Happy 6th Anniversary

Posted by Arvind Gupta on 01:13 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy 6th Anniversary

Today is one the most special and memorable days of my life. Today is the the day MyWapBlog.com was born six years ago.

MyWapBlog.com to me is not just a website, it kind of define me and is very close to me like a child is to his/her parents.

I am sure a lot of our users also have a strong bond with MyWapBlog.com that is why I call all our users our family - the MyWapBlog.com family. We have come a long way in these six years thanks to the support and motivation I have received. My heartfelt thanks to all the users. Really, it couldn't have been possible without your support.

As usual, We will be distributing a lot of prizes this year. All the users may not get the prizes but through this post I'd like to say "thank you" to everyone.

Also, like we do every year - here are some statistics:

  • USERS: 1,100,834
  • POSTS: 5,160,343
  • COMMENTS: 12,846,057
  • PAGEVIEWS: 270 million-per-month

Thank you and love you all...

Arvind Gupta

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109 responses to "Happy 6th Anniversary"

Trisna Kaze on 01:27 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary MWB smile keep be strong family

simkuring on 01:34 AM, 10-Sep-14

selamat ulang tahun buat mywapblog....
semoga makin tambah penggunanya..
terima kasih buat mr. arvind gupta selaku pemilik mywapblog.com

Maz Puji on 01:42 AM, 10-Sep-14

happy anniversary mywapblog....

semoga ke depan semakin lebih baik dan dicintai penggunanya.

Tumenggung 666 on 02:51 AM, 10-Sep-14

Well, happy anniversary, glad to see all statistic above.. Hope it can better next year smile

Hendri on 02:56 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy anniversary 6th mywapblog, Turns
mywapblog user number 1100834 !!

Anang bordizs on 03:10 AM, 10-Sep-14

happy birthday to six may
mywapblog success and hope in the year
who will be able to come mywapblog
optimize the best service with
all features are varied, modern, and
facilitate user relationship mywapblog
to create a large family in
This mywapblog, and so mywapblog be
wap blogers are ranked one in cyberspace
Our users of family mywapblog GREETINGS
COMPACT ALWAYS .... and a warm greeting for
mywapblog especially our users say
thanks for mr.Arvind Guvta ... Regards

Muhammad Arief Darmawan Saputra on 03:15 AM, 10-Sep-14

Hhappy new year

Achmadt Wsuc on 03:22 AM, 10-Sep-14

HBD eeaa Mwb..

Umar Syarif on 04:13 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy Birthday MWB! Thanks Mr. Arvind! smile

Lisa Nel on 04:14 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy birthday MyWapBlog, we will always be happy your users.

Afriz25 on 04:32 AM, 10-Sep-14

happy, happy birthday MWB! mrgreen

WahidElrion on 04:36 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy birthday, MWB,,,,

ミ A R O V A 彡 on 04:37 AM, 10-Sep-14

+5000k post smile
Amazing, Happy Anniversary!
go ahead MwB!

mowenoblog88 on 04:44 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy aniversary 6th mywapblog

putuadimarta rachman on 05:01 AM, 10-Sep-14

Selamat Ulang Tahun yang ke-6 buat blogku tercinta Mywapblog, semoga semakin sukses dan makin maju
terima kasih buat owner Mr. Arvind yang telah menyediakan platform yang simple dan mudah dikelola..thanks

IRUL ARIEF on 05:10 AM, 10-Sep-14



ULIENS Dnjepanten on 06:51 AM, 10-Sep-14

happy birthay mywapblog,, tanks mr.arvind

Kang Gui on 07:00 AM, 10-Sep-14

I'm happy too

thank you Mr.Arvind
thanks to every one

Lucas Adie on 07:19 AM, 10-Sep-14

Thats great statistics. Happy birthday mywapblog biggrin

rampage on 07:19 AM, 10-Sep-14

hppy bday mwb.. love u mr.arvind..kekeke

Mudi Adamz on 07:35 AM, 10-Sep-14

Wow. What the huge trafic. You might be succesfull person.

Do the best, Arvind!

Lalroa Fanai Ft on 08:05 AM, 10-Sep-14

Ut most for the best Mr.Arvind Gupta. Thnks for all ur familly member

Țhathanga on 08:06 AM, 10-Sep-14

MyWapBlog.com in kum 6 chhung tluang taka in kal theih a vangin ka lawmpui che u in duhsakna ka hlan bawk a che u. MyWapBlog.com vul zel rawh.

Lalroa Fanai Ft on 08:12 AM, 10-Sep-14

#Bro thathanga eglish lo chuan an hwi a na sa wm.he2.tha vek e.

Țhathanga on 08:18 AM, 10-Sep-14

@Lalroa Fanai Ft
Nia, ti raw. In lawmpuina chu mahni pianpui tawng ngei hmang ila a ril duh phian a sin. Hehe. An hriatthiam loh chuan min lo zawt leh mai ang....haha

SARCommunity on 08:21 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy 6th Anniversary Mywapblog.com

hryatpuya on 08:37 AM, 10-Sep-14

happy 6th Anniversary and thanks Mr.

Long live mr.Gupta

SyarieF on 09:34 AM, 10-Sep-14

Love u to Mister biggrin

Daryadi on 10:16 AM, 10-Sep-14

Horeeei..happy birthday mywapblog :-*...be number 1 in Indonesia, and be number 1 in the world....amiiinnsmile 270 million/month thats so coooll8-)

Jamaludin Nasir on 10:30 AM, 10-Sep-14

happy 6th anniversary mywapblog.com .

John Kampret on 10:33 AM, 10-Sep-14

It's so cool, I think your name shall go down into cyberspace history.

Jaey Langkung on 10:45 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy anniversary, thank you for good service mywapblog for this, hopefully better in the future biggrin

Bang basjaw on 11:18 AM, 10-Sep-14

Happy 6th aanniversary mwb

Erkham niam on 11:24 AM, 10-Sep-14

Wow amazing, aku sangat senang jg sebagai pengguna mwb

Rizky Zawix on 11:25 AM, 10-Sep-14

Selamat ulang tahun MyWapBlog.com smile

Holil on 11:52 AM, 10-Sep-14

selamat ulang tahun mwb

sinyobain on 12:00 PM, 10-Sep-14

Helow bos arvind

*bawah ane yg nyuri kue ulang tahunny mrgreen

Era Musik Download Lagu Mp3 on 02:02 PM, 10-Sep-14

thanks mwb, by www.eramusik.heck.in

bondan on 02:39 PM, 10-Sep-14


LAGUPEDIA on 02:46 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy Birthday For MyWapBlog

Tiếp on 03:08 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary.....

Paulinho on 03:38 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy anniversary 6th mywapblog!

Atixx Al Madad on 03:42 PM, 10-Sep-14

I love Mywapblog.

MrNK on 04:35 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary MyWapBlog biggrin

MrNK on 04:35 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary MyWapBlog biggrin

muhamad rizal on 04:56 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary...
Maju terus mywapblog.

Rumah Hadist on 05:00 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary ....

Trik Internet Gratis Full Speed on 05:15 PM, 10-Sep-14

kunjungan pagi gan hadir tuk ijin memberi komentar
ya....sekalian untuk salin hubungan persodaraan
antar pengguna mywap.lanjutkan untuk berpoating
yg bermanfaat dan sukses slalu buat admin blog ini.
Next Post
Jika berkenan kunjungan baliknya

I Wayan Eva Aditya Putra on 05:16 PM, 10-Sep-14

happy anniversary
jangan lupa kunjungi balik

Samuel Chhangte on 05:40 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy 6th Aniversary to Mr. Arvin and all Mywapblog.com users!

Ricky koibur KOOCOOKz on 06:47 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy birtday mywapblog .....you always the best

dhoephink on 08:23 PM, 10-Sep-14

selamat ultah MyWapBlog.com
semoga makin jaya and sukses mengudara tanpa ganguan....stabil....and ekonomis

VirsTuars on 09:02 PM, 10-Sep-14

Hbd mr, arvind to mywapblog wish the best for you smile i love mywapblog.Com !

Anto Hardianto on 09:11 PM, 10-Sep-14

we love u mr. Arvind n mywapblog... Thanks

Fadly Killer on 10:19 PM, 10-Sep-14

Happy 6th Anniversary
I love mywapblog

Ryanalfarid on 10:24 PM, 10-Sep-14

Indonesia waiting for you mr.arvind

Whois MyWapBlog com on 03:53 AM, 11-Sep-14

Happy birthday MyWapBlog..
And i will loving Mwb..

Santri Ndablegs on 04:30 AM, 11-Sep-14


Fauzan on 05:52 AM, 11-Sep-14

hbd mwb

Jhon MP2 on 08:10 AM, 11-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary MyWapBlog.!!
Semoga kita bisa menjadi yang terbaik di masa depan smile

REZ N RESPECT on 08:22 AM, 11-Sep-14

Kamu yang TERBAIK MYWAPBLOG biggrin ...

Syamsuar on 08:32 AM, 11-Sep-14

Hbd biggrin

Efri on 02:01 PM, 11-Sep-14

Happy Birthday MyWapBlog.com!

Bakhty SalatigAshter on 04:37 PM, 11-Sep-14

Happy anniversary mywapblog. smile

M Khairull on 06:45 PM, 11-Sep-14

Happy anniversary 6th MyWapBlog... And thanks Mr. Arvind
Succes and God Bless you!

ADMIN PORTAL BERITA on 08:33 PM, 11-Sep-14

happy anniversary mywapblog.... wink smile

Mr. Charis Haikal on 09:34 PM, 11-Sep-14

HBD Mywapblog.com
USERS: 1,100,834
POSTS: 5,160,343
COMMENTS: 12,846,057

Prof Rio on 03:58 AM, 12-Sep-14

Selamat hari jadi untuk MyWapBlog. biggrin

Alicious dan PrillVers on 05:25 AM, 12-Sep-14

I love mwb

jak wijaya on 06:32 AM, 12-Sep-14

MWB is my inspiration,. To share everything which i know to others,.

Hbd mwb.,

Admin on 07:38 AM, 12-Sep-14

You is the best mywapblog.com :*

Sayv on 08:31 AM, 12-Sep-14

Happy Birth Day Mywapblog smile

Tante Cemara on 09:16 AM, 12-Sep-14

selamat ulang tahun myWapBlog semoga makin sukses dan berjaya ya...

MEDIA on 01:06 PM, 12-Sep-14

YOU, we Love You.

allganco on 07:02 PM, 12-Sep-14

SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN MWB. meskipun telat ngucapinya, semoga semakin JOSS kedepanya... biggrin

Agus Budianto on 02:54 AM, 13-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary mwb!

Irwan Naufal on 02:45 PM, 13-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary MYWAPBLOG, Thank You For all. MYWAPBLOG is The Best

RiiztaN Яя on 02:52 PM, 13-Sep-14

ccciiiieeeeeeeee.... semoga tambah sukses ya. eh maaf telat. hbd biggrin

NetComSys on 04:07 PM, 13-Sep-14

Happy birthday!

KhoerMP3 ZonaShare on 07:19 PM, 13-Sep-14

Happy Anniversary Maywapblog...

MyWapblog The Best (y)

Rhians MWB on 06:21 AM, 14-Sep-14

Happy anniversary mywapblog, the best blog mobile in the world

Abdullah Sidiq on 05:11 PM, 14-Sep-14

happy anyversary too

Riez mobileblogging on 08:26 PM, 14-Sep-14

dirgahayu my base camp tercinta muuach muach love u too

Apakah UFO ? on 02:54 PM, 15-Sep-14

happy anyversary

Adhi on 04:34 PM, 15-Sep-14

Happy aniversary razz

Kurniawan1997 on 05:30 PM, 15-Sep-14

I LOVE YOU MyWapBlog.Com smile

zoeldyik on 10:41 AM, 16-Sep-14

happy anniversary mywapblog.com

Seo n InspirasiKu on 11:03 AM, 16-Sep-14

Tidak pernah terbayangkan mywapblog akan menjadi seperti ini kalau membayangkan saat pertama kali saya mengenal mywapblog. Happy 6th Anniversary smile

Moelyadnz on 12:35 PM, 16-Sep-14


syahrizal on 02:45 PM, 16-Sep-14

terasa happy bila bisa membuka MyWapblog, sangat well is the best.,.,

Erlangga Hidayatullah on 04:58 PM, 16-Sep-14

Semoga Lebih Maju Dan Sukses Buat MR ARVIND Dan MWB Nya biggrin Dan Terima Kasih Untuk Mr Arvind Untuk MWB Nya Saya JAdi Lebih Semangat Dalam Kehidupan biggrin

Tips Dan Trik Lengkap on 05:40 PM, 16-Sep-14

Izin tanam link om

Praveen Kumar on 06:50 PM, 16-Sep-14

Happy Birthday MyBlogAngel

Globalz on 08:13 PM, 16-Sep-14

Happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary MWB biggrin

sesuatu on 09:50 AM, 17-Sep-14

assalamu alaikum keren pos nya,ada pos baru mampir sob biggrin

HITS LAGU on 05:48 PM, 17-Sep-14

Thanks mwb

Hendrawan Datukramat on 05:32 AM, 18-Sep-14

Happy Birthday Mywapblog !

Tarsidin on 01:24 PM, 18-Sep-14

sukses bro

mukhlisin on 08:23 PM, 18-Sep-14

Happy Birdhday MWB , this blog a succes

adip on 09:51 PM, 18-Sep-14

Happy Birthday Mywapblog

Fadils on 10:30 PM, 18-Sep-14

Happy Birthday Mywapblog Thank Mr.Arvind Gupta

Rizky zanuar on 02:12 AM, 20-Sep-14

Hbd, smile

Defrizal on 05:22 PM, 20-Sep-14


victorsinambela on 06:05 PM, 20-Sep-14

thanks & happy birhday

Brendy Master grent on 05:19 AM, 21-Sep-14

selamat ulang tahun buat mywapblog....
semoga makin tambah penggunanya..
terima kasih buat mr. arvind gupta selaku
pemilik mywapblog.com.i love mwb

Kholik on 09:15 AM, 21-Sep-14

Happy b'day mwb

Yudhistira on 01:13 PM, 21-Sep-14

Congragulation mr. Arvind smile

BAGUS on 01:33 PM, 21-Sep-14

happy birthday for mywapblog.
you not busy. visit my blog http://twisted.heck.in

Praztiyo Symbianizer on 11:07 AM, 23-Sep-14

semoga mywapblog terus jaya..

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