Happy Anniversary!

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 12:02 AM, 10-Sep-12

Today we are celebrating the 4th anniversary of MyWapBlog.com!

Four years ago MyWapBlog.com was born on the same day. At that time, a few peoples started using it. It’s amazing how the choice of those peoples and the love of the many that followed made MyWapBlog.com what it is today!

My heartfelt thanks to all the users!

As usual, we’ll talk more in terms of graphs and figures.

Traffic Growth
Traffic Growth

Some statistics (as of 09-Sep-2012):

  1. USERS: 210,883 active (237,010 total)
  2. POSTS: 1,215,292
  3. COMMENTS: 4,777,155
  4. PAGEVIEWS: 90 million / month

Impressive figures really!

On this day I’d like to give a special thanks to Indonesian users that constitute a major part of our user-base. I also promise a Localized version (in Indonesian Language) of MyWapBlog.com in a few days.

Promo Videos

Low-end phones

Low quality: 176x144.3gp (780 KB)
High quality: 176x144.3gp (1.4 MB)

Mid-end phones

Low quality: 320x240.3gp (1.5 MB)
High quality: 320x240.3gp (2.8 MB)

Smart phones

Low quality: 640x360.mp4 (4.1 MB)
High quality: 640x360.mp4 (12.9 MB)

High-end smart phones (HD capable), PC, Laptop etc.

Low quality: 1280x720.mp4 (8.3 MB)
High quality: 1280x720.mp4 (21.4 MB)

Download, copy, share!


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167 responses to "Happy Anniversary!"

ukie_sibocah on 12:04 AM, 10-Sep-12

wih kren master ..amankan ,,
Tunggu kunbalnya smile

ツ NudRa PasdoE ツ on 12:14 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary Bozz!

succes yaw 8)

Clinic N73 Hacked on 12:22 AM, 10-Sep-12

Congratulations smile

Anonymous Blog on 12:30 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy universary mywapblog.

mywapblog users may continue to grow. Success always for you Mr. Arvin Gupta. 1 coment from you is awaited on my blog.

Greeting success for you all users mywapblog.


Alhafany on 12:42 AM, 10-Sep-12

selamat ulang tahun mywapblog. Semoga sukses smile

BOKEPER ROOM DEWASA on 01:49 AM, 10-Sep-12

HBD to MWB biggrin

Firdaus Umar on 01:54 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary to MyWapBlog.com biggrin

Angaja Nataat on 02:04 AM, 10-Sep-12

I like this ceuk Batur mah...!biggrin

ryugha L on 02:18 AM, 10-Sep-12

waw nice same as for i post video...
and then try look at and visit it

Firdani Danang Prakoso on 02:28 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy birthdaysmile

Kamus on 02:54 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy birtday mrgreen

Taufiq ArRohman on 03:00 AM, 10-Sep-12

Haapy Anniversary....!!! smile Congratulation Mr.Arvind,

hn bytheway, will u visit my blog? hehe biggrin

SeKu.Yu.tL on 03:07 AM, 10-Sep-12

MANTAP mrgreen

endr3w on 03:30 AM, 10-Sep-12

semoga MWB tambah mau mr.arvind mrgreen
salam REWO mrgreen

Fadhil The Meteora on 03:32 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Aniversary mywapblog...

You are my Everything biggrin

sayko_kalem on 03:58 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy birth day mwb.. I love u so much.. smile

คɱīή on 03:59 AM, 10-Sep-12

Please follow my blog master !

Peppy|yayashi on 04:00 AM, 10-Sep-12

Semoga mywapblog bisa bertahan dan menjadi lebih baik lgi.

Zanabid on 04:10 AM, 10-Sep-12

How about you make a some contest to celebrate this great day, Mr. Arvind?

Park Lee on 04:26 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Birthday MyWapBlog! smile

shinö ändrä on 04:36 AM, 10-Sep-12

Congratulations to mywapblog.com who has the most members in Indonesia, it all
indicates that we
always support the Indonesian people mywapblog.com go ahead and get a visitor sticks most in our country. on the anniversary of this 4 mywapblog.com
hopefully more users in all countries except in Indonesia.


Tomy Blaze~X on 04:39 AM, 10-Sep-12




Mizan on 04:46 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Birthday MyWapBlog

sarilah ™ on 04:48 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy birthday mywapblog.biggrin

Alfa73 on 05:00 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary Mywapblog &
Allways succes.

Muhammad Widisono on 05:06 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy anniversary to MyWapBlog.com, i'm loved.


Han on 05:19 AM, 10-Sep-12

Terimakasih buat Mr. Arvind.
Saya betah dengan MWB karena sangat simple dan mudah di pelajari.
Happy anniversary.

choliezDJ on 05:20 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy salma mr arvind wkwkwk biggrin
tidak bisa bahasa linggis

Widodo on 05:47 AM, 10-Sep-12

sip kak Arvind,

semoga MyWapBlog bisa menyaingi Blogger

Rosyid M Ikhsan on 05:48 AM, 10-Sep-12

good job, sir.
thanks for the facility..

Mastri MYWAPBLOG on 05:53 AM, 10-Sep-12

Turut berbahagia.
Semoga mywapblog tambah profesional.

azahar on 05:53 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy universary mywapblog. mywapblog users may continue to
grow. Success always for you Mr.
Arvin Gupta. 1 coment from you is
awaited on my blog. Greeting success for you all users
mywapblog. http://azar.pun.bz

Mastri MYWAPBLOG on 05:55 AM, 10-Sep-12


Ve Zein on 05:56 AM, 10-Sep-12

i like this biggrin

rumah tua on 05:57 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary

Hot Spot MWB on 06:02 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Birthday MWB !!
..we wish mywapblog.com growth be a biggest mobile site on the world ! smile amiin

semoga sukses terus buat mywapblog & Bos Arvind Gupta wink

download Tema Nokia 176x208, TIGER GLOW , Tema yang keren bangett !!

right-arrow http://dayathidayat.pun.bz/tiger-glow-themes.xhtml

Tungpeyz on 06:07 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary mywapblog, i hope in the next few year will be bigger & better n no.1 in the world

Dopleek Hollow on 06:08 AM, 10-Sep-12

semoga makin maju.

Liandro76 on 06:16 AM, 10-Sep-12

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY..Thank mr arvind

тяιиιđαđ вυđιмди on 06:35 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy birthday
boun compleano
selamat ulang tahun biggrin

Dendri on 06:38 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Birtdhay Mywapblog

bz0129boyz on 06:40 AM, 10-Sep-12

selamat ulang tahun,
semoga terus berjaya,,,,

satria langit andromeda on 07:01 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy anniversay mywapblog,,,

Blog Symbian on 07:07 AM, 10-Sep-12


Asep Ahya Al'ansori on 07:07 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Birthday MWB mrgreen

prabu on 07:08 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy birtday mywapblog.succes slalu..

sinyobain on 07:13 AM, 10-Sep-12

Helow bos Arvind,Happy Birthday MyWapblog keep on Moving,because MyWapblog its My favorite thing,I LOVE MYWAPBLOG redface

I Gede Adi Surya Eka Pramana Putra on 07:16 AM, 10-Sep-12

Great anniversary

Cholayz on 07:22 AM, 10-Sep-12

all comments are Indonesian.. Mantaph!!


Kholik JuvEnt on 07:23 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Annivesary MWB gbu

anakdilam on 07:33 AM, 10-Sep-12

I love mywapblog,because its my 2nd home..
happy anniversary to mwb!

Agooezz on 07:43 AM, 10-Sep-12

Smg mr.arvind mkin jaya biggrin
N MWB mkin maju,mkin profesional.

Nurul Aziz on 08:08 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy birthday mywapblog

Nurul Aziz on 08:08 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy birthday mywapblog

Abyrifa on 08:22 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy happy happy an aja lakh...moga mwb makin barokah.amiiiin.

Aga Kurniawan on 08:29 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary to

arizall on 08:38 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy universary mywapblog

Melodic Make U Cry on 09:09 AM, 10-Sep-12

MANTAFFF!! BANZAYYY biggrin biggrin biggrin

Babar O'on on 09:25 AM, 10-Sep-12

Hahhpy anniversary MWB...
We will faithfully wait for the launch of MWB Localized
versions. Thank you for the information and success
always make MWB ...

Follow this Blog on 09:25 AM, 10-Sep-12

Congrats mr.arvind! cheesy-grin

Yudhistira on 09:33 AM, 10-Sep-12

Congrats Mr.Arvind,always keep quality n go a head mywapblog.com biggrin

คคภққคгค ยгқค on 09:41 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy birthday www.mywapblog.com..
Wish you all the best..

Romiejustice on 10:10 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy anniversary MWB. May god bless mr. Arvind n his job. Amin.

faisal reza s60V3 on 10:55 AM, 10-Sep-12

Congrats mr.arvind!

Aswin lavigne on 11:04 AM, 10-Sep-12

happy aniversary mywapblog
thank u very much
i love mwb

Macfull on 11:16 AM, 10-Sep-12

thanx ..mr.arvind smile

NugrahA on 11:24 AM, 10-Sep-12

grafiknya mantapppppp,,, naik teruzzzzz....

Narrundo Lamperouge on 11:34 AM, 10-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary biggrin thought I was here 6 month ago mrgreen
always improved smile

Atik Avianti on 11:40 AM, 10-Sep-12

"Happy anniversary mywapblog,i love u more and more :*
Thank you Arvind , may God bless U always smile

DINZ WAARITSU 707 on 12:09 PM, 10-Sep-12

saya berharap MyWapblog.com bisa "upload" lebih dari 5 Megabite. biggrin

DINZ WAARITSU 707 on 12:19 PM, 10-Sep-12

saya tunggu "MyWapblog.com dalam bahasa indonesia"
mrgreen hehe... thank's

Bram Zidane on 01:20 PM, 10-Sep-12

congrats mywapblog, smoga bisa maju dan mngalami perubahan yg terbaik terbaik, hehe

Indonesia language

Phreaker Cebol on 01:27 PM, 10-Sep-12

Mantap mr.arvind mywapblog is the best

IyarDJ on 01:51 PM, 10-Sep-12

senengnya hari ini mywapblog ulang tahun ke-4
Happy Aniversary mywapblog...
Is the best deh...

Buat mr.arvind belajar bahasa indonesia terus yah. Biar pinter..hahahabiggrin

Brett on 01:56 PM, 10-Sep-12

Happy aniversary

Brett on 02:01 PM, 10-Sep-12

(Edit) Happy 4th Anniversary Arvind, thanks again for all your hard work at 'mywapblog.com'.... "& thanks for keeping it free to use" as well... (awesome)!

egvnk takkand pulank on 02:33 PM, 10-Sep-12

i asking permission to save masterbiggrin

Aldi useerz on 03:24 PM, 10-Sep-12

happy universary


keong on 03:37 PM, 10-Sep-12

hari ulang tahunku ternyata sama dengan mywapblog. .smile

Abahgomel on 03:57 PM, 10-Sep-12

खुश शादी की सालगिरह के लिए

Arisdream Blog on 04:23 PM, 10-Sep-12

Mywapblog semakin unyu unyu.... biggrin

Mrbelia on 04:23 PM, 10-Sep-12

wish all the Best for arvind :thumb:

Zainal GretzFrom Magetan on 04:31 PM, 10-Sep-12

hore...mrgreen akan saya tunggu mywapblog dalam bahasa indonesia..

RiiztaN Яя on 04:54 PM, 10-Sep-12

MWB is THE BEST dah biggrin

richard on 05:16 PM, 10-Sep-12

hbd master.............
I like mywapblog.com

Sukses slalu smile mrgreen


Exodius on 05:20 PM, 10-Sep-12

happy anniversary mwb, smile

iwanajis441 on 05:33 PM, 10-Sep-12

Selamat ulang taun wat MYWAPBLOG.com moga jaya selalu salamnya dari saya http://iwanajis441.pun.bz/

Zinchester on 05:59 PM, 10-Sep-12

Good Luck Mr.arvind !!!

Raiz17 on 06:28 PM, 10-Sep-12

happy birthday!!! smile

RudiPunyaOpini on 07:34 PM, 10-Sep-12

Semoga Sukses Selalu Mas Arvin.. smile

arjuna wiwaha on 08:09 PM, 10-Sep-12

mr arvind@,
semoga segera realisasi mywapblog dalam bahasa Indonesia. Maju terus mr. Arvind ! Jadikan mywapblog lebih nyaman dari blogspot ! SUKSES MYWAPBLOG ! ! ! smile

Agung dkid on 10:02 PM, 10-Sep-12

HBD Mywapblog..maju terus bloger mobile

Ŧauzan on 11:28 PM, 10-Sep-12

mt ulang tahun mywapblog. moga makin berjaya,, asikk akan ada bahasa indonesianya smile

Blog Sederhana on 03:37 AM, 11-Sep-12

Wah ultah yg ke4,
Happy anniversary mywapblog,. And moga trafic dan fitur mwb tambah canggih,.
G0od job,


Fadhil Almudzaki on 03:40 AM, 11-Sep-12

Hapy anniversary mwb biggrin
moga2 sukses selalu mrgreen

Adytya on 03:55 AM, 11-Sep-12

happy unniversary mwb

newbie on 04:17 AM, 11-Sep-12

Wah mantap ah

supri69 from ZERO to HERO on 04:50 AM, 11-Sep-12

Congrtulation Mr. Arvind. mrgreen


supri69 from ZERO to HERO on 04:52 AM, 11-Sep-12

Congrtulation Mr. Arvind. mrgreen and happy anniversary MyWapBlog, We are love you.


D-Yogz on 05:21 AM, 11-Sep-12

Happy birthday MyWapblog,.

I wish mywapblog will growth much and better,.. MyWapblog is the best!!

Lilin Putih Blog on 06:23 AM, 11-Sep-12

Selamat ulang tahun Mywapblog yang ke 4 tahun, semoga semakin sukses dan juga semakin meningkatkan kualitas dan kuantitas layanannya. SUKSES untuk Mywapblog dan para Usernya

HAHLADA BLOG on 08:14 AM, 11-Sep-12

Happy Birthday ! MyWapBlog.com

Syukur on 10:21 AM, 11-Sep-12

wah, saya telat nih master.. happy anniversary!

Dent on 12:23 PM, 11-Sep-12

happy anivrsary my wapblog .

Aditz Fress on 01:29 PM, 11-Sep-12

telat lagi ..

Happy Anniversary! biggrin

ziaa→ Ðum4y® on 02:06 PM, 11-Sep-12

Ok' Happy Anniversary!

Cah Nganjuk on 02:36 PM, 11-Sep-12

Thanks sir, happy anniversary biggrin

Mels Salawasna on 03:03 PM, 11-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary MyWapBlog. And a nice video boss..

Taufik Adiluhur on 03:27 PM, 11-Sep-12

happy universarry bos for your site..

ѕєvєnуєαяѕĻαтєя on 05:12 PM, 11-Sep-12

why I was banned in chat room misterquestion

lukman on 05:12 PM, 11-Sep-12

happy birthday mywapblog biggrin

soloensis on 05:37 PM, 11-Sep-12

semoga mwb tambah maju amin...

itaa on 05:44 PM, 11-Sep-12

happy Anniversary!

Eddy Mahendra on 07:40 AM, 12-Sep-12

Happy Birthday Mywapblog.com
Hope mywapblog will be more good

SIROEZ on 08:48 AM, 12-Sep-12

wow so awesome..

HeRmaN SisX on 12:02 PM, 12-Sep-12

teu ngrti bhasana mastr nyimak aja hehehe numpang nimbrung wkwkwkwk

RamdaN2478 on 12:16 PM, 12-Sep-12

Happy anniversary 4th for MyWapBlog! biggrin

Wish you all the best!!

and cool video hehehe smile

Imam Zantozo on 01:34 PM, 12-Sep-12

mamtab sob. . . kunbal juga ya... trmkash...biggrin

Nigthz on 01:57 PM, 12-Sep-12

Awesome.. Hopefully will be better. mrgreen

Also visit if you have spare time.


Ohis Gy on 02:15 PM, 12-Sep-12

Congratulation... MyWapBlog.com the best mobile blog... I love you all... Am from West Africa(Nigeria)

Ipar on 03:54 PM, 12-Sep-12

mywapblog emang keren, semoga lebih sukses lagi dari sekaran. terima kasih mr.arvind.

Happy Anniversary untuk mywapblog.


Ipar on 03:55 PM, 12-Sep-12

mywapblog emang keren, semoga lebih sukses lagi dari sekaran. terima kasih mr.arvind.

Happy Anniversary untuk mywapblog.


Neo on 04:47 PM, 12-Sep-12

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY..Thank mr arvind

Madthohars | Gudang Ilmu & Artikel xX0Xx on 07:00 PM, 12-Sep-12

Happy Birday Maywapblog.may godbless you.happy universary mywapblog.

mywapblog users may continue to grow. Success always for you Mr. Arvin Gupta.

ULTRAS on 02:38 AM, 13-Sep-12

kunjungan subuh ranger sob nice post tak tunggu kunbal nya mrgreen

® SHEILOMAN™ on 03:40 AM, 13-Sep-12

waw...telat kasih selamat, happy anniversary aja deh mister...

Sunaryanto on 03:51 AM, 13-Sep-12

Semoga Semakin Sukses dan banyak fitur baru da MyWapBlog

Erfan007 on 08:19 AM, 13-Sep-12


Fajar Fitryana R on 09:32 AM, 13-Sep-12

Congratulation mr smile

Eko_Tonggeng on 11:23 AM, 13-Sep-12

happy universary mywapblog.

NAWANZ ~RED ARMY~ on 02:50 PM, 13-Sep-12

happy anniversary to mywapblog.

Nokiem van Helzink on 09:14 AM, 14-Sep-12

moga panjang umur pak boss..

John Brother Zabir on 01:54 PM, 14-Sep-12


FIRMAN MOBILE BLOG on 02:37 PM, 14-Sep-12

sorry I'm late biggrin, Happy Birthday to Mywapblog. Hopefully more advanced and more and more users. wink

Success always biggrin

- Firman Maulana Muhammad -

Mavia Cyber Corporation Ltd on 02:44 PM, 14-Sep-12

happy aniversary mywapblog
thank u very much
i love mwb
dont forget to visit my blog mrgreen

Hendry on 03:36 PM, 14-Sep-12

Congratzz arvind!! biggrin

Pissat on 06:13 PM, 14-Sep-12


SIROEZ on 06:19 PM, 14-Sep-12

anniversary mywapblog.. Succsess..

irhaz on 02:28 AM, 15-Sep-12

happy anniversarybiggrin mr mywapblog

Ardika Yudha on 11:40 AM, 15-Sep-12

Happy aniversary MY WAP BLOG..
MY WAP BLOG is MY LIFE mrgreen
i wait 1 comment from mr. Arvin Gupta OK.!!

Maaf kalo bahasanya kurang di mengerti.. Saya tidak terlalu bisa bahasa inggris cheesy-grin hhe

Khiansantank on 12:26 PM, 15-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary mr. arvind...
go.... go.... my wapblog.

bosbokepdotcom on 01:28 PM, 15-Sep-12

maju teruuus maywapblog.com cheesy-grin

Nietha Angel Tifany on 03:58 PM, 15-Sep-12

happy aniv to u mwb N mr.arvind smile

Eric on 07:20 AM, 16-Sep-12

concra to mr.arvind , frm MWB INDONESIA

Choirul Anam on 07:33 AM, 16-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary Mr. Arvind

Sableng on 08:15 AM, 16-Sep-12

God Khrisna love you

Ahmad Sidiq on 05:41 AM, 17-Sep-12

Happy Anniversary MyWapBlog! Semoga MyWapBlog bisa berjaya! Dan kalahkan platform blogger dan wordpress! cheesy-grin


MFF on 06:36 AM, 17-Sep-12

Selamat Ulang Tahun mr. Arvind
smoga panjang umur.... smile

BAGUS on 07:43 AM, 17-Sep-12

happy annivesary for mywapblog
i am user mywapblog new 1 year

Rhyzhu on 10:04 AM, 17-Sep-12

waw org indo semua ya....

Ipmew on 03:44 PM, 17-Sep-12

we are so so thank you Mr.Arvind,to make MWB in indonesian language version! Happy anniversary Mwb,peace and respect to all user mwb!

Tohyrin November on 03:49 PM, 17-Sep-12

happy universary mywapblog. mywapblog users may continue to
grow. Success always for you Mr.
Arvin Gupta. ♏♏♏ªªªªñÑñ†††ªªªªªPPP
(y) heart˚⌣˚ (y)˚⌣˚<3 Brow question

Hadi Is on 03:54 PM, 17-Sep-12

Happy Birthday to MyWapBlog..
An Always Like's for Mywapblog..
Good Luck..

Muchlis on 03:54 PM, 17-Sep-12

just say

moga panjang umur mywapblognya


Selamat Ulang Tahun Mywapblog.com

Semoga Tambah Jaya dan Maju Terus..

Saya Suka Mywapblog.com

Terimakasih, mwb membawa pencerahan bagi para blogger Indonesia, khususnya para pemula blogger.


Manman Rohman on 07:32 PM, 17-Sep-12

Semoga makin sukses aja bos

Arudi on 11:40 PM, 17-Sep-12

Happy birtday mywapblog semoga smakin maju amin

treesno on 11:46 PM, 17-Sep-12

wah fantastis jumlah pengguna mywapblog, happy anniversary

Ariefx on 07:49 PM, 18-Sep-12

happy anniversary mywapblog, and thanks for add indonesian language wink

operator hacking indonesia on 05:36 AM, 19-Sep-12

semoga mwb maju terus
dan semakin sukses and terkenal

Faqieh on 09:09 AM, 19-Sep-12

happy anniversery MyWapBlog...

The Blue Shelter on 11:03 AM, 19-Sep-12

happy annivesary!!! indeed a unique wap site.i love it.wateva u do pls always have international users on your mind.thanks.

Poonk cah ndezo on 10:35 PM, 20-Sep-12

smga tmbah hbat...berjaya..sukzez..

RevaLxXx on 06:24 AM, 28-Sep-12

HBD mywapblog.com, semoga makin sukses ... sorry telat mrgreen

Arvind on 04:49 PM, 01-Nov-12

Tetsing, wkwkwk

berlian blog on 09:00 AM, 01-Dec-12

arrow kunbalnya ditunggu smile :/

dika 89 on 06:21 AM, 25-Jan-13

ga tau akh

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