Android App Launched!

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:27 PM, 19-Feb-16 for Android on Google Play

We're very excited and thrilled to release our Android App. Now have a faster, smoother and all-around better experience on your Android Phone.

The App was under development for the past several months as our users eagerly waited to have their hands on it. Finally the wait is over!

We wanted the App to be developed with passion and love and I am proud to say that the App did turn out to be spectacular. We can safely say that the User Interface and User Experience is among the bests and for that I thank the developer and designer we hired for the job.

I would also like to mention that not all the features of the web / mobile-web version of have been included in the initial release of the App and we aim to keep adding more features in the subsequent versions. And as much as we hate them, there might be some bugs in the App, please report them to us using the Contact Form. Last but not least, please rate us "5-Starts" on Google Play so that we can make our beloved popular on Google Play as well.

Thank you!
Arvind Gupta

Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

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117 responses to " Android App Launched!"

Ibrahim on 03:40 PM, 19-Feb-16

What of for blackberry

Ibrahim on 03:40 PM, 19-Feb-16

What of for blackberry

Rizky Imanul on 03:42 PM, 19-Feb-16

terima kasih mr Arvind.
Saya semakin bangga menjadi bagian dari
dari tidak ada apa-apanya, dan sekarang merambah menjadi blog builder yang mewah.. Muehehehe

Hanif Junior on 03:50 PM, 19-Feb-16

Yeah! I'm proud of you for all of your fasility.. I'm sorry, i'm can't speak english.. But i'm very happy hear it.. Good job Sir!

Jipenxwebinc on 04:03 PM, 19-Feb-16

it's cool!

Iqballabuan on 04:04 PM, 19-Feb-16

im support always mwb (y)

khubaib boyolali 2016 on 04:18 PM, 19-Feb-16

going to download

IRUL ARIEF on 04:24 PM, 19-Feb-16

Kapan-kapan munculin yang versi lain donk Mr. Arvind. Biar bukan cuma pengguna android yang bisa menikmati aplikasinya.

Alif Zulphiardie on 04:29 PM, 19-Feb-16

Yeay, Going to Download ! biggrin

khubaib boyolali 2016 on 04:34 PM, 19-Feb-16

error…"sayangnya berhenti" and not support "space" in password ★★

Arb4ndj on 04:47 PM, 19-Feb-16

Last but not least.. success for mywapblog

Laré Oséng on 04:57 PM, 19-Feb-16

wowW KEREN...
Langsung tak sikat aja Lah. smile

Music Bawah Tanah on 04:58 PM, 19-Feb-16

thanks for arvind gupta..
i Love mywapblog

fatur99 aie93 on 04:59 PM, 19-Feb-16

Buat windowsphone mana

ARTIKEL SUPER FANTASY on 05:06 PM, 19-Feb-16

wow ternyata aplikasi mywapblog telah hadir, saya semakin bangga bagian dari mywapblog smile .

" I love Mywapblog "

Vinay Pal Gtm on 05:07 PM, 19-Feb-16

Arvind Bro......tell me plz ....when will you release a app for our java phones...??

Susanto on 05:15 PM, 19-Feb-16

Bos2 smua maaf saya mau tanya untuk login keaplikasi mywapblog pkai nm pengguna, nama pengguna itu yg mna ya? Help me

Sholeh Fuadzy on 05:19 PM, 19-Feb-16

Meskipun saya pengguna ponsel java, tapi saya bangga dengan munculnya aplikasi mywapblog, dan semoga mywapblog meluncurkan fitur keren lainya.


Anime Mp4 on 05:38 PM, 19-Feb-16

Its so amazing !!
Mywapblog is the best blog builder biggrin

Pubiway on 05:38 PM, 19-Feb-16

Nice! I Like it!

Katasikus on 05:40 PM, 19-Feb-16

Hatur nuhun ka kang Arvind saparakanca anu parantos nyayogikeun aplikasi mywapblog kangge hp android...

jon hendri on 05:41 PM, 19-Feb-16

keren banget,nih mywapblog i like it (y)

Ryanalfarid on 06:47 PM, 19-Feb-16

wahh beuki sae wae mwb,,
punyaku windows phone nih...

DENDRI on 06:55 PM, 19-Feb-16

langsung download

terimakasih MR.ARVIND

nurfaizin on 06:59 PM, 19-Feb-16

Wow...... Nice!!! Thank you mr.Arvind.

Rasta on 07:09 PM, 19-Feb-16

not coneck internet sir :3



thank mr.arvind

DENDRI on 07:42 PM, 19-Feb-16

sudah saya download

thank mr.arvind

Zahrotul M on 07:48 PM, 19-Feb-16

Punya saya java. Tapi nggak papa yang penting masih bisa ngeblog di mwb.

Informant on 07:48 PM, 19-Feb-16

There are many bugs.

Lirik Lagu Chord guitar lengkap on 08:26 PM, 19-Feb-16

thank mr.arvind

Lisa Nel on 08:34 PM, 19-Feb-16

Yeah! With the release of android app, I am getting the spirit of blogging. smile

Jika sobat belum tahu nama pengguna yang ini nama pengguna blog sobat:

MD Hafizul Islam on 08:42 PM, 19-Feb-16

Oooo Good

She Zhie on 08:49 PM, 19-Feb-16

What a pity of me, iam java user, anyway i'm be happy to hear this good news,

Herry james Bexx on 09:15 PM, 19-Feb-16

wah gw User MWB baru biggrin Tak coba apps nya siapa tau Lebih simple :'wink

Fitz Freedom on 10:11 PM, 19-Feb-16

Good and Nice
Thanks Bos.

bayu putra pratama on 11:10 PM, 19-Feb-16

Omponk Aje on 03:57 AM, 20-Feb-16

Thanks you Mr. Arvind wink
downloaded MyWapBlog from PlayStore!.
Good job! cheesy-grin

Nurzaman on 04:01 AM, 20-Feb-16

Not conect mr,, , .

mumuhayusu on 04:13 AM, 20-Feb-16

Yesss...! Thank you Mr. Arvind.

Ikhsan Setya Pambuka on 04:35 AM, 20-Feb-16

Thank you Mr. Arvind

Rian SEO on 04:43 AM, 20-Feb-16

Sayang Nya Banyak pengguna di kalangan MWB yang menggunakan hp syambian dan java, untuk android mungkin sebagian saja mas, tapi tak apalah mas biggrin kan saya punya android dan syambian biggrin

BHIMO FNP on 06:16 AM, 20-Feb-16

Thank's Mr.Arvind...

Mas Toeng on 07:05 AM, 20-Feb-16


Pallab Datta on 10:56 AM, 20-Feb-16

Sir, mai eak mywapblog user hu or bahat happy hu use karka sir mara nibadan haiki agar mywapblog ka uploade limit 5 mb sa 10 mb ya kutch mb limit baradiya jataha to orvi acha hota

Trustloaded.mL Mobile Blog Platform on 11:09 AM, 20-Feb-16

Nice One Mr Arvind All Praise And Thanks To Almighty Allah

Antonisaputra on 11:31 AM, 20-Feb-16


ダイ GREMORY BLOG ィツ on 12:24 PM, 20-Feb-16

Ane pengguna Java biggrin

Krisnasubehi on 12:59 PM, 20-Feb-16

Saya turut berbangga Mrsmile

Andri Septian on 01:15 PM, 20-Feb-16

Thank mr.arvind

Sanj Deora on 02:49 PM, 20-Feb-16

Thank mr. Arvind

Amatbangok76 on 03:06 PM, 20-Feb-16

Tuan Arvin jika tuan berkenan usahakan juga buat pengguna java, karena sebagian pengguna Mywapblog banyak yang menggunakan platform java. Thanks

Mey Rahmi Arisda on 05:17 PM, 20-Feb-16

Good. Nice post Mr. Arvind, thanks smile

Iid judin on 05:35 PM, 20-Feb-16


Rizky Zawix on 05:50 PM, 20-Feb-16

Wah keren nih aplikasinya.
Makasih Mr.Arvind Gupta.
Nanti saya coba aplikasinya. smile

Zona game on 07:01 PM, 20-Feb-16

Wuhu nice admin biggrin

Aring on 07:37 PM, 20-Feb-16

riquest dong buat hp java gitu. Biar bisa merasakan semuanya

ʚRaihan Maulanaʚ on 05:30 AM, 21-Feb-16

Byuuh.. exited, i use java phone so i am can't use the app because for just android. cry
But, no problem. I'am is a MyWapBlogger one heart.

ʚRaihan Maulanaʚ on 05:31 AM, 21-Feb-16

Exited Sir Arvind, i use java phone so i am can't use the app because for just android. cry
But, no problem. I'am is a MyWapBlogger one heart.

putra gmx on 07:38 AM, 21-Feb-16

Mantap !!!!!!!

Download Song and Save My Mp3 on 10:34 AM, 21-Feb-16

Android ginger nymak aja, hanya bisa lihat sad

Belajar Teknik SEO on 10:52 AM, 21-Feb-16

wiz asik yang di tunggu2 telah tiba

Bambang Sunarto on 12:16 PM, 21-Feb-16

Sudah terpasang, rerima kasih karena menjadi lebih mudah nge blog

HambA Allah on 05:50 PM, 21-Feb-16

salam. kalo ada apk nya mohon share, sy mau download.

Abdulla shamil on 07:21 PM, 21-Feb-16

Yes you are the no.1 blog builder for touch and keypad will beat wapka and xtgem

Fresh Mix Zone on 07:38 PM, 21-Feb-16

Please bring an App for Windows Phone

ledy erlangga on 12:07 AM, 22-Feb-16

keren dah...kedepan javascript iklan nya ya min...hehe

Ryfan on 04:24 AM, 22-Feb-16

Good!! smile

Vivek on 06:14 AM, 22-Feb-16

Going to download

Nurul Aziz on 08:39 AM, 22-Feb-16

What's MyWapBlog Apps for android, It's Amazing...

Dicky slanker on 11:50 AM, 22-Feb-16

Aplikasinya tidak berjalan baik di samsung young 2 kitkat

Dicky slanker on 11:51 AM, 22-Feb-16

Android 4.4.2 tolong diperbaiki lagi mr.arvind

Zulfahmi Adam on 02:24 PM, 22-Feb-16

it's so glad! cheesy-grin

ujang apud mss on 05:07 PM, 22-Feb-16

Sudah ane download bro

Info menarik on 11:10 PM, 22-Feb-16

Mywapblog Is The best biggrin

Andry Flamboys Blogger on 08:09 AM, 23-Feb-16

Makin maju saja bos

Yadi Mulyadi on 08:59 AM, 23-Feb-16

Thank you for the information, I am very happy to
mywapblog already available in the android app.
MWB may further developed and advanced on 09:19 AM, 23-Feb-16

nice post,thanks.

Savernapu Business on 01:21 PM, 23-Feb-16

lanjutkan sobat, sukses slalu smile

MR SOLEEHYIEN on 03:51 PM, 23-Feb-16

Is very good but i'm user handphone java "i sad"

nurdin on 04:52 PM, 23-Feb-16

waw... amazing

Novanda Ahsan on 06:41 PM, 23-Feb-16

akhirnya hehe

Pink It on 10:16 PM, 23-Feb-16

awesome! Visit my blog

D a N I E L Andrianto on 10:46 PM, 23-Feb-16

yang java? sad

Master Mywapblog on 11:05 PM, 23-Feb-16

ok great

Cyber Prass88 on 09:05 AM, 24-Feb-16

Thanks mr.arvind sya coba dlu

RSinghX on 12:07 PM, 24-Feb-16

Windows Phone?

Belajar SEO on 04:05 PM, 24-Feb-16

yeah MyWapBlog Android App is good, but my phone is Symbian. :v

Erik on 07:22 PM, 24-Feb-16

nice mr arvind biggrin

Eddy on 04:06 PM, 25-Feb-16

Turut bangga juga iri mendengarnya. biggrin
Berharap utk fonsel Java segera hadir.

Anisa Aqila Humaira on 07:48 PM, 25-Feb-16

appnya kadang error Mr

Deeραк яαj кυмαR on 09:32 PM, 25-Feb-16


Deni's on 05:28 AM, 26-Feb-16

app all os smartphon good mywapblog

Hasyim Muzadi HMMZ on 10:22 AM, 26-Feb-16

Mantap Banget Tuh Min biggrin

putuadimarta rachman on 01:09 PM, 26-Feb-16

Saya pribadi semakin bangga menjadi bagian dari keluarga mywapblog, apalagi dengan diluncurkannya fitur baru seperti aplikasi mywapblog ini, kabar gembira juga buat pengguna android karena sekarang mywapblog sudah bisa diperoleh di playstore
sukses terus buat blog tercinta ini dan semoga kedepannya makin banyak fitur fitur lainnya..

Narukaze on 01:19 PM, 26-Feb-16

wah hebat biggrin

muhammadpebrianoor on 08:53 PM, 26-Feb-16


muhammadpebrianoor on 08:53 PM, 26-Feb-16



Keren, tapi belum beli android sad

Edy Sutrisno on 06:55 PM, 27-Feb-16


Edy Sutrisno on 06:56 PM, 27-Feb-16

smile wink

Nurdinz Al Arfaghathan on 10:30 PM, 27-Feb-16

please create for symbian and java

yudi suhendri on 01:59 AM, 28-Feb-16

Nice mr, i am like the apps

B0mb4ngjr on 05:31 AM, 28-Feb-16


fidaus on 09:35 AM, 28-Feb-16

met siang bos admin.mantap tuh aplikasinya..slm sukses & semangat sll ya.hehehe

Tahta RA on 05:04 PM, 28-Feb-16

Jadi simple kalo pasang ini aplikasi kakak

Gus Nur on 10:02 PM, 28-Feb-16

Mr. Arvind thank you for providing the best service , we believe you will be successful with this blogging platform . on behalf of Indonesian bloggers , I say a big thank you for providing this service to us , keep spirit , may continue to be more successful .


HOT SPOT MWB ᔝ on 05:49 AM, 29-Feb-16

,,Great Job, Good App Mr Avrind. Its make MWB'ers easy to build the blog, !

Dewa Pemetik Bunga on 08:07 AM, 29-Feb-16

Kang arvind, hapunten abdi mh te tyasa bhs. Inggris... Janten te tyasa komentar kkmha... ;(

SyarieF 99メ on 01:32 PM, 29-Feb-16

Amazing Mr. Arvind biggrin Good job deh wink

Dian Bloggerz on 06:26 PM, 29-Feb-16


andri on 07:46 AM, 01-Mar-16

jejak aja

Arif Mungafan on 03:56 PM, 01-Mar-16

(y) tapi aku masih pake s60v3 smile

Yudhistira on 09:34 PM, 01-Mar-16

Great. But i have a problem, i can't input underscore in username field

K H A F I D H I N on 04:47 AM, 03-Mar-16

Nice post...
Good job smile

RE ROFIQUL on 08:35 AM, 03-Mar-16

bb code shera pls

Naldy on 01:33 AM, 04-Mar-16

Lumayan mantap.
Gas pooollll

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