IMPORTANT: Twitter Updates Not Working

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 11:33 AM, 09-Sep-10

[UPADTE: The problem has been addressed see Connect with Twitter]

Due to some changes in authentication system of Twitter API, Twitter updates feature is no longer working. They'd sent me a mail regarding this stating that starting August 31st the old authentication system would no longer work. Due to some personal issues during the past weeks I couldn’t read mails in time and when I did, I mistakenly thought the deadline was September 31st… sad

So, it’s me to be blamed for this.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Will do my best to get it working in a few days.

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3 responses to "IMPORTANT: Twitter Updates Not Working"

fael on 02:51 PM, 09-Sep-10

i will waiting...

Brett Walker on 03:57 PM, 09-Sep-10

thats ok Arvind.... Your blog site IS still the best of anything else outthere! smile

fael on 09:34 PM, 09-Sep-10

thx arvind... twitter updates is working now... smile

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