And Google

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:55 PM, 12-May-11

One Million Pages Indexed
We now have over one million pages indexed in Google
Latest Indexed Pages

I think Google loves us smile

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104 responses to " And Google"

Arizqi on 03:59 PM, 12-May-11

Awesome. . .
Over 1million result

Agung Setiyawan on 04:06 PM, 12-May-11

That's good news. Thank you MyWapBlog. Thank you Google.

RamdaN2478 on 04:08 PM, 12-May-11

wow 1million+ result, Go Mywapblog, best blogging service for mobile mrgreen

Agung Setiyawan on 04:08 PM, 12-May-11

That's good news. Thank you MyWapBlog. Thank you Google.

Satriavi on 04:11 PM, 12-May-11

this is my home sweet home.suwun kang Arvind.

Awang Haldis on 04:16 PM, 12-May-11

Go go mywapblog go

RINA NS™ on 04:25 PM, 12-May-11

bagus sekali. Weruh ora aku matur.

Teguh_cahjowo on 04:34 PM, 12-May-11

nice info

Aby Saffa on 04:39 PM, 12-May-11

wah info bagus sekali ini,,,

brett walker on 04:47 PM, 12-May-11

All your hard work and dedication,it's a fitting reward Arvind!

Oh' and thanks for the 1024x600 MWB wallpaper. 8)

Bengong™ on 04:53 PM, 12-May-11

good news.. biggrin

Dark on 05:00 PM, 12-May-11

keren! Good job!

sedenx on 05:23 PM, 12-May-11

thanks mr.Arvind for perfecting HTML advance, and thanks too for textarea fitur in MWB good i like MWB, i like GOOGLE too

Ykubnay on 05:37 PM, 12-May-11

ga ngerti tp okeh okeh aja dech mrgreen

Faozan MWBer's on 06:01 PM, 12-May-11

i love mywapblog. . .
best mobile bloging is mywapblog.. . ok

Erick on 06:16 PM, 12-May-11

Good luck mywapblog..

Cgbalu on 06:24 PM, 12-May-11

Proud to be here. It is a wonderful experience to compose blog here. Congratulations Arvind.

Rao on 06:57 PM, 12-May-11

mrgreen nice

NtonBrot™ on 07:05 PM, 12-May-11

google loves us!

Teguh_cahjowo on 06:45 AM, 13-May-11

it very funtastic. Ikut nyimak wae:mrgreen

aden on 06:52 AM, 13-May-11

it was nice info good job

Gilberto Galea on 07:56 AM, 13-May-11

well done!, for us!, and thank you, team of Mywapblog.

Maxiluckies on 09:55 AM, 13-May-11

Cool mrgreen

Ridha Anshari | Rahasia Membuat Blog on 02:55 PM, 13-May-11

Nice job, sir.

Habil on 07:04 PM, 13-May-11


Ian on 12:10 AM, 14-May-11

He he. Wot to say? Wot to say? I gues bravo wil do 4 nw

MEL-DILLA on 04:01 AM, 14-May-11

That's what's up.

Jongos on 05:44 AM, 14-May-11

nice nice mywapblog

Shof on 07:01 AM, 14-May-11


V↵Enter ✽ on 09:50 AM, 15-May-11


Hendry on 12:42 PM, 15-May-11


Leandt on 07:59 PM, 15-May-11

keren eh biggrin

es nªnªs on 06:17 PM, 16-May-11


`ZEE FRISGA` | S.W.A.T on 10:27 PM, 16-May-11

awesome arvind,, lets growing up to highest perform..

Riyan on 08:28 PM, 18-May-11

Let's grow..

YOKSER.COM on 05:52 AM, 19-May-11

I think google hate us. There are duplicate pages in everywhere.

jiraya_x on 06:40 AM, 19-May-11

really? I don't belive it

Arvind on 07:55 AM, 19-May-11,
I really don't understand how Google hates us. As for duplicate content, all blogging platforms (Wordpress, Blogger) create lots of archive pages. SEs know how to handle these.

Sukri Amlis on 05:22 AM, 20-May-11

wow,very shocking
news. I like it

sinyobain ® on 08:15 AM, 21-May-11

yeah,maybe google hate us,bcause mywapblog have start to grow up to be Higher,with much Member.or any Reason to explain that,boss?

Tiyo on 05:49 PM, 26-May-11

thanks , i like blog in biggrin on 03:44 PM, 27-May-11

ngaromong naon .so biritis.
Sok mang translate mrgreen

IMPOTENSIA (Kuningan Timur) on 01:58 PM, 28-May-11

Prikitiw..Pokokna mah Mwb pang hebringna euy. mrgreen

NOVAN | "PROSURGA" on 03:43 PM, 03-Jun-11

Congratulation Mr.Arvind Say what you do & Do what you say........ !

Angel on 04:24 PM, 04-Jun-11


Dwi Wahyudi on 01:35 PM, 05-Jun-11

i try to read thiz post,and i just can say"thanx you mr.arvind" on 05:17 PM, 05-Jun-11


Arvind on 08:49 AM, 06-Jun-11

Thank you everyone!smile

Habil on 05:51 AM, 07-Jun-11


Cahillun on 12:20 PM, 07-Jun-11

Ane ora mudeng mbah arvind.. mrgreen

Rudi Adi Priono on 12:25 PM, 07-Jun-11

ora ngerti blas mrgreen

Stefan Wijaya on 08:27 AM, 08-Jun-11

wow.. Great.. Nyimak gan. smile

© GUYMAN ®™ on 10:00 AM, 10-Jun-11

good job Master Arvind. As a newbie here, please guide me..

FAJAR NS™ on 07:16 PM, 10-Jun-11

I am very pleased to join with

Trisna Kaze™ | Light d'Peace on 12:35 PM, 12-Jun-11

wow... Cool mr.Arvind i like it

Wind on 01:42 PM, 12-Jun-11

Congrat sir! proud can be joint with our best blog, MWB is the best!

Rizky'e on 05:11 PM, 14-Jun-11

trap seo in mwb.good
thanks for subdomain.admin mwb blogger is the best

Agung Setiyawan on 05:54 AM, 15-Jun-11

Nice Blog, N good job! mrgreen

mam®A ™ on 10:33 AM, 15-Jun-11

congratulation mr.arvind!!! Mwb, is my life , any one, anywhere, n any time, bravy mywapblog!

Kaptenworld on 07:13 AM, 17-Jun-11

How with the spammer arvind ?

Ibn Ahmed on 04:45 PM, 22-Jun-11

Cause we love mywapblog, smile

HIDROXIDA on 05:01 PM, 22-Jun-11

Arvind Dear father I want to
ask ya a little baseball url
mywapblog can wear logos
such as FB and twitter hehe
okay thank you I love

.::ArisBoy::. on 08:05 AM, 24-Jun-11

maju terus mwb...

Arip Taupik on 10:25 AM, 25-Jun-11

Yeah !!! Finally i found the mwb official blog

Ifin poetra on 08:45 AM, 28-Jun-11

Its 0ne reason that why i love mwb so much lol

heidrunbreck29 on 05:24 PM, 28-Jun-11

beasa aja lahgee.... mrgreen long live Mwb wink

a5ep on 05:42 PM, 28-Jun-11

help me, i want to new post a javascript support. Please upgrade this blog.thanks

Syukur on 08:46 PM, 28-Jun-11

Great.. Just great..

Panji on 06:24 AM, 29-Jun-11

mantap gan,absen pagi gan..ijin nyimak plus nyömot..

>> Kuis on 03:58 PM, 30-Jun-11

Nice post ! mrgreen arrow smile

>> Kuis on 04:08 PM, 30-Jun-11

@Arvind: can you added room chat again, ??

andi_11 on 01:28 PM, 01-Jul-11

makasih om mrgreen

Arvind on 12:36 PM, 02-Jul-11


1. You do not need to do anything else except keep posting content, we automatically ping search engines when new posts are published.

2. Keep blogging even when no one reads your blog in the starting days.

Bulluux on 03:53 PM, 02-Jul-11

so what i hv to do now is just posting and keep posting, right?
In google search, u gonna find only two result for my blog. And it just pissed me off. mrgreen

but well as you said, keep blogging even when no one reads. I'll do. I am working on it.

Bon on 12:47 AM, 04-Jul-11


Achmad on 11:12 AM, 04-Jul-11

alah pokok melu comment wae, ora mudeng blas bahase enggres kang mrgreen

firdi52 on 01:40 AM, 06-Jul-11

Siipp lah..kalo gtu,,thanks for sharing

Indonesia Terbaik on 12:50 AM, 08-Jul-11

When we talk about google and, it bring our mind in to other world. is mobile blog that is given to every one who want to get new inspiration

WANTO | ARIONJEREZ on 12:31 PM, 08-Jul-11

Ora ngerti

AwiNothing on 12:18 AM, 10-Jul-11

Everyone like good new's
Thanks Mr Arvind,,,
Thanks for u'r amazing blog

Hayin-Raditya on 06:39 PM, 10-Jul-11

but.. quickly disappeared as well. mrgreen

Bugalbugil on 11:52 PM, 10-Jul-11

wow, that's real awesome... thx Arvind !

Arvind on 09:01 AM, 11-Jul-11

Because, we changed some pages' meta (of all blogs) to 'noindex' to minimize duplicate content.


MyWapBlog on 12:44 AM, 14-Jul-11

"Google Dancing" @ MyWapBlog

Bayukaya on 12:46 AM, 14-Jul-11

Hmm.. Keep blogging even when no one reads your blog in the
starting days. I'll Try

Amma on 12:24 PM, 18-Jul-11

MWB is very easy to index from goOgle. Nice gO go go MyWapBlog .
I Love MWB mrgreen

Singgih Tri Pambudi on 09:27 AM, 24-Jul-11

nice info I like it

Abdillah on 10:06 AM, 24-Jul-11

I love here cause It can load faster many times than others. When I type my blog title "Pondok Puasa Dawud" in Google Search Engine" from the beginning day I was here, it took three days appeared in Google result. Wonderful...

Gunk on 02:07 PM, 24-Jul-11


Abu Zaid on 08:50 PM, 24-Jul-11

wink nice info thank bro..

Heryana on 11:56 PM, 24-Jul-11

ah teu ngarti uing mah, nupuguh mah mwbers beakeun pulsa, mwb menang duit loba, biggrin bagi2 atuh mr. Arvin, da dibantuan rame

bunglon on 10:37 PM, 27-Jul-11

thema adidas


I don't know how many mwb users in in indonesia,coz i am from bali and start to learn blogging.Mostly the people i viewed are from indonesia.I love mwb very much!.Thank you mr arvind for the nice blog tools

Arvind on 02:48 PM, 01-Aug-11

Thank you everyonesmile

IVAN™ on 05:35 AM, 09-Aug-11

This amazing :O

1001 Pertanyaan untuk di jawab on 01:38 PM, 05-Sep-11

Aku rasa google memang menyukai Mywapblog. Walaupun sampai saat ini belum ada satupun yang pernah menang kontes seo besar dengan domain mywapblog, tapi kalau dilihat dari mudahnya blog mwb dalam mendapat pagerank dalam waktu singkat, kurasa ini adalah salah satu bukti bahwa blog mwb memang di senangi oleh google.

Arvind on 04:29 PM, 05-Sep-11

@1001 Pertanyaan untuk di jawab,
terima kasih

मेघराज रोहलण 'मुंशी' on 10:02 AM, 09-Sep-11

एक अच्छी खबर।

Arvind on 05:38 PM, 09-Sep-11

हाँ, श्रीमान!

ozekage on 07:04 PM, 04-Feb-12

mantap banget mywapblog N google

spawrow on 05:50 PM, 14-Mar-13

mantaaapp.... lanjutkan

spawrow on 05:53 PM, 14-Mar-13

mantaaapp.... lanjutkan

Aji Haque on 09:31 PM, 05-Apr-13

This is a great achievement...

Sapril on 01:22 PM, 05-May-13

Time is money. . Money money and money hahahaha bisa stres gara gara money. . . . . .

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