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Posted by Arvind Gupta on 08:30 AM, 19-Sep-12

Indonesian Version

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As I promised last week the localized version of in Indonesian is ready! It’s really a proud moment for me to be able to say this. It might seem a small addition but took dedication of many peoples.

I think I started with the translation back in May, but due to the huge amount of tedious and repetitive work involved, eventually dropped the idea in favor of working on other features. Enter David Khoirul – with interest in translating the language files, but not only that – a motivator, too. And let’s not forget all the peoples who, whenever saw me online, wouldn’t miss the opportunity to tell me that I’m not getting away with it!

So, with all the love I was back on track in no time, working as much as I could to make the code ready and texts translatable. It took a great deal of time, I must say! But, David, he wasn’t my sort – he completed translating the language files in three days! Special thanks to him. Again, myself being the lazy sort, it took me another week to test the whole thing thoroughly and finally release it! Better late than never.

I really feel grateful to David because if it hadn’t been for him the translations would have remained a thing of humor (however good Google Translate may be it amazes me how much funnier it could be than real peoples!). And, of course many thanks to you all – the users.

As always, if you find a problem do let me know (if you find problems in the translated text you know who is to blame!)


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55 responses to " Now Available in Indonesian"

John Brother Zabir on 08:37 AM, 19-Sep-12

Pertamax biggrin

дĻдη дjjªch on 08:38 AM, 19-Sep-12

Terima kasih Mr,Arvind

arizall on 08:39 AM, 19-Sep-12

mantap....ini yang sangat di tunggu-tunggu...terimakasih mywapblog

Iant on 08:52 AM, 19-Sep-12

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FIRMAN MOBILE BLOG on 10:57 AM, 19-Sep-12

Terima kasih banyak Mr.Arvind biggrin

The Blue Shelter on 11:12 AM, 19-Sep-12

this is an awesome wap site and i love it.i am fresh and i am using the english version.i am using this same theme as you and i would like my categories to be at the very top of my do i do this?if i need to edit the css,can u send it to email is you.happy anniversary.

Blog Sederhana on 12:01 PM, 19-Sep-12

Goodjob,. Thanks mr arvind,

Shihas on 07:41 AM, 20-Sep-12

Good..iam very happy to inform this

samuel on 02:14 AM, 21-Sep-12

[color=blue] Nice Job Mr Site Owner [/color]

Chella pitt on 10:09 AM, 21-Sep-12


STRADMORE on 02:15 PM, 21-Sep-12

nice work indeed...
ilove mwb soo much...
Im a filipina from the Philippines.. i hope that all bloggers here speak in english bcos its i dont understand what others are talking about... Anyway, mabuhay mwb! (long live mwb!)

Mushil.Mus Mus Yang Tidak Bisa Di Hil Hil on 05:17 PM, 22-Sep-12

terimakasih,saya juga suka bahasa india.

Sulton Wijayanto on 10:13 PM, 23-Sep-12

thanks mr arvind

kuluhsagalarakai sagalarakai on 04:29 PM, 24-Sep-12

aku bingung,soalnya aku baru gabung.jd blog ku d google

NH&DOGILPONSEL on 08:27 AM, 27-Sep-12

Ass, mr Arvind, mga succses n ttp brjaya.
Saya mo mnta tlong nich, Akun saya di hack org.. ( gimna cra ngembaliin nya... Mhon bntuan dr mr.. Please.. Dtggu ya pencerahanya.

Mirwan on 11:24 AM, 27-Sep-12

Ajarain dunk

SULTON WIJAYANTO on 06:08 PM, 29-Sep-12

thanks mr Arvind for your visited and comments in my blog..

bhaskar on 09:16 AM, 01-Oct-12

[url] [/url]

GreenZoner Blog on 03:49 PM, 01-Oct-12


thank you Mr. Arvind!
We Like It

™©"Vivi's"©™ on 04:10 PM, 02-Oct-12

Wah sekarang tambah mudah buat di pahami karena memakai bahasa indonesia.......thnk bngt

naah sandoh stephen on 09:30 PM, 05-Oct-12

Am yet to experieance it

hari edo on 09:29 AM, 06-Oct-12

[ b]bos masih binggung ne gmana cra krja nya adoww[ /b]

Agustian on 10:10 AM, 11-Oct-12

Bingung,,masih kurang faham nih..?

Azril Tanjung on 11:26 PM, 12-Oct-12

thanks mr. Arvind,nice introduce with you.welcome at myblog and i waiting for your comment.

WongBONGOSII on 07:01 PM, 14-Oct-12


narito on 10:13 AM, 15-Oct-12

Keren gan

Astakhirul Izza on 10:29 AM, 17-Oct-12

Thanks very much bang Arvin..

Samuel gerald idowu on 06:39 PM, 19-Oct-12

hello sir. I've been sending feed request to this site but still got no reply. Why is that sir!

Rahman on 04:27 AM, 08-Nov-12

Thank! mywapblog

Irwan setiawan on 07:52 AM, 13-Nov-12


Cewek Bohay on 10:21 PM, 15-Nov-12

waw keren redface

Astakhirul Izza on 08:16 PM, 20-Nov-12

Ajkk bro.. !

siswantoany on 10:01 PM, 27-Nov-12

Keren sob dtunggu kunbal na

Indah Nya Berbagi on 12:54 PM, 03-Dec-12

thankz mr

agus on 10:42 AM, 04-Dec-12

thx mr arvind..i liked..

heri kiswanto on 05:47 PM, 05-Dec-12


Dargelbae on 12:33 AM, 07-Dec-12

Terimakasih, ini adalah pengalaman baru bagi saya.

Joddy on 03:01 AM, 07-Dec-12

gimana cara kerjanya

adit Drezpector comunity on 03:57 PM, 09-Dec-12

salam kenal sob blog sudah saya follow dan sangat di tunggu folbacknya sukses selalu sob

Engkin on 02:48 PM, 15-Dec-12

International ! mrgreen
I'm Indonesian, but still loving english..
I will keep use it.
Thanks.. cheesy-grin

Jenengkito on 07:10 AM, 18-Dec-12

Urung mudeng nyong

Hendry on 09:10 AM, 18-Dec-12

mantep min

Anang Wahyudi on 06:32 PM, 20-Dec-12

Saya hanya coba ikut gabung.

Fahrie on 06:11 AM, 22-Dec-12


Ardi Esdiyanto on 04:53 PM, 24-Dec-12

thanks a lot mr arvind.

Erkhani Heryansah on 10:00 AM, 26-Dec-12

Good job! thank you so much for MR.Arvind..

Aldo512 on 12:58 AM, 01-Jan-13

Thank you

Nhain ahmad on 10:31 AM, 03-Jan-13

Thank's mr arvind....

Imans on 06:25 PM, 04-Jan-13

lam kenal dri anak bru. . minta bantuanya

Bathik Madrim on 10:36 PM, 07-Jan-13

Selamat tahun baru 2013 buat master-master MWB semua. Mohon saran serta dukunganya..?'

jupri on 03:06 AM, 09-Jan-13

Masih newbie nie, masih belajar n lam kenal ja

Papa Reyhanz on 09:20 AM, 05-Feb-13

Sip sip sip. I love Bahasa Indonesia

Alimarcopolo on 06:04 AM, 09-Feb-13

Apa lah mau dikata

toommaxm on 06:49 AM, 09-Feb-13


Dina Khan on 12:46 PM, 25-Apr-13

Kamu hebat pak Arvind

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