It’s time to say goodbye

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 03:28 PM, 06-Oct-16

Please check: Clarifications Regarding Closure of

With a heavy heart I’d like to announce the closure of due to circumstances and situations that are out of our control. Our service will no longer be available after 15th November 2016.

I can understand that this will cause a lot of rumors, gossip, sadness, resentment and feelings of loss but I ask everyone to please not spread any rumors. This is due to personal reasons that can neither be made public nor will help the cause even if made public.

I hope everybody will understand...

We are sorry but the time has come to say goodbye. will always love you. And I hope you’ll have a place in your heart for

More details including getting backup/export-file of your posts will be provided in the next post. (2008 – 2016)

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170 responses to "It’s time to say goodbye"

Suraj Das on 03:51 PM, 06-Oct-16

Please,Arvind Gupta do not close this Site.You do something!

Carlos Eduardo on 03:52 PM, 06-Oct-16

Eita porra

Gideon Kachi on 04:02 PM, 06-Oct-16

You guys just got me angry! But why? cry

M Subhi Ahsan on 04:04 PM, 06-Oct-16

Please, Mr. Avind Gupta do not close mywapblog, i love your blog service. sad

Édì Nurhidayat on 04:06 PM, 06-Oct-16

Why? Please, do not close mwb

Perpustakaan Online on 04:13 PM, 06-Oct-16


Rajeev Kumar Singh on 04:19 PM, 06-Oct-16

Pls sir abhi band mat kijiye.abhi abhi to blogging start kiya tha

RUSH on 04:20 PM, 06-Oct-16

Next time jab new service, start hoga tab jarur mail karogi

LordFelix on 04:22 PM, 06-Oct-16

pls Sir.While do u want to shut it down,we love ur service verymuch...@MWB

geostasioner on 04:25 PM, 06-Oct-16

Why you want to close your site service?

Fulba on 04:28 PM, 06-Oct-16


Um wwe on 04:30 PM, 06-Oct-16

Plz plz plz plz plz . . Not close plz . . . I am so very sad. . Plz

Matt MWB on 04:32 PM, 06-Oct-16

No!!! Please no!!!

HotLaguCom on 04:36 PM, 06-Oct-16

Ah masaaaa

Aijaz Ahmed Rpt on 04:36 PM, 06-Oct-16

No plz No

Aashay Bawankar on 04:36 PM, 06-Oct-16

Please bro .. :'( don't close otherwise we will loose many things . Now only I have started blogging. :'( ...

Skyking on 04:38 PM, 06-Oct-16

Very sad. This will be the time to lose everything

Emmanuel on 04:41 PM, 06-Oct-16

verily i say to you sir, you're the best!
But i love coding and internet!
Please teach me what you know before going!

Gideon Kachi on 04:47 PM, 06-Oct-16

At least give us more time to build another blog. November 15 is too soon!

Arvind please rethink!! Shutting down mywapblog is not d only option.

Where will i start from..

AYODELE SEGUN on 04:48 PM, 06-Oct-16

i will die soon

Arvind gupta on 04:49 PM, 06-Oct-16


shafayet ahmed kanon on 04:53 PM, 06-Oct-16

plz arvind gupta ..... Do not close mwb

Ilmu Serbaguna on 04:54 PM, 06-Oct-16

Please ..

Andi Syahputra Siahaan on 04:55 PM, 06-Oct-16

Tutup aja pak cepet2...

Dasar, ternyata admin MWB juga bocah... Dasar Coeg Lu....

GREMORY BLOG on 04:59 PM, 06-Oct-16


Admin Legendary Don on 05:00 PM, 06-Oct-16

What........plz don't do this Arvind Gupta

Admin Legendary Don on 05:01 PM, 06-Oct-16

Where will I start from.......15 is too soon

Abdullah Al Mahbub on 05:01 PM, 06-Oct-16

I'm very sad master ! :'(

Admin Legendary Don on 05:01 PM, 06-Oct-16

Why the sudden closure

arip on 05:03 PM, 06-Oct-16

why do not you sell mywapblog.??? why do not you sell .. you can benefit and also the user still can blog

Hafizul on 05:04 PM, 06-Oct-16

do not stop mwb

kickdoki on 05:04 PM, 06-Oct-16


HACKER KING on 05:16 PM, 06-Oct-16

pls!arvind gupta dont close mwb

Pusaka Games Official on 05:22 PM, 06-Oct-16

Vin.. baru juga bangun dari vakumm. Udah di tutup saja. : ^^ . Ok. Good say good bye

Sohel Rana on 05:36 PM, 06-Oct-16

i have a lot of personal things . now what will i do? can i know what's our faults?

Sachin mishra on 05:38 PM, 06-Oct-16

Service provide here is awesome and really very very nice

Dont close it, sir

pls extand hoasting time.

Abdullah Sidiq on 05:39 PM, 06-Oct-16

oh my good :'(

donariok on 05:40 PM, 06-Oct-16

Nooooooooooooooooooo plssssssssssssssssssss

Icl Cyber on 05:42 PM, 06-Oct-16

oh No. .!!

donariok on 05:46 PM, 06-Oct-16

Now, for the first time, i regret blogging with "mywapblog" was a wapka fan before i embraced this... Now you wanno spoil all what we've worked hard for. Our visitors , our businesses because of a personal issue? Im disappointed

Tebak lagu on 05:47 PM, 06-Oct-16


Gbyuk on 05:50 PM, 06-Oct-16

Why? Come on this the best wapblog..

AMIT AZAD on 05:52 PM, 06-Oct-16

I Lv u mywapblog

Al Rosyid on 05:59 PM, 06-Oct-16

Are you kidding me?

Yogi abilio on 05:59 PM, 06-Oct-16

the ending is never in thought
before .. we were begged
mywapblog still running but yes
how else if it's your decision ..
Maybe your problem so great that
you have to give up a large family
mywapblog are always praising you
should leave. Yes I personally
would like to thank the mywapblog
though ultimately like this

Mr Mongkareng Blogger Indonesia on 06:14 PM, 06-Oct-16

Om Swastiastu, Mr Arvind Gupta.

Perhaps the decision to close the service MyWapBlog is good in you. However, you should not take this important decision, for personal reasons with you. Indeed MyWapBlog, you had been the originators. But, you must understand, that by taking this decision very heavy, It shows that you simply prioritize the interests of yourself. And the fact that, actually is not very good, and should not emerge from People like you, who actually is a struggle and a fight MyWapBlog from start to develop until today.

I was one of hundreds of thousands of users MWB, who deeply regrets this decision you take. Honestly, only 3 months I manage a blog on MyWapBlog, but in that short time, many events, ranging from good to bad, I've experienced. And through MyWapBlog, I also get to know more deeply about the world of blogging, and a new family also has many I found, since my foray into the world of blogging in MyWapBlog. I also doubt imagine, the reactions and feelings of the user-friendly MyWapBlog who had to jump in MyWapBlog, when knowing that MyWapBlog their beloved, where they poured all creations and abilities, whether it be from the creativity of writing articles, fiction, as well as the ability others, will be closed with no apparent reason. And certainly, blogging has also become a hobby and needs that can not slip away from the soul the user MWB.

I feel really sorry YOU THIS DECISION. Do not shut MyWapBlog, simply because of your personal reasons. However, consider this your first decision. Do not involve your personal problems, in taking a very important decision, because now not only owned MyWapBlog you but also has become part of us all, the user MyWapBlog. And if you are, still decided to close this MyWapBlog services, for personal reasons you, you It is unwise and unprofessional.

I WILL NOT entice you, but I just remind and awaken your mind. Maybe I am, it's not as fortunate as you, because it has a platform MyWapBlog this, and may struggle in my life, have not much experience in your life, but I was the one who upholds the truth, and if my heart shows that your decision is not good, then consider the decision you are. I can not talk directly with you, and has not been able to meet you, in the State of India. However, I would still show my feelings, messages, and also my impression to you, through this simple brief article. And, if you are no longer able, manage MyWapBlog. Look for an alternative way, so mywapblog not closed, because if it is closed, it is very disappointing."


DJ AA Production on 06:23 PM, 06-Oct-16

So Sad.......
Thanks Sir for Giving us the greatest service.
I love your blogging service .
We will miss you.....
Thanks Again !!!

Pydtuolzawl on 06:28 PM, 06-Oct-16

Please, i am begging to you not to close mywapblog, i am a new user my blog is now working perfect. i am so glade. please donot close.

deranking on 06:32 PM, 06-Oct-16

Bro.. Dont even try it.

dhoephink on 06:42 PM, 06-Oct-16

Do not close mwb, please...........//////??????

Azhar uddin on 06:59 PM, 06-Oct-16

too bad

Imanuel on 07:06 PM, 06-Oct-16

semoga cepet dibungkus mwb biar semua blogger nganggur by #FansRCTI

King Rambo on 07:11 PM, 06-Oct-16

Plz don't do it

Mukund Nandan on 07:16 PM, 06-Oct-16

It's Can Give Me Lot Of Loss !! Ooops !!!!

Safri Ardiyanto on 07:20 PM, 06-Oct-16


Stafaband9 on 07:25 PM, 06-Oct-16

bhs inggris jon, aku ra mudeng sad

Tekhnisi Muda on 07:25 PM, 06-Oct-16

let us all collect coins for mr. arvind gupta

Pydtuolzawl on 07:28 PM, 06-Oct-16

i will die...if mywapblog is close.

Putra Sumedang on 07:35 PM, 06-Oct-16

aduh aduh aduh pileuleuyan jang

Sakeena Shareefa on 07:35 PM, 06-Oct-16

Dont cheat us

AYODELE SEGUN on 07:43 PM, 06-Oct-16

am still saying if you close it ,i will commited suicide ;God is hearing

Rigi Dolan Setiawan on 07:52 PM, 06-Oct-16

please send the backup of all data of my blog in dropbox or other

Download Lagu on 07:54 PM, 06-Oct-16

Daftar di aja lebih mantap fiturnya smile

SΛПJΛΥ on 08:07 PM, 06-Oct-16

plzz donot do this bro plzzz

Fajar Herianto on 08:08 PM, 06-Oct-16

dengan berat hati untuk meninggalkan mywapblog,tapi kalau memang harus terjadi saya ikhlas

Ansh Gujjar on 08:10 PM, 06-Oct-16


Researcher usulor on 08:15 PM, 06-Oct-16

do nt close it,and y did u want to close it.

Ujjwal Biswas on 08:26 PM, 06-Oct-16

Do not close please sir! sad
Omg! Omg!

african music vibe on 08:31 PM, 06-Oct-16

hey guys we do business over it dot close it

Rajesh D Hajare RDH on 08:32 PM, 06-Oct-16

Hello sir, Please please do not close sir.
I have developed my site after so long efforts and time.. Its not possible to accept other platform for blogging. I will go mad by ur decision. Please look forward for alternate option sir. Please.. I am begging you.

Parvaddin shaik on 08:35 PM, 06-Oct-16

im feeling sad

Latung Raket on 08:38 PM, 06-Oct-16

baru 2 minggu daftar malah mau nutup lagisad;(.thanks

Latung Raket on 08:40 PM, 06-Oct-16

Thank you Mistersmile
GOOD LUCK & GOOD BYE smilesmilesmile

AYODELE SEGUN on 08:54 PM, 06-Oct-16


Irfan Saputra on 09:00 PM, 06-Oct-16

please no closed mywapblog please please please

JANDA MUDA on 09:04 PM, 06-Oct-16

masuk blog saya di jamin puass..!

CyberWinner Master on 09:04 PM, 06-Oct-16

Thats Not The Solution Bro Arvind, Please Consider Us, Where Should We Start From?

Echem jeremiah on 09:09 PM, 06-Oct-16


Natanael Jansudin Siregar on 09:12 PM, 06-Oct-16


AHMEDBAZE on 09:14 PM, 06-Oct-16

sir why . . . Plz dnt do it, why not sale it. . . . .plz

Devoicy on 09:29 PM, 06-Oct-16

i have many database of anime index on mywapblog directed to so i must backup now ? please dont do it.

Musicadaqui on 09:36 PM, 06-Oct-16

Please don't close MWB.this is my life. on 09:53 PM, 06-Oct-16

Pls mwb don't close this service pls . All of us have put so much effort in our site we can't afford to lose it pls arvind don't close mwb while can't you redirect us to another host like xtgem pls we can't afford to lose what you have build for so many years pls.

AYODELE SEGUN on 10:08 PM, 06-Oct-16

its time for me to surfer if it close .cos that is d source of my income

Goodluck mchika on 10:09 PM, 06-Oct-16


Tikusbray on 10:16 PM, 06-Oct-16

Ya elah ngapain sih pada ngemis ngemis disini, blog sampah kayak gini juga. Lagian ada blogspot, wordpress yg kualitasnya 100x lipat dar mygoblog ini. GUA DOAIN SEMOGA CEPET TUTUP DAN HANCUR MYGOBLOG. . . . Yes yes amin

HARKENZ on 10:32 PM, 06-Oct-16

please ooo

expoloaded on 10:35 PM, 06-Oct-16


Unlock on 10:38 PM, 06-Oct-16

Plz plz plz plz plz . . Not close plz . . . I am so very sad. . Plz

Sarukannet on 10:58 PM, 06-Oct-16

I am now crying

+919859382208 on 10:59 PM, 06-Oct-16

Please all friend, WhatsApp me +919859382208

pickske on 11:15 PM, 06-Oct-16

Big bro, let it not be a personality issue.
We've come a long way and it's not cool we fall as a family. Our businesses have heavily relied on MYB.
Give time to analyse the situation and deal with it professionally.
- Just small advice from small bro.

yudi suhendri on 11:24 PM, 06-Oct-16

thank you mywapblog, you are everything to us, without
you we would not know each other ,, I love you,
I hope mywapblog not so close, only jarena
mywapblog my opinion the best platform

Omponk Aje on 11:31 PM, 06-Oct-16

true what was said pickske? perhaps he should be given the spirit in the family's and the brothers an all users MyWapBlog wink

Mr Jeff on 11:56 PM, 06-Oct-16

It is well

Kpop Terbaru on 11:59 PM, 06-Oct-16

selamat jalan teman, semoga kau tenang

entertainment city media on 12:05 AM, 07-Oct-16

Please please do something please this is some people life please please please

Biswajit das on 12:07 AM, 07-Oct-16

Not close this page..

ReiNa on 12:08 AM, 07-Oct-16


Yudhistira on 12:10 AM, 07-Oct-16

I have vacum blogging for about last two years, but sometimes i accessed my blog for viewing my crazy post, remembered my memmories in mywapblog. Then smile, alone.

Because from here i start learn everything on internet, from html code, phreaking, editing apps, learn python for s60, and much more.

So sad if hear this mobile blogging will be closed, forever :'(

Up to 6 years in mywapblog, too much sweet memories. And thats all will be lose, forever.

Sarukannet on 12:10 AM, 07-Oct-16


entertainment city media on 12:15 AM, 07-Oct-16

Please don't do this please

Name Not Supported on 12:17 AM, 07-Oct-16

you are closing this site for your personal reason. But why did you thought about us??? We are a big community. Isn't it?
we will think that you didn't loved us. we were nothing to you. Take care

kehinde james on 12:18 AM, 07-Oct-16

hope we will be able to upload shaa

jioloaded on 12:33 AM, 07-Oct-16

Please don't close it

Timty Zeus on 12:44 AM, 07-Oct-16

Please don't close it, we have spent alot of money on our sites,dont let our money go in vain.. please..

Whizkevina on 12:57 AM, 07-Oct-16

Please, Mr. Arvind Don't Shut Down The Server Now,
Give Us More Time To Build A New Blog, sad
Also Why Closing, If We Are To Pay For Using Your Service We Are Ready, exclaim

osita on 01:07 AM, 07-Oct-16

am speechless but all i can say is ples.. Do not loss it.

NAIJAFINEST on 01:08 AM, 07-Oct-16

please oh pls u guys should stop dis nau dont close the service pls dont i beg u dont pls

EMMEXadmin on 01:11 AM, 07-Oct-16

wHy now?

Mazikinho on 01:21 AM, 07-Oct-16

Não faz isso por favor o mywapblog é o melhor de sempre e você não pode fazer isso todos nos vivemos no mywapblog. Não encerra isso bro . sad sad sad

JoyJoy on 01:32 AM, 07-Oct-16

Please Don't Do this to Us okey just sale this company to me instead of closing it down

Ibikunle T Abiola on 01:32 AM, 07-Oct-16

please dont shutdown, my files, posts will be gone.

Marcos on 01:51 AM, 07-Oct-16


ΞEmpeяσя spяσмsσηΞ on 01:58 AM, 07-Oct-16

Why do you wanna close it aren't you earning from it???

sirjjay on 02:07 AM, 07-Oct-16

don't even think about it >sad

AHMEDBAZE on 02:10 AM, 07-Oct-16

plz bro think twice plz . . . .dnt close dis service plz i beg of you

MyAiM on 02:47 AM, 07-Oct-16

sir agr ap. blog bnd krdogy to fir humra blog kaha gyaga... kisay hoga sir plzz aisa mt kroo

KASSYBADDOO on 03:23 AM, 07-Oct-16

damn it

DhimasCraftGamer on 04:28 AM, 07-Oct-16

Jangan tutup Layanan MWA ini, kami mohon...
kami penulis blog dari Indonesia tidak ingin ini terjadi... akankah layanan ini diperpanjang?

Driwanta maitingz on 04:42 AM, 07-Oct-16

Yak elah,, arvind Galau,, mrgreen
jujur apa ini karna Dimas kanjeng ditangkap? biggrin

Adeoye on 04:43 AM, 07-Oct-16

pls don't close down

Adya Razan on 04:59 AM, 07-Oct-16

let's move to gais :v produk indo lebih baik daripada produk bollywood :v

DIPTHSWAP on 05:02 AM, 07-Oct-16

This no good dont need to close it down and if you close it now what the all we new user to do now.we love no be small thing.this post is hurting me o........

Adeoye on 05:09 AM, 07-Oct-16

plsssssssss...pls arvind rethink another way quiting is no the way...why not selling

Endurance on 05:16 AM, 07-Oct-16

Why closing is nw? So sad

Christway on 05:25 AM, 07-Oct-16


KenArocK The Gamers on 05:33 AM, 07-Oct-16

thanks for 5 years .
sweet memory smile

umar badamasi on 05:44 AM, 07-Oct-16

This is unfair...wasted a lot of data and I've never gained from it

Ibrahimul khaleel on 06:06 AM, 07-Oct-16

sir no!!!

koplo on 06:18 AM, 07-Oct-16

ho oh,,, cpt tutup vin,,,

Pandit Shyam Narayan Tripathi on 06:23 AM, 07-Oct-16

sir do not close it

Naijahero on 06:31 AM, 07-Oct-16

You got to be joking

NetComSys on 06:48 AM, 07-Oct-16

If indeed you are already tired, this site should not need to be closed. A pretty pass on to someone here, eg moderators. I think they are reliable enough to take care of this site.

yeasin on 06:55 AM, 07-Oct-16

Please yar.. Don't close..

Fuji Garcia on 07:24 AM, 07-Oct-16

Even there are other wap/blog builder sites


This is the best of all!
I feel really sad

Dito Ferdiansyah on 07:54 AM, 07-Oct-16

Ahh Plis plas plis plas . Jika mwb ditutup .tutup aja. Jgan kebanyakan bacot jdi orang.. Jika mwb tutup ya , bikin site di situs lain ajaa. Repottt. Jancok iki..

Mr.Arvind on 07:55 AM, 07-Oct-16

Dont close is mwb all..?

Sir Krypton on 08:01 AM, 07-Oct-16


Sir Krypton on 08:02 AM, 07-Oct-16

Dnt close

Sir Krypton on 08:02 AM, 07-Oct-16


Van JAVA on 08:17 AM, 07-Oct-16

Please., please iku maksude opo to Ndul? opo podo tibo amergo kepleset po yo?

deepusingh on 08:23 AM, 07-Oct-16

hii, sir . plz this site band mat karo

jejen jaelani on 09:05 AM, 07-Oct-16

Thanks mywapblog
Thanks mr.arvind
Thanks for all

HungryCrab Inc on 09:25 AM, 07-Oct-16

please pls Arvind sir don't do it we mywapblog user love your service what happened that after launching an official app of mywapblog your are closing pls don't close it our site will be closed and our posts too pls pls pls.!!!?????!!!;!?!!!!

HungryCrab Inc on 09:28 AM, 07-Oct-16

please our business will be crashed

Hindu Network on 09:41 AM, 07-Oct-16

plzzzzzzz don't shut down MWP plzzz , plzzz plzzzz

Oladejo Ezekiel on 09:58 AM, 07-Oct-16

OMG! November..? Thats damn too soon. Thats roughly over a month from now. There's gotta be something you can do. This blogging engine is damn good compared to others I've seen. Please just make it happen that it's not shutting down, please.

Anupkaushal on 10:26 AM, 07-Oct-16

But why...noooooo

HIPHOP STAR GIST on 11:08 AM, 07-Oct-16

close till when? don't try it ooo, but why? u wanna have plenty sin 4 ur neck at the last day, u shouldn't create any blog wen u dat u will not last longer...Madan wo, baba iyalaya e.

Biswaranjan Sundaray on 11:28 AM, 07-Oct-16

OMG Please sir dont close Mywapblog site

biggy on 12:15 PM, 07-Oct-16

sir please don't try it,,,,we are happy with this site,,but why do yhu want to close it please don't

jyoti ray on 12:56 PM, 07-Oct-16

juwon on 01:32 PM, 07-Oct-16

seriously u if u close this blog is not good cus dis is a place some people are earning money even me 2 wat ur problem y closing heading to *WAPKA* u guyz are shit closing mywapblog is like closeing some peopled world....if u guyz close den i tink sumtin hit ur brain or a vampire hav drained ur blood....if u close no big deal 4 me....*WAPKA*

me on 01:36 PM, 07-Oct-16

fuck u if u close it idiots

Rinkesh Kumar on 01:41 PM, 07-Oct-16

please don't close your service

LORDHARDEX on 01:59 PM, 07-Oct-16

Why Not Sell It Instead of closing it down...

RICHY on 03:05 PM, 07-Oct-16


Sweezysanela on 03:13 PM, 07-Oct-16

Just like that

Aaron Saleh on 04:11 PM, 07-Oct-16

This is not fair

Aaron Saleh on 04:15 PM, 07-Oct-16

All my hard work, i think chosing mywapblog was a mistake this whole time.. Am dying.
cry .. Goodbye mywapblog rose
Now what next question totally confused right now question

muhammad abba gana on 04:24 PM, 07-Oct-16

pls dont let it down

asker 2014 on 04:28 PM, 07-Oct-16

your blog was my treasuree plizzz doont

Salim Ahmad on 04:43 PM, 07-Oct-16


Salim Ahmad on 04:44 PM, 07-Oct-16

Please sir dont close Mywapblog site

Ressymino on 05:05 PM, 07-Oct-16

but why do you want to lost all mu files

ajagbe Ayodeji on 05:14 PM, 07-Oct-16

please this is my source of happiness as a blogger do something about it please.

bloger Nasstunesyutl on 05:41 PM, 07-Oct-16

Pls boss don't do it we love the service cos it helps us. Think about it pls.

Kabinder Magar on 05:52 PM, 07-Oct-16

We Understand You and Respect Yiur Decesion.You have done so much to provide a free Blogging platform For us And now That you Have some personal Problem And shutting it Down.Thats ok And we respect Your desicion Thanks for Providing A free blogging Platform

Abdullah on 06:14 PM, 07-Oct-16

No sir no. please don't close. mywapblog is our life. we love mywapblog.. i can swisite if it closed.

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