? You must be delete all blog about gambling, copyright, etc....

Andri Septian on 01:50 PM, 04-Dec-15

Terimakasih mr.arvind

Muh Naufal Yafi Winarto on 01:52 PM, 04-Dec-15

Thanks Mr Arvind
I'm So Happy To Hear That...

Beňy Story Land on 02:02 PM, 04-Dec-15

Hi leute, danke für eure unterstützung. Viel glück! smile

Sholeh Fuadzy on 02:09 PM, 04-Dec-15

Keputusan yang bijak! Terimakasih mr.arvind semoga mywapblog makin maju.

Ipul on 02:13 PM, 04-Dec-15

Beres wis nyong ndukung nemen kiyeeh

Arb4ndj on 02:14 PM, 04-Dec-15

keputusan yang bijak mr.arvind ,,semoga mwb semakin maju

Nayster Cianjur on 02:20 PM, 04-Dec-15

Good job sir ranger
I hope the Ads also po*n free.
Because sometime I see po*rn ads in mywapblog.

Djaka Lesmana on 02:23 PM, 04-Dec-15


Iqballabuan on 02:26 PM, 04-Dec-15

Just P*rn blog mr arvind?

nice post.

Ryanalfarid on 02:30 PM, 04-Dec-15

All Blogs porn full delete now, free or premium!!

Mau blog gratis
mau blog premium(berbayar),
adult porn tetap gak boleh haram oleh agama manapun.
Emangnya duit hasil blog premium(berbayar) bisa nyelametin lo dari api neraka gitu?

Very...very.. Funny...

Ryanalfarid on 02:44 PM, 04-Dec-15

Memang harus dari dulu mister...

I agree !!!

Udin Newstar on 02:52 PM, 04-Dec-15

Thank Mr Arvind.. Ini yg seperti saya kirimkan lewat email tadi kan??

Udin Newstar on 02:54 PM, 04-Dec-15

Thank Mr Arvind.. Ini yg seperti saya kirimkan lewat email tadi kan??

Sunakaze on 03:08 PM, 04-Dec-15

saya setuju sekali.. blog p*rn hanya mengakibatkan spam.. dan juga membuat dosa smile

Amir Ichsan on 03:22 PM, 04-Dec-15

memang sudah seharusnya bro..!

MUDASIR RASHID on 03:27 PM, 04-Dec-15

Excellent step

Kadir on 03:39 PM, 04-Dec-15

That's a Big step .

Many blogger of MWB Are Earning through Po*n advertisements ,so if you do make it porn free then those blogger may move to new blogging platform.

There Think twice before making final Decision.

Md Shakibul Alam on 03:41 PM, 04-Dec-15

happy to hear

Erkham niam on 03:44 PM, 04-Dec-15

Bravo mywapblog

Promise Abinel Chitedze on 03:44 PM, 04-Dec-15


GOanime on 03:49 PM, 04-Dec-15

Great !! Sir smile

Azi Satria G on 03:53 PM, 04-Dec-15

Thanks for this, Mr. Arvind. I really happy with this big news.

Tikusbray on 03:56 PM, 04-Dec-15

Bravo mywapblog . . . .

FelixDF on 03:57 PM, 04-Dec-15

I bet this is due MWB getting filtered by some Internet providers. I'm glad you have taken action immediately to resolve this problem, despite that it will reduce your income and you'll lose most paid members.

Ilham on 03:59 PM, 04-Dec-15

mantep kang arvind (y)

Afriqueunique on 04:06 PM, 04-Dec-15

Everything will be nice.

Al hasan on 04:10 PM, 04-Dec-15


Foyjullah Torun on 04:13 PM, 04-Dec-15

Good Decision

Cah Cilik on 04:14 PM, 04-Dec-15

good job mr.arvind.... :thumb:

IRUL ARIEF on 04:15 PM, 04-Dec-15

Semoga Lancar Master!!
Saya Sepenuhnya Mendukung Program Ini..

Salam MyWapBlog Bebas Konten Dewasa!!

Shiro on 04:25 PM, 04-Dec-15

ok, lanjutkan min. semoga mwb gk error lagi.

Déoviku on 04:29 PM, 04-Dec-15

Sukses selalu

cricpagla on 04:32 PM, 04-Dec-15


Kpopers House Team on 04:32 PM, 04-Dec-15

Sounds good, glad to hear that...
Thanks Mr~ you're the best!

IFTIKHAR AHMAD ZAHID on 04:33 PM, 04-Dec-15

It is great step.

DDFreeDishAssam Admin Group on 04:37 PM, 04-Dec-15

Very Very Good Decision.

Gaganjyoti Kalita on 04:39 PM, 04-Dec-15

Very very good step.

Muhammad Sajili on 04:42 PM, 04-Dec-15

Yes,I agree smile

Zerom Sahu on 04:45 PM, 04-Dec-15

Great Decision

Chris De Kelvin on 04:55 PM, 04-Dec-15

Great job Mr. Arvind! But, my ads are not delivering any money lately. Sometimes, it shows $0.07 and later disappear. Why Mr. Arvind?

Haruna Saleh on 04:57 PM, 04-Dec-15

I feel happy for hear that

Prashant Gupta on 04:58 PM, 04-Dec-15

We now that numbers of Adult Blogs is very lests
But it good decision to make it free of it...

Sir earnings of MyWapBloggers is very lests
so make somethings to increase it


Sir must remove category also (mature)

Ajis Ifasm on 05:04 PM, 04-Dec-15

Agak nyesel juga sih sad

gudang lagu mp3 on 05:07 PM, 04-Dec-15

good jobb biggrin

Lovetune on 05:25 PM, 04-Dec-15

Hmm this is a great idea. !!!
i like it..

malaikat jingga on 05:26 PM, 04-Dec-15

I agree with the decision Mywapblog. This is the best choice. cause there are issues, that Indonesia will block many sites that contain pornographic content. Spirit

Ade Mawanz on 05:47 PM, 04-Dec-15

idea oh proses ini toh yang bikin domain MWB di Indonesia diblok pemerintah, semoga cepet kelar deh upgrade-nya Mang Arvind, kami tunggu loh biggrin

Semangat blogger Indo biggrin

Lalparmawia on 05:56 PM, 04-Dec-15

bdxoul on 06:10 PM, 04-Dec-15

do it

Jipenx Web on 06:26 PM, 04-Dec-15

Nice Mr. Arvind , good job

SK JAMIL on 06:29 PM, 04-Dec-15


Naruto on 06:29 PM, 04-Dec-15

Thank You so much

Mk Blinz on 06:34 PM, 04-Dec-15

That is great.
Check my info site

NetComSys on 06:40 PM, 04-Dec-15

I would like to say Alhamdulilah...

young cyber gurus on 06:41 PM, 04-Dec-15

So nice sir

guys visit my blog

Neox Anon on 07:03 PM, 04-Dec-15

exelent décision. i wish you remouve all adult content for ever

ADMIN on 07:16 PM, 04-Dec-15


mutiara linda yanti on 07:18 PM, 04-Dec-15

I'm agree mr.arvind. . Mwb is the best.

Rizwan khan on 07:37 PM, 04-Dec-15


Rymaru on 07:39 PM, 04-Dec-15


GidsUpdates on 07:58 PM, 04-Dec-15

Yeah... That's Good. I Love That. Happy New Month To You Mywapblog

husein si ganteng on 07:58 PM, 04-Dec-15

saya tidak mengerti

pulsa gratis plus gretongan on 08:07 PM, 04-Dec-15

Mantap gan lanjutkan

Mukund Nandan on 08:07 PM, 04-Dec-15


Bdtalk on 08:08 PM, 04-Dec-15

It is a very good dicicion for mywapblog.I thank to mywapblog for his good dicicion.we are sorry that we are no any earning systam and bangla language.

www.Trustloaded.mL on 08:15 PM, 04-Dec-15

Nice One Mr Arvind May Allah Bless you

Pushpendra on 08:21 PM, 04-Dec-15

Great Decision...

Anil Gupta on 08:29 PM, 04-Dec-15

der aaye durust aaye. Thanx

Ađмιηistrator on 08:40 PM, 04-Dec-15

Nice one

Super Java Hacker on 08:40 PM, 04-Dec-15


Boss Hafizul on 08:53 PM, 04-Dec-15


Aikabeli Ope on 09:02 PM, 04-Dec-15

Wow!thats a big move.

Khalequzzaman on 09:21 PM, 04-Dec-15

I was published a post in my blog about creation adult website in 10 minutes. For this post is my blog can be suspend?

Ibrahim A Gambo on 09:40 PM, 04-Dec-15

good of it…. dat very nice

Paulinho on 09:47 PM, 04-Dec-15


OTwORLD on 09:51 PM, 04-Dec-15

it gonna be amazing.... #nice one

Olumide Samuel on 10:01 PM, 04-Dec-15

How do I get premium membership?

ADEBAYO AYOBAMI on 10:02 PM, 04-Dec-15

Thats a cool one mr arvind.

ADEBAYO AYOBAMI on 10:02 PM, 04-Dec-15

Thats a cool one mr arvind.

israel on 10:18 PM, 04-Dec-15


Admin on 10:20 PM, 04-Dec-15


ovido on 10:23 PM, 04-Dec-15

Oh!! Boy that a nice one "sire arvind it a speed fast way to attract viewer and visitor more

Makan on 10:36 PM, 04-Dec-15

Je suis très content d'avoir entendu ça!

LUCKINZO on 11:01 PM, 04-Dec-15

That is nice,better

Seinote on 12:22 AM, 05-Dec-15

nice move. on 12:24 AM, 05-Dec-15

Nice 1

Omponk Aje on 12:32 AM, 05-Dec-15

Great ,nice post

proffsamnoney on 12:52 AM, 05-Dec-15

Good Ideal

hackstech on 12:56 AM, 05-Dec-15

ok it nice

Admin on 01:07 AM, 05-Dec-15


jon hendri on 01:12 AM, 05-Dec-15


MD KAUSAR on 01:39 AM, 05-Dec-15

thank u so much smile

MOHAMED MKULUMWILE on 02:17 AM, 05-Dec-15

Welldone, Proud If Will Be Archieved

SobojRong on 03:43 AM, 05-Dec-15


MasMustakim on 04:00 AM, 05-Dec-15

it's a good news for me biggrin, thanks Mr. Arvind

Ini-Lah MyWapBlogKu on 04:22 AM, 05-Dec-15

First all I appreciate you to make free from po*n.

But I hope you totally doing that. Free or premium account.

Imam newbie on 05:31 AM, 05-Dec-15


ʚAri Setiawanɞ on 05:35 AM, 05-Dec-15

VeryNice Mr Arvind (y)

Laré Oséng on 06:04 AM, 05-Dec-15

alhamdulilah akhirnya keputusan yang aku tunggu datang juga....
Terimakasih MWB sukses buat admin..
Jaya terus buat kita semua.

Samehadaku KW on 06:48 AM, 05-Dec-15

Mr.Arvind untuk situs anime tidak kena block kan?? Soalnya MyWapBlog sekarang banyak situs anime , saya me Wakilkan dari situs Anime Di mywapblog ,soalnya banyak dari situs anime di mywapblog yang bingung apakah kena block atau tidak , mohon konfirmasinya biggrin #Samehadaku_KW

Ibu Vivi Silvi on 07:33 AM, 05-Dec-15

I'm waiting for the decision ultimately
came too

Mr. Arvind
I fully support this program.

Rokon on 07:36 AM, 05-Dec-15

Thanks for this Blog,I really happy with this bigest Blog.

Ouhmane abdelilah on 08:10 AM, 05-Dec-15

good job smile

Kishan Kumar on 08:15 AM, 05-Dec-15


Anonim on 08:20 AM, 05-Dec-15

Aku sangat setuju bahwa awapornografi.


Dede Pangestu on 08:26 AM, 05-Dec-15

nice job

Ayan hasan on 09:28 AM, 05-Dec-15

oh great and visit

BonusBD on 09:52 AM, 05-Dec-15

Very good job

Goodness Naijareal on 11:02 AM, 05-Dec-15

Good of u

Iqbal Fauzi M on 11:51 AM, 05-Dec-15

I agree Min biggrin

sagar on 12:55 PM, 05-Dec-15

remove my other blog -

Sakban on 01:04 PM, 05-Dec-15

Very good, Im agree Mr. Arvind...

Sohag Alhasan Asadullah on 02:09 PM, 05-Dec-15

i like it

Ghanmi Chokri on 02:29 PM, 05-Dec-15

great news! this must be an example for other blogging platforms! thank you !

Dskywizzy on 03:44 PM, 05-Dec-15

Would mine also be deleted?

Muhammad siddique chandio on 05:28 PM, 05-Dec-15


Khan on 06:20 PM, 05-Dec-15

Feeling Happy

NaijaBox on 06:23 PM, 05-Dec-15

Your ads should be porn free also PLEASE!!!

Benjamim Santos on 06:28 PM, 05-Dec-15

Naijas on 06:37 PM, 05-Dec-15

It will be a greate opinion

Andry Flamboys Blogger on 07:20 PM, 05-Dec-15

Great bro

Fadhly on 09:04 PM, 05-Dec-15

100% agree with u biggrin

Deeραк яαj кυмαя on 09:21 PM, 05-Dec-15


Deeραк яαj кυмαя on 09:22 PM, 05-Dec-15


new bloger on 09:37 PM, 05-Dec-15


Ashik Ahmed on 10:19 PM, 05-Dec-15


MANOJ THAPAK on 10:57 PM, 05-Dec-15

Very nice..agreee

Sagar on 11:39 PM, 05-Dec-15


DNNS on 12:53 AM, 06-Dec-15

wow very nice, best help full poware of our sarvice

Admin Tinstar on 01:42 AM, 06-Dec-15

Yes To The Management Of Mywapblog, We Support The Motion Hashtag #NoPornMyWapBlog

Rendy on 04:52 AM, 06-Dec-15

Follow my blog,please

Nishal singh on 06:18 AM, 06-Dec-15

open my blog

Nishal singh on 06:19 AM, 06-Dec-15

Hi everyone

Salsabila Dangduter on 08:47 AM, 06-Dec-15

How about Blog Download like my own?...

Salsabila Dangduter on 08:49 AM, 06-Dec-15

In Indonesia, mywaplog cannot open normally, because blocked by several provider simcard. So, i use add-on for open it and edit my blog....

TukaNgeShare on 09:07 AM, 06-Dec-15

Thanks Mr. Arvind smile

Sana khan on 09:17 AM, 06-Dec-15

Remove Adult Sites plz

Sana khan on 09:20 AM, 06-Dec-15

Friends Visit My Site
Thank u mywapblog admin

Sana khan on 09:21 AM, 06-Dec-15

Friends Visit My Site

sujan roy on 10:13 AM, 06-Dec-15

We are neare you , dear

Astro Pedia Blog on 12:43 PM, 06-Dec-15


Egha ghalieh on 12:51 PM, 06-Dec-15

saya setuju dengan pemikiran anda dan saya akan membantu anda mencari situs porn dan segera saya laporkan. Akan tetapi kenapa baru sekarang dilakukan operasi situs? Padahal saya pernah lapor sebelumnya? Thanks

agis on 01:25 PM, 06-Dec-15

Bener tuhh

Sam Obi on 02:14 PM, 06-Dec-15


Kayezjavasite on 02:26 PM, 06-Dec-15

wow that is very great

Somzy on 04:23 PM, 06-Dec-15


Mir Abdullah on 05:25 PM, 06-Dec-15

Iam proud of you... You really deserve a S U P E R B Salute.
(Mir Abdullah From PAKISTAN)

HambA Allah on 05:41 PM, 06-Dec-15

thumbs up for u smile

Javed Badani on 06:10 PM, 06-Dec-15

changi website aa kaka........

NUANIA PRECIOUS on 06:46 PM, 06-Dec-15

I think That'd be a welcome development.

ProxyManiac Khalifa on 07:01 PM, 06-Dec-15

Cool smile biggrin

IKHFA on 08:27 PM, 06-Dec-15

mantap Mr.Arvind dan harus buat bermanfaat

kinkin on 08:27 PM, 06-Dec-15

good warning

anonymous admin on 08:40 PM, 06-Dec-15

We cannnot use javascript code here. We cannot get full control of our blog. Admin should do some thing this. Bt wapblog is still great for writting post

ledy erlangga on 08:42 PM, 06-Dec-15

i hope mwb the best for platform blog

deepak pal on 09:49 PM, 06-Dec-15


Choice on 01:57 AM, 07-Dec-15

Well if you guys say so...

Wildestbado on 02:45 AM, 07-Dec-15

Nce buh you guys shold enable javascript pls it makin our income low

Soleehyien always forever on 03:13 AM, 07-Dec-15

Good job

RaHim Hasan Roni on 07:47 AM, 07-Dec-15


Skysaint on 10:34 AM, 07-Dec-15

Wow congratulations.

Niko Nurcholis on 01:02 PM, 07-Dec-15

Whatever.. -_-
There's no difference to me.

Black Hat Hacker on 01:41 PM, 07-Dec-15

No come on most people use these blog because there is adult material.... N if u delete this item m afraid there will be less users

Katasikus on 01:54 PM, 07-Dec-15

is Good... this is real mywapblog..

rian seo on 07:38 PM, 07-Dec-15

Mampus blog P*rn* biggrin musnah

Musa on 08:04 PM, 07-Dec-15

huhh am so happy 2 hear dat

Robin Ahmed Al Emon on 12:22 AM, 08-Dec-15


Admin TempatnyaUnduhMusikCom on 10:23 AM, 08-Dec-15

I Like It biggrin

Rizal on 01:56 PM, 08-Dec-15

Thanks you very much about it smile

Anime Mp4 on 04:45 AM, 09-Dec-15

I support min

Upen on 04:53 AM, 09-Dec-15

Ok thanks

I likes is this

Sucses always

Mr SukaLagu on 01:45 PM, 11-Dec-15

Thanks Mr Arvind

RSinghX on 04:35 PM, 11-Dec-15


ULIENS Dnjepanten on 05:15 PM, 11-Dec-15

i like mr.arvind... Tanks

Master Mywapblog on 07:55 PM, 11-Dec-15

great ....

Donexclusive on 03:33 PM, 12-Dec-15

Excellent Idea i support this

Mey Rahmi Arisda on 07:01 PM, 12-Dec-15

Nice post biggrin

Kyuzumaki Leony on 06:09 AM, 13-Dec-15

bang arvind
sediakan fitur javascript dong!

dHKsatria Inc on 06:25 PM, 14-Dec-15

Best Regard Mr. Arvind

Im support ...

Aminudin Aszad on 01:44 AM, 15-Dec-15

That's great. Baguss

AnimEvil on 05:01 AM, 15-Dec-15


Adi Rahmadi on 05:32 PM, 16-Dec-15

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rohit kushwaha on 09:05 PM, 16-Dec-15

hi freinds

HOT SPOT MWB ᔝ on 03:52 AM, 17-Dec-15

thats so amazing ! Thanks mr.arvind

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