Posted by Arvind Gupta on 10:55 AM, 09-Aug-16

[This issue has been resolved. See: Downtime Issue Resolved] was down for most of yesterday as we tried different things to solve the issue in vain. The problem repeated every few hours as we were not able to find a solution. We were finally able to bring the service online at 02:00 GMT after which the server has been running smoothly without any issues, though the underlying issue has yet not been solved.

We are pretty sure that there should be no issues for the time being; however we have scheduled a maintenance for 20:30 GMT to try to permanently fix this issue. There would be a downtime of about 1 hour while the maintenance is performed. We will update you once the maintenance task has been performed.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Thank you,
Arvind Gupta,

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32 responses to " Downtime"

Gideon Kachi on 11:06 AM, 09-Aug-16

We still love you mywapblog

Badooski on 11:15 AM, 09-Aug-16


Katasikus on 11:30 AM, 09-Aug-16

Ok.. kami tetap sabar ko Mister, cat

Alawiy on 11:44 AM, 09-Aug-16

Sukses selalu Mr. Arvind mrgreen

Dj key vasco on 12:39 PM, 09-Aug-16

Curtem boas musicas

Hafizul on 12:51 PM, 09-Aug-16

Ok Boss

Taufik Adiluhur on 12:57 PM, 09-Aug-16

yang penting sekarang sudah fix. thanks for your services

BonusBD on 01:09 PM, 09-Aug-16

Ok....... I Love Mywapblog Very Much....

ImayWapBlog on 01:48 PM, 09-Aug-16

lanjutkan mr.arvind

Cute Hacker Vinay Mahida on 02:09 PM, 09-Aug-16

Its okay. Thankx for informing us.

Sholeh Fuadzy on 02:25 PM, 09-Aug-16

i respect!

yudi suhendri on 02:26 PM, 09-Aug-16

semoga MyWapblog tidak down lagi smile

Hady Taufiq on 02:32 PM, 09-Aug-16

Oh gitu yach... Okey sukses Mywapblog..

Whizkevina on 03:04 PM, 09-Aug-16

You are still the best.

Marcos on 03:32 PM, 09-Aug-16

Good luck!

Dede on 03:39 PM, 09-Aug-16

oke. Thanx sekarang udah fix lagi.

putra jaya on 04:02 PM, 09-Aug-16

Keren sob. Jangan lupa kunbalnya

Max Yudith on 04:16 PM, 09-Aug-16

relating to the server maintenance, whether there are additional new features of in the future then?

Pandit Shyam Narayan Tripathi on 04:25 PM, 09-Aug-16

Thanku sir
and now visite

DAMILARE SAMUEL on 04:50 PM, 09-Aug-16

Nice to hear that. Hope it wont last long.. From damilare of

ZekkenID on 05:27 PM, 09-Aug-16

Mantab down lagi

Edi Nurhidayat on 06:46 PM, 09-Aug-16

I don't know confused

Robi aa on 08:34 PM, 09-Aug-16

Ooo ok lah wlaw ngak ngerti ngomong apaan!

ABJ MWB on 08:45 PM, 09-Aug-16

pantesan maintance mulu dari tadi, ternyate lagi ada masalah di server na, pi untunglah dah di pix, moga-moga gax down lagi

JoyJoy on 08:45 PM, 09-Aug-16

alright thanks for informin us

Jurnal Blog on 08:47 PM, 09-Aug-16

maintance smile

Armeis on 09:03 PM, 09-Aug-16

Server gaguan beberapa hari,
pasrah dengan keadaan saja.
Salam sukses MWP dari ku Admin..

Armeis on 09:04 PM, 09-Aug-16

Server gaguan beberapa hari,
pasrah dengan keadaan saja.
Salam sukses MWP dari ku Admin..

Hydra on 05:39 AM, 10-Aug-16

Up mwb



ugobest on 08:09 PM, 10-Aug-16

visit: www.WOKIS.Tk

Pallab Datta on 09:49 AM, 13-Aug-16

sir Arvind Gupta my site is block please unblock my site

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